Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogging Roswell

No, this isn’t the name of some new post-punk Irish-indie group, it’s my travelogue from my 4th of July weekend pilgrimage to the Mecca of UFOlogy; Roswell, New Mexico.

I was asked to speak at the Roswell CE4 conference because Joe Jordan, one of the organizers (and a hell of a nice guy) liked Dark Mission and because they couldn’t get Richard to come. I was happy to do it because I love to talk about Dark Mission, I love meeting new people, and it gave me an excuse to go to New Mexico and have some meetings with Richard on Dark Mission II. After some scheduling conflicts were resolved, my lecture was scheduled for Saturday afternoon the 5th of July.

Because I hate to fly, I decided to leave my day job (I’m a card carrying member of the military\industrial complex) early on Thursday the 3rd and drive to Phoenix for the night, leaving a relatively easy 6-hour run to Albuquerque on Friday. The drive to Phoenix was uneventful, except for the beautiful desert scenery and blue skies. I stayed at the Glendale Renaissance hotel, which is right across the parking lot from the Cardinals new stadium (and was built for last years Super Bowl). It’s a gorgeous hotel, and if you get a chance to stay in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend it. I grabbed dinner at the Yardhouse, right next to the hotel, and had two beers, blowing my diet for the week. Oh well.

As I walked back to the hotel there was an intense lighting storm just a mile or two away (it was like 113 degrees that day). No thunder, just lightening every 5 seconds or so. This seemed not to bother the locals, who blissfully chatted under lampposts and tall trees, apparently not too worried about getting “Dannion Brinklyed” by the electrical storm. I got inside as quickly as I could.

I arrived in Albuquerque only to find Richard hobbled from the venomous bite of some unknown insect or arachnid. The pain was so bad that we couldn’t really even discuss the new data he wanted to show me, so Robin and I watched fireworks from the porch of the hacienda de Hoagy.

The next day, I mounted my trusty steed Beyonce’ (because she’s black, she’s beautiful, and she has a very shapely… um, trunk) and hit the road to Roswell. I elected to take the long route because I wanted to see more of the countryside and I had plenty of time to get there. Along the I-25 I passed by signs pointing to the Very Large Array, and I was sorely tempted to divert there and hang out for the day, but duty called and I didn’t want to disappoint my fans (all three of them). One thing I discovered is that New Mexico has an abundance of suicidal bunnies that set up shop in the middle of the freeway or try to run under your car without getting hit. They are very good at this, and after driving over one of them and not touching a hare on his head, I decided that maybe it wasn’t a great idea to be texting on the freeway at 80 miles per hour. The experience did inspire me however, as I am now committed to starting an all girl goth-punk band called The Suicide Bunnies. Apply within…

When I got to the conference site I immediately saw a familiar face, producer Paul Davids (of “Roswell” fame) and had a nice chat, having not seen him in years. Inside I met Joe and Free Ward and a number of other very nice people who were part of the conference. After setting up my video and slide show with the projection folks, I slide down to the auditorium to catch the tail end of Farah Yurdozu’s lecture, which had a surprising number if parallels to mine. After a short break, Peter Robbins gave me a very nice introduction and I took the stage.

The talk went well, although I went a bit overtime as it’s well-nigh impossible to compress a 550 page book into a 90 minute lecture slot, but apparently I did OK. Most people that saw the lecture told me it was very good, and evidently I’ll be receiving a DVD of it soon so you’ll be able to judge for yourself. Richard Dolan was particularly nice, and it was good to meet a familiar and respected figure from the UFO community.

I would have liked to have stayed, but duty (and Richard) called so I headed back to Albuquerque. Richard was feeling better from his scorpion sting, and Steve Basset was in the driveway when I got there so we all hung out for the evening. Robin made us another great dinner and after that Richard blew my head up (again!) with the new material. I have to admit, I was skeptical of this new direction for Dark Mission II, but after seeing what he has I was gung-ho. The new data is REALLY cool.

The next day it was back to LA and very perturbed cat, who only had the critter care lady to keep her company while I was gallivanting around the country. Fortunately, she’s forgiven me just in time for her birthday, which is Friday. I’m getting her a session with a pet psychic.

All in all, it was fun. I wish I could have hung out in Roswell more, and if they invite me again I certainly will. The town is very nice and the alien motif is everywhere. I highly recommend you go sometime; it’s a really fun little town.

There are some more photos over on my flickr site.


Sphinx said...

C'mon Mike....please tell us more about the new direction for Dark Mission II. You make me quite curious about it. C'mon....just a little know...something. I want to be gung-ho too! :)

david nineteenpointfive said...

Wow - some nice babes along the way in the pics; Lexxi - wowsers! Liked the Patton / George C. Scott quote too - one of my favs.

Mike Bara said...

Well, it's easy to make friends with pretty girls in LA. They're as plentiful as mosquitos in Minnesota.

Sorry, can't say anything more about DM II yet.

david nineteenpointfive said...

I remember you [Mike] commented once being a Seattle fan, how you thought the S-bowl seemed sort of rigged. As a Packers fan, with reason to even not like Seattle (Holmgren defected), even I thought Seattle got screwed by officiating.

Starborne said...

Can you answer me this Mike...

Will DM II have anything to do with Otto Rahn and Himmler's research for the Reich?

Mike Bara said...

D19.5 -- I've watched that game over and over again. The Seahawks would have won 30-7 if the refs hadn't screwed them. Paul Tagliabue wanted to hand a Super Bowl trophy to his best friend Dan Rooney before he retired, and Bill Levy and his pals made it happen. I think in one of my analyses I found that the Seahawks made 10 big plays in that game, plays that would have resulted in scores or put them in scoring position. 8 of them were called back by the refs. The Stealers by contrast made 1 such play.

