Sunday, February 22, 2009

My First UFO?

Just saw it tonight in the skies over Redondo Beach. A bright ring of blue-white light flying low, rolling and tumbling, sometimes little strobes going off, no sound whatsoever. Last seen descending over the the Hollywood Riviera area. It was cool.
Unfortunately, all I had was my crappy iPhone camera, so I didn't get any good pics or video.


crispy said...

Did you photoshop/tweak that image to bring out the brightness of that object? It's so bright!

On a side note, I was checking out photos of the premiere of Moon Rising and noticed you were in a couple shots. What did you think of the film?

Jon Kidd said...

I saw it too. I thought it was a star. But upon further investigation my wife noticed its strange behavior. I summed it up to a effect caused by frost fog. But I'm glad to see you noticed it to. I was moving very slowly. I thought it was Sirius at first.

Jon from Alberta, canada

Tim said...

Cool. At least you got something on film. I have nothing, just memories.

When I saw my first "UFO", there was no razzle-dazzle like yours. Mine was in broad daylight in Toronto. I saw a weird balloon-like object hovering above some power lines. It didn't look other worldly, so I filed it away as just "weird". The next day there was a report on the news of a UFO in Israel with a photo, which was remarkably the same as what I saw.

Mike Bara said...

What I saw was not a star, it was a low flying object no more than a couple thousand feet up, if that. I was solid (it was black in the middle, and it blotted out the lighter gray cloud cover behind it.

You can see all the iphone photos I took on my flickr site here:

Yeah I went to the premiere, and I think Jose is recutting it. We'll see after it gets done but Jose is a great guy, and I'm sure he'll do great with the material he has.

No Photoshop on any of the pics, BTW. I wish I could have taken video but I didn't have my digital camera with me. The pics don't do it justice to how weird it was.

Sphinx said...

Good for you Mike!

@ least you have a matter how low res, but you got one. Like Tim said, I have only memories. To bad for me that I don't have a camera to caught an UFO, cigar type, @ 20 meters from me, huge like a train wagon that I saw in a freezing February/2000 around 08:00 AM

Crappy camera or got a picture!


T'Zairis said...

It's funny, but it seems like they always do something very noticeable (flashing lights, odd movements) to sort of 'introduce' themselves to observers. My first UFO experience was pretty funny-- I was outside at night sky-watching (with binoculars), and I picked up a slow-moving 'little white dot'. I assumed was a satellite until it made a sudden, perfect 90-degree turn and took off like a shot.

Since then, I've had a number of interesting sightings, and I've reported several to George Filer's 'Filer's Files' UFO sighting database-website. What is interesting to me is that the objects always seem to do something 'weird' so that observers are in no doubt that they are looking at something anomalous.



david nineteenpointfive said...

Cool sighting, Mike. My first and only UFO sighting was near Belleville, WI (in '91?). I was on the road and cars were stopping to the side in droves in the countryside. Saw a couple of lights come from a main light, then they zig-zagged or bounced about until they couldn't be seen.

Anonymous said...

Any chance it was this:

It would have been in the southwest sky, near Saturn.


Mike Bara said...

Not unless the comet was in the Earth's atmosphere, in front of the local cloud cover which it blotted out.

Jesse Courtemanche... said...

Still have yet to see my first UFO. Boooooo.

Jon Kidd said...

Not really relative to the post but I thought you might find this shocking!!!

One more thing. I noticed the last blog Richard had setup had thousands of comments. Why would he stop the blog? I've never seen a blog with as many hits as Captain's blog. Is there another blog somewhere?

Sphinx said...

That's a good question Jon Kidd.
I notice that to. The thing is there r so many thing happened for a long time and still nothing is posted on website.

Things like....the last ones that cross my mind is the methane gas clouds that NASA discover on Mars and the strange collision between an Iridium satellite and a dead (?! dead..?!)russian satellite.

I hope that Richard will surprise us with some new well documented material as always.

To bad that Mike didn't say anything here, on this blog about this hot subjects.

C'mon men....we all dying over here waiting for you to attack this themes.


Mike Bara said...

Richard just decided he was too busy to respond to all the stuff on the blog. He writes very slowly, which is why I authored so many articles on the EM site for years.

I'm not really sure what he's up to right now. He has some pages for the revised Dark Mission to edit, but I haven't heard from him in weeks. I'm way busy too. It's one thing if a blog is all you have, or if you type quickly or have lots of time for it. This blog, honestly, is a hobby for me.

Jon Kidd said...

Do you know when hes gonna Host Coast?

Come on we won't tell anyone ;D

Mike Bara said...

Not for sure. I'll ask.

