Monday, August 24, 2009

AOTW - More Martian Pyramids

Interesting stuff. Thanks to David McCabe for pointing me to it.


fieryjaguarpaw said...


Tim said...

That looks like quite a drop-off there. A wider shot would be useful.

Mike Bara said...

OK, added a link to the wider angle shots. My bad for not linking to it initially.

corvo said...

where is this exactly?

marsandro said...

Pyramids, pyramids...


Popular, it seems.

I wonder why?

It is one thing to ascribe the building of
pyramids to ancient civilizations with the
notion that it was simple(?), easy(?), and
straightforward(?), but why would ET use
it so frequently?

It appears there is something more to the
idea of the pyramid than just piling up some


Hathor -- Holder of the pyramid secret


Vlad said...

Obviously, that's not an artificial structure. All those fine edges are formed by sand or snow blown over the rocks. After a stormy winter day you'll find many strange looking heaps of snow with sharp edges. 100% natural phenomenon.

Mike Bara said...

OK if it's so obvious, show me a verified natual example somewhere.


Vlad said...

Look on this famous WinXP wallpaper

Martian picture shows exactly the same phenomenon. Lot of sand or other substance covered the rocks. Indeed, the whole area looks like a pyramid. But there is nothing obviously artificial in there.

Mike Bara said...

Haha Vlad.

The only thing "obvious" is that you can't show a single piece of evidence to support your claim.

But then they never can, can they?

marsandro said...

I see your point, Vlad...

Given that people have only a
limited understanding, of, for
example, the volcanism of the
early Montauk Peninsula:

In ancient times, the iron-rich molten
magma made its way up through the rock
strata only to come into contact with the
mostly silica sands of the shoreline of the
early peninsula, resulting, of course, in the
explosive eruption of iron magma and sands
high into the sky.

What landed offshore formed the iron nodules
found in the Montauk shallows, while the
debris blown westward tended to fall into
heaps of iron and glass reaching high into
the sky of the inland plains.

The resulting formations are known today as
Upper Manhattan.

The whole thing is a natural formation, commonly
refered to by visitors as New York City (which is
just a little in-joke among the local indians).

You're absolutely right, Vlad. There's nothing
artificial about it.

(And I'm one wise-acre cat....)


Hathor -- Just having a little fun...


marsandro said...

And while we're in Comic Mode:

"9-1-1 was an inside job!"

Worse, though, they outsourced it....


Hathor -- Understudy to Carol Burnett


Vlad said...

As for me, that one is an open issue. WTC7 explanation is a lame joke.

puebloplug said...

Pyramids , triangles r symbols the illuminati use to devise eveil plots

It all starts with the tapwater to make all of u people slow.......flouride is poisen ......

Its a pyramid that is oviously from mankinds past civilizations....that's what a. Few million years of erosion would do.....think about it....