Ah... don't get me started. I'd give anything to see the coaches tape of that game.

Starborne -- probably.

david nineteenpointfive said...

The last drive Seattle had, and the call that ended it totally convinced me that indeed, an invisible hand may be altering some games. I never really bought into that till that Superbowl. Naturally I now also wonder how many Patriots bowls were actually earned.

That game turned my understanding of sports topsy-turvy. Much like you & Hoagie's book about something I just assumed a dead subject - the moon. Actually, before Dark Mission I thought Hoagie had lost the war of ideas when the catbox images were spun. The book answered, fortunately, that thought was wrong.

Mike Bara said...

Yeah I was depressed for weeks after that game, not because the Seahawks "lost," but because I realized that I couldn't believe in the NFL anymore. Let's not forget that the NFL is a mulitnational mega-billion dollar corporation, and like all such entities they have a corporate agenda. The league really wanted a black coach to win a Super Bowl, and they tried very hard that year to give the AFC Divisional game to the Colts (see the Troy Palomalu intercepetion overturn), but the Stealers just had too much in that game. After that, Jerome Bettis playing at home in the Super Bowl and Bill Cowher winning a ring were the best stories they had, so the team from "South Alaska" never had a chance.

At least most of the press called them on it, even if it didn't make any difference in the end.

Shamus said...

Its a real show of power when games such as Football can be so openly cheated. Its like these guys know the human race so well, as to bet we can not and will not really punish this kind of behavior. In some sense to call them on it would distroy most fans zest for the compotition with the little voice in the back of everybody mind.."Damm its rigged, whats the point". They only people happy are the in the know crowd in Vegas, besides that, everybody who loves the game feels the loss.

david nineteenpointfive said...

Yep - $ drives alot of agendas... I guess if they think they can squeeze more media $ from it, they try to rig it that way. Your ideas for the motive are right on the mark.

To Seattle's credit, they have some good folks. My nephew has Musc. Distrophy, so they granted him his "make a wish" through that foundation, and the whole team treated him with VIP status.

I see that the NFL hasn't discouraged Favre from playing up his prima donna status again this year. Gets media attention for more NFL $ I think.

david nineteenpointfive said...

I guess the reason why they can get away with sports rigging is the same as NASA, et al. Dealing with the truth ends all of the fun, by leaving multiple new questions that most people don't really want answers to. We need distractions - games do that. Likewise, religion is a distraction alot of people need, which hasn't quite figured out how to incorporate ancient alien civilizations on our moon.

orion28 said...

Is beyonce an M5? I like the M6's too and the new concept CS.

marsandro said...

It never ceases to amaze me how it is that
people still discuss the origins of our Moon
"with respect to the Earth" when numerous
ancient records all record its arrival here
about 14,500 years ago.

It just politely showed up, made two close
passes of the Earth, and assumed orbit.
("Well done, Ensign.")

The "capture hypothesis," with a twist.

Given recorded history from that time to this,
I doubt that any sort of "super civilization"
from Earth is responsible for the artifacts
present on the lunar surface. The Moon's
arrival post-dates the Atlantean civilization.

Reference (you must "assemble" the URL):

(A bit wild, but....) :-)

(I'm not saying we never *had* such super
civilizations here, just that they did not
fall in the needed time frame, as far as I
know for sure.)

Likely the artifacts "came with the Moon"
from wherever it actually originated. (And
probably the robots ditto.)

According to a fellow on Coast To Coast AM
the other night, for example---

In terms of composition and structure, it
seems reasonably safe to say that---

1 - The Earth is not from this immediate
stellar neighborhood.

2 - The Moon also is not from here, *and is*
from somewhere other than wherever the
Earth came from.

I might question such a statement, but then
given the available evidence taken as a
whole, I cannot discount the possibility.

We *do* know enough about the structure
and composition of the Moon to know that it
appears to have some sort of "drive system."
(Read up on the lunar "mascons" and their
remarkable size, shape and placement.)
Also, the majority of craters are the result
of electrical discharges, not impacts.

Some sort of Brown Drive? Or a Tesla Drive?

"Shades of Iapetus"...only more advanced....

Ah, the mysteries that await....


Hathor - The ULTIMATE Enigma


Recommended Reading:
"Forbidden Archeology" by Michael A. Cremo


Mike Bara said...


Nope. Straight up 5 series. An M5? I wish...

marsandro said...


I didn't realize this was the football blog.

But then, I never knew Roswell had their own


Hathor - In a cheerleader outfit!


P.S.: Somebody once asked me if I knew who
was playing in the Super Bowl. I replied---

"Well, I'm not sure, but I think it might be
the Nicks and the Lakers, but I don't keep up
with baseball."

That ended THAT conversation....


T'Zairis said...

The thing that's always bugged me about the Moon is that it is the perfect size and at the perfect distance to perfectly eclipse the Sun from the point-of-view of Earth. I mean, what are the odds of a natural body forming out of either a collision or a capture that 'just happens' to generate perfect full solar eclipses?

It's just too weird to be 'cosmic random happenstance' as far as I'm concerned, and just because we can't understand how something that big might be moved, this does not mean that other beings in the Cosmos don't know how to do it. It's like some kind of bizarre celestial parallel-parking test for the Cosmic DMV-- you know, 'Park it just so, Ensign Shepesh. It's time to start teaching the ape-children about time intervals and calendars...'

Anyway, I think the simplest explanation for why the Moon just happens to be so perfectly positioned is that it was engineered that way. No idea exactly who did it, though I do have an inkling or two...



marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

The thing that's always bugged me about the
Moon is that it is the perfect size and at the
perfect distance to perfectly eclipse the Sun
from the point-of-view of Earth. I mean,
what are the odds of a natural body forming
out of either a collision or a capture that
'just happens' to generate perfect full solar
eclipses? ...
Anyway, I think the simplest explanation for
why the Moon just happens to be so perfectly
positioned is that it was engineered that way.
No idea exactly who did it, though I do have
an inkling or two...