Jon Kidd said...

Mike, I found some images last night pertaining to the Moon robot head.

On my satellite blog...

Sphinx said...

But Mike, I hope that Richard have no health problems and is feeling well. In one month he gonna hit 64 though.

Richard host Coast to Coast?

WOW! a bet that Richard made it with George Noory regarding Obama succes? if so....a bet is a bet.

Hope that the boss of Coast will not revoke the bet.

Mike Bara said...

Yes, he won his bet with George and he will host the show at some point. Right now it just doesn't seem to be a priority.

He'd better get to though because at the rate he's going, it's almost midnight and BHO is about to turn into Jimmy Carter.

He's also busy editing the revised pages for DM, we're doing research for DMII, and a couple other things I can't say anything about yet.

No worries though, it shall all come to pass soon enough.

Sphinx said...

Thats great new Mike!
Thank you!

marsandro said...

I, too, have seen a number
of "nocturnal lights," as
J. Allen Hynek called them.

However, I would have to concede that I have
had one experience that smacks of "contactee

These events are from the Spring of 1980,
around 11 PM on the night in question.

In essence, a fast-darting, bright-flashing
object was being chased by A-10's that had
been scrambled from Barksdale AFB. This
object suddenly began approaching myself
and my associate. (We had been shooting
star fields near Benton, Louisiana, with
my old Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL.)

The light was "entrancing." I shook it off
immediately, and told my companion,
"It's coming right at us! We gotta get outa

He was catatonic, staring at the approaching

I ran to him, shook him hard, and he
snapped out of it. He then freaked, and
ran and got in the car. I grabbed my
camera and mini-tripod, hopping in the
passenger side just as he cranked it and
peeled out.

He fishtailed the car around and sped back
toward Benton Road.

The object turned and followed.

As we sped down the farm road back to the
main highway, I noticed that the A-10's
had mysteriously "disappeared." At that
moment, two of them flew directly over us
in a northward direction at treetop level,
as if looking for something on the ground.

We turned south on Benton Road and floorboarded it.

The object turned and followed us for about
a mile.

It then suddenly streaked off into the night.

All these years later, I was reviewing my
recollection of that night's events. One
thing had always bothered me:

My associate had said that *I* was catatonic
and that *he* had had to shake *me* out of a

At that point, I knew we had a problem....

One memory was "flawed"---when I looked
directly from the object to my friend. But I
also remembered first looking DOWN and
THEN looking at my friend.


So I "followed the memory path" replaying
the "look down" part over and over.

Eventually, I detected a faint sort of
"Gaussian blur"...THEN CLARITY.

A ship---which I later saw depicted in other
contactee's drawings, identified as a Zeta
Reticulan scout ship---had landed in the
farm field right by us.

There were Zetas---known as "blues"---
standing directly in front of us. I'd say six
or seven of them. (I think that one was
walking around, perhaps examining the car,
or possibly my camera, both of which were
behind where we were standing.)

One was looking me right in the face, and
talking to one of the others in some unknown

He seemed to be examining me visually. Very weird.

He then began slowly bringing some sort of
paddle-like object (with a back display,
betrayed by the back-glow on his face)
down in front of my face, his eyes every so
often darting back and forth between my face
and the "display" on the backside of the

Suddenly, the next thing I remember is the
part where I yelled, "It's coming right at

I would postulate some sort of memory patch,
apparently, and the paddle-like device must
have been what was used to accomplish it.
And the Zeta was watching my reaction to see
when the "patch" had "taken."

This would account for the seeming abrupt
disappearance of the A-10's, plus their
subsequent low-level flight right over us.
We caught their exhaust.

And the Zetas? If that's what they were?

Tall, slender, with narrow necks, small chins
and broad, large craniums. Small noses. Some
sort of dark, narrow "band" around the middle
of the neck, with a bright, glowing white
rectangle in the front of it. A pale UV-like
glow all over, almost like a "virtual spacesuit."
Hence, "blues." They wore long robes, rather
than tight-fitting garments as others have
reported (such as for "grays").

They had one shocking feature---


Their eyes were VERY large, and looked
exactly like cougar's eyes. The same sort
of golden, metallic-like, faceted iris. The
same everything. Round pupils. In every way
just like the eyes of a cougar, except much

I once petted a cougar (named Clementine),
and I never forgot those eyes.

Just as now, I will never forget the face---
or the eyes---of a blue Zeta.


Hathor -- In the Hall of Secrets



Perhaps 20 feet wide, 30 feet high, and 70
feet long. A gleaming, silvery metal "ball
corner" box with "indentations" on all sides,
with some sort of transluscent panels with
pulsating lights behind them. A ramp extends
from one side of the ship, with a door in the
panel. The ramp and door seem simply to
"appear" out of the side panel, as if "oozing"
from it. (Nanotech?)