The following parameters are but a few of
those that had to be coordinated to obtain
the observed result---namely, our Moon in
its present orbit, doing what it does:

1 - The lunar mass
2 - The lunar density
3 - The Moon's diameter (a consequence of
#1 and #2 -- and it came out "just right" for
solar eclipses as seen from Earth)
4 - The Earth-Moon total "system" mass (for
the Earth-Moon system's own solar orbit to
be on time and on target)
5 - The lunar orbit radius
6 - The position of the "center of mass" of
the Earth-Moon system
7 - The orbit insertion angle
8 - The orbit insertion speed
9 - The "tow path" to make the Earth properly
"capture" the Moon (utilizing ALL of the above
10 - The precise date and time of insertion
11 - Effects of planetary perturbations for
the entire solar system

And MUCH more.

Somebody solved a fairly large and complex
matrix of equations, then engineered the
Moon around the solutions.

The number of parameters used had to be huge.

And the whole thing landed on a dime. Here we are.

Anyone who believes that the Moon somehow
was "torn from the Earth" in some fantastic
cosmic collision, and then "coalesced" into the
Moon we see today, with all of the observed
and aforementioned characteristics
, needs,
in my opinion, to have their head examined.


Hathor - Driving back the lunacy


marsandro said...

To Everyone,

We may be astounded by the things we see on
the Moon and Mars, but take a good look at
what can be found right here on Earth, if you

NOTE: You must "assemble" the URL.

Scan down the page (a little over halfway)
until you see the skeleton.

Note the man in the lower left corner of the
left-hand frame.

The SKULL of the huge skeleton is over five
feet tall.

This was found by Aramco workers in the
Saudi Arabian desert.

I'm reminded of the Scripture, in which spies
sent by Joshua into Canaan returned to say,
"And there we saw the giants, the sons of
Anak, which come of the giants: and we were
in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we
were in their sight." (KJV)

Numbers 13:33, for those who wish to check.

I had always thought that the spies were

Apparently not....


Hathor - Sizing up the situation


T'Zairis said...

Another thing about the Moon--

How interesting that the Moon's period of rotation 'just happens' to keep the same side of the Moon pointed towards the Earth as it orbits Earth. This would be awfully handy for hiding Moon bases and come-and-go activity from the inhabitants of this planet. Anyhow, if one adds the 'perfect solar eclipse' lunar position to the 'same face always faces Earth' peculiarity of the Moon's rotation, I don't see how anyone could think this was at all a happy result of natural planet-forming forces.

I have to say at this juncture that I do not think it is a cut-and-dried fact that the lunar ruins have anything to do with us or our own past. While it may be that our own direct ancestors went in for lunar landscaping, it could also be that the Skypeople essentially 'towed a wreck' (from somewhere else, where it was not needed) to Earth (where it was going to be of some use), sort of like the way we use old junked-out cars for spare parts. Personally, I am sure that the Skypeople recycle everything they can, and interesting bits of junk-- like anthropomorphic robot-heads-- would be a gentle nudge to us to start thinking 'outside the Earth-box'. Data's head certainly piques my curiosity...

I also have to say that I could care less whether or not I am another species' 'science-fair project'. It doesn't make one whit of difference to my ego, any more than did the fact that my parents were way smarter than me when I was in the third grade. I think there will always be 'someones' more advanced than us (as well as 'someones' less advanced) no matter where we look in the Universe.

The people that I do think it matters terribly to are Nazi-types with their uber-racial agendas (what a come-down to discover that small gray beings-- and other interesting-looking lifeforms-- routinely tow planets around, as well as splice and caretake our genome!) and ultra-religious types, who insist that humanity is a 100% divine-god-product, which is a laugh, considering the wars and other atrocities we commit. To our credit, though, we do have wonderful talents and skills that deserve fostering, and I am really thankful that others found us and twiddled our DNA so that I can be aware enough to ask questions like, 'Hey, what's that robot-head doing over there?'

In short, I worry far less about genome-splicing ETs than I do about some a**wipe putting Rohypnol into whatever it is I am drinking, and then date-raping me. Compared to child-molesting priests, popes who run rat-lines for Nazi human-experimentation doctors, and state-sponsored torture and genocide going on in various places on the planet, gene-splicing/enhancing aliens are a breath of fresh air.



Starborne said...

Hey marsandro,

About the giant skulls and/or skeletons, are you thinking Joe Farrell (Cosmic War)? There seems to be a lot more evidence pointing toward such a scenario. The giant refugees from Tiamat?? Ancient Chinese genetic experiments gone wrong? Ok... that last one is a joke, but what else would one suggest?

Also about the Earth and Moon being moved here from somewhere else... I hate to sound like I'm stuck on one movie here, but it reminds me of the giant planet-building space dock from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, minus the comedic satire.

Hi t'zairis,

I'm with you when you say you're not at all bothered about an ancient intelligent species from another solar system reworking our genetic code. I'm certainly thrilled with such an implication! How incredible would it be to actually meet one of those beings? Oh the questions we would ask. That is if our lovely military doesn't try to blow them out of the sky first.

While I'm on the subject:

Mike, what is your opinion on Steven Greer and the rest of the folks at the Disclosure Project? Are you and Hoagie interested in what he has to say?

Starborne said...


Do you know anything about the Dogon Tribe? The information those people have is simply astonishing. From knowing about planets orbiting our sun, to even Sirius being multi-star system long before western civilization knew of them.

Everyone should check this site out.

marsandro said...

Hi starborne,

I assume you are refering to "The Cosmic
War: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics
and Ancient Texts" by Joe Farrell.

I haven't read it, but now I think maybe I'll
see if it's at the Library. That, or maybe
Barns & Noble.

Any excuse for a good latte....

As for the giants of Tiamat, it would seem
that these were the giants of Canaan, insofar
as the find shown was in the desert region
of Saudi Arabi, "right next door," so to

I had always thought that the "giants" of the
Bible were merely 7 to 9 feet tall, not this
big. That giant had to be at least 35 to 40
feet tall.

A lot of biblical scholars doubtless are in
rewrite at this time....

And as to Planet Movers, I think SOHO has
given us plenty of evidence that whoever
these Alien guys are, they build a lot of
REALLY big stuff.

For example---

SOHO showed some "machine" flying close to
the Sun that had a pair of electrodes at the
"bottom" spaced far enough apart FOR THE

It was absorbing solar eruptions, then bolts
of lightning flashed between the two lower
electrodes, then the machine would move to
a Lagrange orbital position, and fire some
kind of matter-energy beam to a point on
the far side of the Sun.

It did this repeatedly.

It's on one of the SOHO anomaly websites.
I forget which one. Might be one of the
Sun Cruiser sites.

Here's a little jewel from Cassini:

NOTE: The URL must be "assembled."

NASA "identified" this as "a cylinder, length
50 km." The EARTH is only about 12 km across.

Cassini snapped shots of this thing flying
back and forth between Saturn's poles, then
going back to its equatorial orbit.

It has three "sentinels" accompanying it,
each of which is larger than the Earth.

More stuff we can talk about....


Hathor - The Wonder Woman of Antiquity


KS15 said...

A quote from t'zairis

"The thing that's always bugged me about the Moon is that it is the perfect size and at the perfect distance to perfectly eclipse the Sun from the point-of-view of Earth. I mean, what are the odds of a natural body forming out of either a collision or a capture that 'just happens' to generate perfect full solar eclipses?"

Another interesting tidbit to add...
I have a few textbooks on Astrophysics...

When ever this subject comes up, It is a one sentence statement. The authors dare not to go any further. It is quickly mention and forgoten....The easy way out

KS15 said...

Hello Marsandro.
I am intrigued by this image:

Can you give a link to the actual description thumbnail??

I am curious on the type of spin put by NASA regarding this object.

I went to the Cassini website...But I cannot find the actual image with the brief descript.


T'Zairis said...


Yes, I know about the Dogon. I think the first English translation of some of the stuff from 'Le Reynard Pale' came out in the mid 70's, because I remember reading about the Dogon at around the same time I was tackling Velikovsky's books. I also have to say I get a repeated laugh every time the debunk-istas attempt to trot out that threadbare 'the Dogon learned about Sirius from wandering French astronomers in the 1800's' crapola. It was funny the first time they tried it, and it has grown steadily funnier over the years, as various people have blown all sorts of major holes in their big baloney sandwich, yet they still keep trying to peddle it...

I also do not think that most people would really care very much if they found out what many genetic researchers already know-- namely, that the human genome shows signs of having been tinkered with. We have been given a brain/neural net with a 'manual override', meaning we can mentally activate or abort our instinctive programming up to and including exerting control over our sexual behavior at will-- no other animal can say 'no' to their hormones. I think it's a lovely gift, no matter who gave it to us, and I think that the key to us getting off this rock involves owning up to the fact that we have the capacity for a heck of a lot more self-control than we have been showing of late. There is no such thing as an 'inevitable' conflict for us-- it's always an act of Will.

I also want to say something with regard to either purloined or shared UFO-tech: if I were a Skyperson, I would not give humanity any technology that I couldn't put a 'kill switch' on, period, end-of-sentence. Cosmic teenagers that we are, we are old enough to begin to learn how to drive, but we are also definitely not wise enough to be given the car outright. Again, my ego is not at all troubled by this, because I'm not threatened by someone else knowing more than me-- the plumber knows way more than I do about the pipes in my house, which is just peachy-keen as far as I am concerned. I'm just kind of impatient for some real 'ET science' to start hitting our libraries.


You bring up another bit of weirdness about the Moon, this one human-generated. When people start telling me how 'there's nothing to hide' with regard to ET stuff, etc., I take great pleasure in pointing out to them that even though we have sent countless probes and manned missions to the Moon with all sorts of imaging equipment (and they have gone all the way around the Moon), one cannot find a detailed map of the far side of the Moon in any astronomy book.

Good little library-worker that I am, I challenge them to check out online resources (which I help them with) as well as printed material, and darned if they don't come back to me and tell me I'm right. It certainly leaves them scratching their heads, because we have spent all sorts of $$$ for the specific purpose of looking at the side of the Moon that never faces Earth, and one would think that showing off pix of it would, well, be something worth showing off... Pay no attention to that Moonbase near Parsons Crater... nothing to see here, folks, move along...



marsandro said...

Hi ks15,

That is the actual JPL image. Seems funny
that you wouldn't be able to find it on the
Cassini Mission website.

I assume the image link I gave you still came
up with the original image.

Hmmm...there should be some way to cross
reference the image links...I'll hunt around
and see what I can find.

I got the original link from a website with
questions about what this is and why NASA
has so little (like, nothing) to say about it.
(Kinda figures....)

There also was a link to a webpage for a
book called "The Coming of Tan," in which
this very object and its "sentinels" had been
described in detail, years before the actual
object ever was detected (...or, perhaps,
identified as being worthy of a closer look,
which the Cassini probe obtained).