A metal paddle-like device perhaps 18 inches
long plus six or seven inches of handle at one
end. A smaller "sub-panel" on the side towards
me, elevated perhaps half an inch from the
main body of the paddle, and having a small
"strip" elevated lengthwise above it with
a glow from underneath it. A glow comes from
the "backside" of the "paddle," which would
suggest some sort of illuminated display for
the "user" (i.e., the Zeta). There seemed
possibly to be a very faint glow coming from
underneath the larger "sub-panel," but it was
too dim for me to be sure.


Sphinx said...

ESA is inviting industrial, technology and scientific communities to provide inputs for experiments and payload elements for accommodation on its first lunar lander.

So...they still want to go to the Moon despite the numerous info that I hear from many sources that more calls to abandon the Moon missions, that is obsolete and rather go to satellites, like Europe, the satellite of Jupiter.


I still miss Richard's articles like:

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter ... and "The Lost Cities of Barsoom" ....


T'Zairis said...


Very interesting contact sighting! I've had the good fortune to see one of those black triangle craft, the kind with the light on each corner, and it was pretty amazing! It came in very low over the rooftops of my neighborhood, and was probably only about a half a block away from where I was standing in my back yard. It was absolutely silent, and as it flew forward, the craft was also rotating about its own center. This made the red lights on each corner behave in a very non-aircraft-like manner (they appeared to be crossing back-and-forth and through each other due to my almost edge-on view of the ship) which was how I picked it up visually in the first place. The lights themselves were also interesting, as they were a very bright and vivid red, but they did not reflect off of anything (like trees or rooftops) as the ship passed over them.

The other thing about this sighting that was rather strange was that I got what I can only describe as a 'blast of fear' from the ship as it passed. It was an odd sensation, as I was still at the same time very excited and happy that I was seeing the ship fly by so closely. I quickly realized that what was happening was that I was somehow picking up (via consciousness-field communication) the nervousness of the crew of the ship. They were vectoring in on my consciousness in order to fly by near to me, but they were also very worried about doing so, probably because I live in the flightpath for Lindbergh Field, as well as in the 'outbound' flightpath for Navy jets taking off from the area around the sub base out on Point Loma. Additionally, I am also in the flightpath for the Sheriff's Dept. Astraea helicopters' helipad, so there is a lot of air traffic around me, and my perception of what I felt was that they were rather nervous about being seen.

At any rate, the ship continued past my position, and as it headed west, I lost sight of it behind my neighbor's grapefruit tree. I dashed across the back yard in an attempt to keep it in sight, but apparently, as soon as it left my line of sight, it somehow just vanished. I went through my garage and out to the front of the house to see if I could spot it, but it was long gone.

Since my first 'flying dot' sighting, I have been actively trying to communicate via my consciousness with the dots/craft as I see them. I also now understand that probably a good third of the energies I commune with when I practice healing meditations, etc., are Skypeople.

Also, before I forget, I have definitely run across some other accounts of people seeing beings with large golden (Cougar-like, round-pupil) eyes, but I can't remember exactly where I read about it right off hand-- I'll have to do some digging, but I do know that you're not alone in seeing what you saw.



marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

Yes, it would seem that I have
had the "opportunity" to stand
toe to toe with a blue Zeta.

I was paralyzed, of course....

Some sort of psychotronic light show...
that induces a catatonic state.

I'm reminded of a security company that has
come up with an LED weapon that flashes a
color sequence that causes severe nausea.

Looks like we're on track to develop a similar

Tell me, do you think the triangle craft you
saw was "Ours," so to speak, or of...non
terrestrial origin?

The DoD has a craft like that. It was used
in the Gulf War over Baghdad, and appeared
in a CNN video which I posted here previously.

The question, of course, is: is it a copy of
something we captured? Or perhaps a "gift"
from Out There?

As to my own experience, I too seem to recall
recent mention of other contactees noting the
"eyes like cougars" of certain of these ETs.

Your research on this subject certainly is
appreciated. I can't wait to see what all
you can dig up.

You go girl! :-)


Im surprised you said nothing.

Cat-like ET got your tongue? :-))

Oh---and I think Tom Valone was the guy with
the scoop on the stuff out in the desert.

Ring him up and see if he'll take you out
there and show it to you.

Fascinating, I guarantee....


Hathor -- Your tourguide to The Unknown


Mike Bara said...

Well, other people have had these experiences. I haven't.

Thankfully. But was cool to finally see a UFO from a distance.