For what it's worth:


Hathor - Peering into the unknown


P.S.: The "Book of Urantia" strikes me as a
sort of "alien intelligence test" for humans,
as parts of it are absolute nonsense, while
other parts are completely cogent, and even
fairly believable.

Of course, define "believable"....

I can't help but think that the whole thing is
designed for the express purpose of trying to
see just how far we can be led astray from
the truth by mixing in some lies.

Shades of Satan....

Naturally, that's only my opinion....


marsandro said...


I just tried altering the URL to match the
format used on the JPL website, by changing
the part


to the search form


and I got a completely different image,
number and all.

This would seem to indicate that the small
thumbnail (with descriptor) that you want
is refiled under another number somewhere,
and only God and JPL know where that is.

Kinda figures, doesn't it....


Hathor - Glowing Eyes searching out lies


KS15 said...

Hello Marsandro..

I have found the link…..I had to do a lot of number searching …..A lot of editing of the website address. The JPG number is not the same as the thumbnail ID…..Crazy…

Here it is…

This is an image of Tethys?…I am thinking this is an imaging artifact….The moon moved creating a smear?? Overexposed?.. The stars are rock solid steady….They don‘t seem to be overexposed….Nothing wrong with the Cassini spacecraft or the camera…….Questions remain.

Why even post this image?

According to the description, This image will be validated/calibrated and archived.

A un-calibrated image??…So, If calibrated, This image will be a nice picture of Tethys?

If invalid, A bad image, I guess this image will be “tossed out” and not archived.

Then again, This is an image of a real bright cylindrical object.

I did go to the NASA Planetary Data System….Found only round Moons..

I will do some searching around….See what else I can learn.

Starborne said...

hey marsandro,

That site you posted for me, is that a picture of Saturn that's been way over-exposed? It isn't even spherical, it looks like a weeble with a dark band near the top half. Is this the "cylinder" you were talking about? I deleted the picture name to go to the whole library of raw images. Thanks for that... I've been wondering how to find raw cassini pics for awhile now! Very interesting stuff indeed.

Yes, I was talking about The Cosmic War... I'm about half way though it. At this point he brings in the Sumerian texts into the book and gives the literal translations (sort of what you can read in the Necronomicon which is an interesting story made from said texts). Canaan is briefly mentioned in the book. I won't give too much info, I don't want to ruin it for you. I will say this though, there are giants found of different sizes. From 12 feet, to 35-40 feet.

As for the findings of SOHO, that is incredible info! I will be hunting for that now!

Starborne said...


On the subject of certain abilities that can be switched on or off, do you believe in the notion of energy work? It's my belief that the "dark energy" that physicists are searching for may be the "chi/ki/prana" that the mystics/vedics have been talking about for the last 5 millenia. It may be that whatever this electro-magnetic field is that permeates the universe is just that. My guess is the Skypeople knew exactly how to use said energy with ease either through technology, or biologicaly. It's amazing how these "threads of similarity" weave togeather before your eyes the more you study this kind of stuff isn't it?

marsandro said...

Hi ks15,

The comments say that the camera was
pointed "towards" Tethys---not that what
you are seeing *is* Tethys.

I'd say that is NOT an "image smear." It lacks
"smear symmetry." Moreover, the object is
emitting a great deal of light, or so it

Also, there are other images that show this
object moving pole to pole across Saturn,
with (and without) it's "Sentinels" alongside.

These images may be on the website I gave
you, but one of us will have to go back over
the links to see where they are.

The Greenland object (from the other website
I gave you, the one with the skeleton) has
those same "striations" along the "hull"---as
does an object in a video I posted on another
blog thread here back around a couple of
months ago.

The video showed a "Greenland object" IN
FLIGHT, first hovering, then leaving with
an explosive burst of speed.

I had left comments on the video web page
for those who said, "Aw it's just an image
artifact, blah-blah-blah," and the link to the
video of the other similar object, so they
could explain THAT one....

Nobody of yet....

Thanks for the thumbnail link.


Hathor - Telling it like it is


marsandro said...

Hi starborne,

Nope, that's not Saturn---neither is it Tethys.

Now it appears that Cassini has something in
common with SOHO---obtaining pictures of
alien vessels.

The SOHO has photographed NUMEROUS "Sun
Cruisers," which, by the way, that's what the
Greenland object is, for those of us who know
how to recognize the monsters.

SOHO even caught "battle action" between the
Sun Cruisers and some sort of massive black
spearhead-like "bat winged" ships.

Maneuvers. Evasion. Weapons fire. Massive
explosions. The whole nine yards.

And then there was the "Great Sun Machine,"
whatever the blazes THAT was supposed to

A solar outburst limiter? A planet building
tool of some kind? Both? Neither? Who even

I've just been running into this stuff for
the last couple of years. It's all over the
web, and most people don't even know
about it.

NASA isn't talking, THAT's for sure.

Too bad I didn't note all the URLs. I didn't
know I'd be blogging about the stuff, or I
would have kept records.

You can google most of it, though.


Hathor - In the thick of the action


T'Zairis said...


Yes! There is an energy component to everything, which is why Priore machines, Rife technology and orgone accumulators work. Tom Bearden has some nice info on his site about how longitudinal EMF can be harnessed to either create or to stop disease processes of all sorts.

I also think that we have the innate ability to routinely sense energies that are beyond visible light (at both higher and lower wavelengths), and I think that's what shamans and psychic healers are doing. According to experiencers' accounts, Skypeople routinely use energy to heal ailments, and people visiting crop formations have experienced both healing and somewhat disruptive effects from being in the formations-- the single Julia Set crop glyph near Stonehenge a number of years back caused several post-menopausal women to start menstruating again, and some people have had headaches triggered by being in certain formations.

I also subscribe to Dan Davidson's idea that physical shape itself (form) can induct electromag energy from the aether/hyperspace to cause energy effects in the space that our physicality is aware of. Form/matter is thus not some kind of 'inferior handmaiden' to thought/mind, but is rather in a sort of feedback-loop relationship with it. Shamans and magicians of all stripes have known for millennia that magickal diagrams/talismans raise specific kinds of energy, but they haven't always known why sigils and geometric forms like pentacles work.

Enochian magick is a case in point-- all one has to do is look at the Enochian elemental tablets and then look at some of Joe Parr's pyramid arrays. While the Enochian truncated pyramids are flat diagrams, they still induct energy just like the 3-D ones do, hence the 'magickal effects'.



marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

Enochian magick is a case in point-- all one
has to do is look at the Enochian elemental
tablets and then look at some of Joe Parr's
pyramid arrays. While the Enochian truncated
pyramids are flat diagrams, they still induct
energy just like the 3-D ones do, hence the
'magickal effects'.

You should see this:

Shown are examples of an alien writing that
works like circuit elements.

We have something that is not dissimilar,
known as SAW Resonator technology.

Frequency control crystals (made out of cut
quartz) have been used for nearly a century
to control radio transmitter and receiver
frequencies. However, they had a limit of
about 160 MHz operating in "direct" mode.

Then someone got the bright idea of vapor
depositing metallic circuit elements and
resonant cavities onto the broad face of a
crystal, thereby providing digital logic type
frequency control well into the GHz range.

The ideas are similar in certain respects.

We seem to be catching up with the Aliens....

Now if we can just learn to control gravity
in that fashion....


Hathor - With a perspective on history


T'Zairis Shirzah said...


Yes, I have already seen the CARET diagrams. In fact, I wrote to Linda Moulton Howe after seeing pix of the 'Coded Pi' crop circle that came down over in England earlier this summer, because the ratchets that code pi in the formation looked just like the ratcheted circles in the CARET stuff. I wrote to her to ask if anyone was seriously looking at the possibility that the crop formations might be a sentient coding-language-- as the CARET diagrams are-- being written on the proper substrate: i.e., the living biosphere of Gaia-- in order to make it function. I have an idea (in part from my own experiences regarding crop circles) that part of the purpose of the glyphs is to 'program the planet' and keep the biosphere operational in the face of pollution, etc. As Arthur C. Clarke once said, the technology of any civilization sufficiently advanced from our own will look like magic to us. This is part of the reason why I don't get all twitchy about 'occult matters'-- so-called Magick Circles and sigils/talismans are a kind of shape-technology that, simply put, inducts or otherwise forms energy into an effect of some sort. It is nothing to get upset over any more than a light-switch in one's living room is.

The thing that rules the effect is the over-all geometry married to the geometry of the symbolic content. This is why I think that NASA 'ritualizing' is interesting. If they are doing the rituals to simply mark star-positions, mark dates, or have little communion ceremonies, then they don't know as much as they like to think they do. But if they are using trajectories to draw 'glyphs-through-time', or they are laying out landing sites (a la the Masons and the stuff they incorporated into the design of Washington DC, or the five-sidedness of the Pentagon), then they are genuinely trying to manipulate energy for their own agendas.

My consolation in all of this is that thanks to my own shamanic experiences, I know that the energy substrate of Creation is Itself sentient. It most definitely has something to say about which shapes are accepted and which rejected, based on an internesting set of concerns, which take into consideration the projected development of other lifeforms on this planet, along with the wishes of Gaia Herself. This means that the Skypeople write in elegant crop circle glyphs, out of respect for the Will of this planet and all of it's life, while most NASA ritual is in the category of cargo-cult chicken-scratches serving very elitist and limited agendas.

I also want it clearly understood that I am not looking down my nose at humanity vis-a-vis Skypeople. The Skypeople themselves assert that we are 'part of the family', but that we just need a bit more educating, and I would agree.



marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

I have to say, you are one fascinating librarian.

I never cease to be astounded at the depth
of your knowledge *and* perception on these

Your comments about NASA's "henscratch"
really leave me laughing! What an absolutely
brilliant characterization!

I would love to have your take on the following:

A great many people seem to be under the
impression that, for example, our present
"solid state" technology was back-engineered
from the Roswell crash.

However, several years ago I was searching
the IBM patent database (I think it was) and
I found transistor patents going all the way
back to the late 1890s.

I found a precise analog to the 1947 "Bell
Labs" prototype in a 1907 patent.

But here's the shocker---

I found a direct analog to the 1969 Fairchild
"epitaxial planar mesa power transistor" in a
patent dated---get this---1903.

It was even manufactured by the same sort of
"dip and wash" technique, right down to the

And to top it off, it's design even featured
interdigitation---something normally used
only in very high frequency "RF" transistors
of much later design (typically, in the late

The level of technical refinement shown was
EXTREMELY difficult to believe for a 1903

In fact---

In general, I found that the older devices
were far more advanced.

This reminds me of certain findings in the
field of ("forbidden") archaeology...shades
of Michael Cremo....

This extends even to work done since 1998
by one Dr. Gunter Nimtz, formerly of the
Netherlands, now at the University of Colon
in Germany.

He transmits microwaves across his lab at
speeds up to 300 times the speed of light---
and carrying information, usually music.

The technology he uses for this was developed
by one Chandrakassar Bose of India in---are
you ready---1880.

That's not a typo. (I double checked.)

Bose was working with MICROWAVE DEVICES
in the late 1800s. Absolutely stunning, at
least to an American like myself.

People really don't have a clue about ANY of

And they're being fed lies about how things
came about.

"The Agenda" runs in directions I really don't
think many outsiders even suspect....

My own technical expertise and involvements
have brought me face-to-face with things
most people would never believe....


Hathor - The Lioness In Alluring Repose

...and I just LOVE pussycats....


KS15 said...

Hello Marsandro.

Your post about more advance technology in the past sparked another tidbit.
Something I studied/researched in the past.

The Airships of the 1890s. All across the USA maybe around the world (I am thinking Sweden) people were seeing airships flying around. People were observing these aircraft during the day. Way before the Wright Brothers got of the ground. Newspapers of the day also reported them

Alien visitations aside, I really believe someone was building advance aircraft of some type…..These were not piston or jet driven either.

There is even one account of an emergency landing of one these “Airships”. The operator ask for Water. Not for drinking assume. think this landing was on a farm….A rural area. A witness ask how this ship worked…..All the operator said “It’s operation was based on a drive of high capacity”. Something to that effect.

Makes one wonder.

T'Zairis Shirzah said...


Thank you for the compliment, but I do need to point out that I am a Library Assistant, not a full-fledged Librarian, because I don't have a Library Science MS yet. A Library Assistant does do everything a Librarian does, though (with the exception of some personnel-related things, like doing employee evals), so as far as the research end of it goes, I often sit at a Reference Desk and do research for people, just like Librarians do.

Because of the overview one gets by doing this kind of work, it is easy to start seeing how bits of one kind of specialty, like archaeology, can be interlocked with an entirely different discipline, like mathematics or physics, or even medicine. Add to this my own set of semi-peculiar interests-- ancient Egypt, alchemy and what is generally called 'the Occult', cosmology, UFOs, etc., and I think you will be able to see where I am coming from more clearly. Libraries are information treasuries, and there is lots of stuff to pick through and to correlate.

I am not surprised that you've found the early patent evidence you have, because the thread that emerges when one starts reading and talking to folks (like some of the Disclosure Project's witnesses), is that a whole lot of stuff was percolating at the turn of the previous century, between about 1900 and 1910. T. Townsend Brown came up with his anti-grav stuff in the 1920s, so yes, people were playing around with stuff like that in advance of Roswell.

The thing that a lot of researchers have not done, though, is to sit their butts down and read biographies of folks like Tesla, and look at letters and other archival materials. In Tesla's case, that's somewhat hard to do, seeing as how the FBI ransacked his apartment and seized all of his papers the day after he died. Ditto with T. Townsend Brown, who had his research taken 'deep black', so the average Earthling-on-the-street has not heard of him, nor do they realize that Tesla (who worked for Edison for many years) was the person who invented some of the early stuff that Edison to this day gets credit for.

When one goes back to biographical material-- as much as one can get-- a pattern starts to emerge. Tesla is a good example of it-- when asked about how he came up with his ideas, he said that many of them 'just seemed to come to him, like dreams', and sometimes, he was not at all sure exactly how he had arrived at his knowledge. He also had a few of what we would call trance-like episodes, where he would be semi-insensible, and when he'd come out of it, he'd know just what it was he needed to do to make something work.

Jumping from accounts of Tesla's sudden grokking of electromagnetism to accounts of more modern UFO experiencers, one runs across testimony that talks about 'sudden knowledge downloads', where folks taken aboard ET craft have spontaneous bursts of full understanding of something without ever having had studied or learned about it in the usual way. Interestingly, folks researching crop circles also talk about this same kind of grokkiness in relation to crop formations-- they puzzle about a formation and it's meaning until they set foot in the formation, and then they suddenly 'know all about' it, or they are in a kind of very dreamy state while in the formation, but when they subsequently leave it, all these fully-formed ideas about it suddenly come to them like a bolt from the proverbial blue.

My best guess is that the Skypeople (who are probably interdimensional as well as extra- and intra-terrestrial) have been trying to help us for a long time, in part by seeding ideas into the mental-fields of those who are both receptive and are in a position, like Tesla was, to formally develop them. Again, this is no slight or aspersion cast on human ability-- it takes a great deal of native intelligence and talent to 'reinterpret' an advanced technological idea into terms that can be assimilated by others so that working devices can be built, and Tesla did just that, so he's a hero in my book, even though J. P. Morgan shut down his wireless-energy-transmission ideas, because there was no way to put a meter on it that would put yet more money into Morgan's pockets.

Because of money-grubbing, me-first parasites like Morgan, we have been saddled with 1850's technology-- petrochemical burning-- for way longer than was necessary, and Tesla was shut out of his rightful place: ahead of Edison, and certainly deserving of a spot in the Smithsonian. If the work of Tesla, Brown and others is looked at with an eye to time-frames, I think the Skypeople were trying to get us set up with clean and free power by around 1910.

Supposedly, there were also a couple of crashes that preceded Roswell-- one that springs to mind is (if memory serves) the one in Aurora, TX., where 'little people from space' were buried in the town cemetery in the late 1800's, so it seems there is a possibility that advanced hardware remnants may have been around for quite awhile.

While I do support amnesty for insiders who want to tell what they know about sequestered technology and about crimes committed with regard to maintaining secrecy, I am going to rejoice when everybody finds out what rat-bastards Morgan and his ilk actually were/are. The longer the secrecy is kept, the greater the fall to dishonor will be for those who knew full well what needed to be done, and yet did not do it.



marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

As usual, you really nail the subject right
where it needs it.

Ditto your comments on J.P. Morgan and

Interestingly, the technology of the 1960s
(at least where transistors were concerned)
was largely available by 1908 or so.

Going back from Roswell to 1900, we see (in
forward time) a de-evolution of technology,
whereas it begins "moving forward again"
after Roswell, up to about 1970.

Even then, however, "new" ideas were old
ones. The "monolithic idea" goes back to
1960 or 1961, and yet saw relatively little
use until the early 1970s.

Funny thing is, ultra-dense microchips were
seen on the front cover of the Weekly Reader
in 1961. I had kept that one many years, and
still remember the cover, showing a small pile
of such microchips poured out of a metal

Not only that, but they were comparable in
construction to the latest devices, known as
"SMDs" (Surface Mount Devices).

All this, nearly fifty years ago.

One begins to wonder who's got their foot
on the brake THIS time....

Kudos to the Disclosure Project for the work
they do. The "Spirit of Disclosure" needs to
spill out into the realm of technology generally
so Mankind can reap the benefits of his labor.

And kudos to you, T'Zairis, for being part
of that work.


Hathor - Pulling back the curtains to reveal the light


marsandro said...

Hi ks15,

Yes, I first read about the "1890s airships"
in a book by Frank Edwards. "Flying Saucers,
Serious Business," the paperback edition, a
copy of which remains in my personal library.

These seem to have been the predecessors
of the "rods" or "rod ships" being seen today.

They appear similar to the "Greenland object"
mentioned in my previous blog entries, except
nowhere near as big, of course.

The earlier airships, however, did exhibit
a sort of "cigar taper" not often seen in
modern sightings.

Alien upgrades? Hmmmm....

If alien technology was so ancient, I would
not expect to see any year-to-year "model changes."


I had forgotten about the contactee story
you mention. Odd, to be sure. A "human" alien?

One wonders, indeed.


Hathor - Lighting a Habana with her stare


T'Zairis Shirzah said...

I think anybody who opens his/her mouth and says, 'Hey, wait just a minute...' with regard to the whole Skyperson/advanced-tech-embargo issue deserves kudos. Even if it is just talking to one other person about it, that's one more person who now knows that there is something very interesting going on. We are all in this together, and most of the people I help at the library are at least curious about the topic. I say 'Bravo!' to anyone who decides to educate themselves by seriously looking outside the box, and I think that anyone who does this is acting in a heroic manner. Besides which, it's just plain fun to live in a wider existence.

Speaking of people speaking up, there was a short article at an Aussie site about an interview that Edgar Mitchell just gave to a radio station down-under. It seems he's dropped all pretense and is now openly admitting UFOs and other interesting things do actually exist. Here's a summary of what he said in the interview...

Last night there was further ground-breaking testimony from Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Kerrang Radio. During the interview Dr. Mitchell further elaborated on previous statements about extraterrestrial life in the universe and possible full disclosure in the near future.

Edgar Mitchell says there IS life in the Universe.

He says we have been visited, and that UFOs have been covered up by the government for a long time.

(The host almost has a stroke during the interview he's so shocked.)

Edgar says it is a real phenomena.

He says he's been inside military circles and they know we've been visited and talk about it behind closed doors.

He says he's been involved in certain research committees and knows people who know the real story.

There is quite a bit of contact going on.

The Roswell crash was real.

Doesn't know if Disclosure will be this year or not...

Public acceptance is increasing.

Not all UFOs are of ET origin. Some are home-grown. But some are ET crafts.

He's not concerned about his safety talking about it openly anymore.

Alien intent is not hostile.

Some others involved in the Moon landing also know the truth.

The host made the point that this is the first time Edgar has stated so clearly that ET life exists and UFOs are real.

Here's the go-to info for the site that posted the above summary. They also have links to some of Mitchell's other Aussie radio interviews.


So the assertions made by TEM and DM that 1) the astronauts know something, and 2) John Glenn's 'Frasier-moment' was him speaking the truth would seem to be borne out by Mitchell's current statements. He now joins deceased astronaut Gordon Cooper as a disclosure witness with very impressive and not-to-be-ignored bona-fides...



Adrian said...

So...Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell has his memory restored then :-)

Yo ks15

when you speak in your post's about "airships" with a few "references" of eyewitness/contactee stories...did you (n)ever wonder as to why these so called operators seem to speak the language of the witness/contactee? :-)

That is why we have the razor of a 14th century dude called Ockham

lex parsimoniae

I guess that is why Sherlock Holmes was so good at it

T'Zairis Shirzah said...

Further info on the Edgar Mitchell interview can be found at the go-to info below:

Also, here is the go-to for the radio station that Mitchell gave the interview to:

Of interest is the NASA response to Mitchell's interview which is included at the very bottom of the article referenced above. It's the usual 'deny everything' posture: They claim they are hiding nothing, and then conclude by saying that 'Edgar Mitchell is a great American and a hero, but we completely disagree with his statements.'


I love this! Mitchell is singing like a canary and NASA can do exactly squat about it. Besides which, now that Dark Mission has been published, who the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is going to believe NASA when they say they haven't been hiding anything?

I say we all pop some popcorn, sit back, and watch the wheels come off the U.S.S. Osiris in slow-mo...



marsandro said...

I'm already on my second batch!


Hathor - Licking her chops...


KS15 said...

Hello Adrian.

Never said anything about aliens……Occam’s razor - They were ordinary humans…..

People building advance aircraft during the 1890s in the USA……Individuals working privately in their own labs, barns, abandon warehouses…etc.

There are two kinds of inventors….The ones we all know…..And the Ones we never heard about except for bits here and there….Like the “Airships” of the 1890s….

marsandro said...

Marsandro's Errata File

---should anyone stop by---

NASA "identified" this as "a cylinder, length
50 km." The EARTH is only about 12 km across.

That should be 50,000 km and 12,000 km, not "50 km" and "12 km."

If the Earth were only 12 km across, your
average American city would have nowhere
on Earth to be.


"Scientist without thinking! Scientist!"
---from "The Wernher Von Braun Story:
I Aim At The Stars"


Hathor -- Supervising the corrections


P.S.: And that's BarnE's & Noble.