Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Book is Off to the Printer!

"Dark Mission" went to the printers this past Wednesday, August 15th and copies should start appearing in stores in mid-to-late October. Look for it at the front tables of Barnes and Noble stores, as they ordered copies for front table display. You can also pre-order through See the link on the main page.

-- MB


HHMSS Sword said...

How about a larger image of the flag that that astro-nut is holding?


IonTruO2 said...

Looking forward to the book.

A quote I read:
from Ben Rich, former head of the Lockheed Skunkworks.

Just prior to his death he stated to a small group after a lecture that: We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity..." He further went on to say that, "anything you can imagine, we already know how to do."

A big comment, suggesting, the knowledge curve continued at a steep climb...and here we are today.

August 21, 2007 7:35 PM

Mike Bara said...

The flag is shown in higher resolution on one of the intro pages.

MarsRevealer said...

You should let ME do the book cover. No offence, but that one sucks donkey balls!!!

I also have the PERFECVT Image of an astronaut holding a masonic flag, to use also! A REAL Image!
I also have an awesome outlook as to the background.

But I guess this aint about FRONTS... OR COVERS... ay??



MeanGreen said...

MarsRevealer sent(yesterday) me his unfinished version of the "Dark Mission" cover he has been working on:

He told me that he now has it almost completed but a better image of the flag is needed. Right now MarsRevealer is having problems with his network connection and wanted to know how y'all/bloggers thought about this version of the book cover he is working on.

I have included 2 more he sent me with different fonts used for the title:

I think the unfinished version already is better than the one sent off to the printers. Face it or not, today a book is judged by it's cover, I find that if the cover is "interesting" I will pick it up to read more about it. The current cover has a boring and unprofessional look to it, just that one thing alone will cause a lack of sales. If you want to get the word out improve the package.

Clamytoe said...

The flag needs a shadow and the light on it needs to be adjusted a bit.

MarsRevealer said...

Thanks Mean Mon!
I am online again. At the moment. You know what's goin down. :-/

I like to say & show my take how the cover should look. Because your right bro, IMAGE for COVERS means alot when selling a book. Or buying one as the customer! I am a book reader & am very picky. Alot not has to be on or as a cover. It has to have the LOOK... FEEL, that catches my eye & make me wanna pick it up to begin with.

But as a person who wants to buy this book, this cover it presently has screams to me... & all else, NOT PICK ME UP! My colors are piss yellow, & the astronauts looks as if he is even grabbin his nuts! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Now, before any flippin of lips abounds to me as my audacity as to what makes me think who I am, & does a cover for something no one asked for to begin with. I should explain the WHY!

This has NOTHING TO DO WITH PERSONALS or Individuals! Not even the authors it seems! That is WHY I chosen to do & show something FARRRRR BETTER than the product chosen for that book.

Because it seems, as I read someplace, that RCH Or Bara NOT had the say how the cover should look????

So.... 'SEEING' this OPPORTUNITY to REPRESENT... & PRESENT,... I had a vision in my head what I think that DARK MISSION Book cover should look like. Albeit I not know what the book says... yet I feel this cover COVERS an idea/l?!

Using the general idea I had from the shitty cover, I came up with something better. So I have done this to APPEAL to the ONE responsible & the person who IS the decideing factor behind the cover of this book, since it aint RCH Or Mike Bara,... That I am OFFERING UP another possibility for he/them... to CONSIDER. ;-)

Since the book with the shitty cover is now at the printers,... HOLD DEM PRESSES!!!!!!...??? :hi:

SO consider this please???!! & REPLY ASAP??

The lettering & the scene is better, & more appealing to Younger & vetted crowd also.

So you will see my sincerity in wanting to be a help to this DARK MISSION. For a price of course. ;-)

I again appeal to the payer & the one who wanted the cover to look the way as it does now that is being printed.

Because I must say that cover used now.... is AWFUL!!!

It must be the decision maker's decision of course I guess, how he wanted it to look??

THAT is the person I am reaching out to appeal to for considering what I have to show. Or will show.

I wanna PUT A VOTE to what cover people like better. The one on there now? Or would MINE, be more enticing to make you pick the book up & read the back?! Or more to the POINT,... MAKE YOU WANNA BUY THE BOOK? :hi:

I think & feel the lettering is perfect. I have a few samples of what type font I used that would be the ONLY ones that work as to the SPIRIT of the cover I feel it should convey.

But this aint my book, but I already feel a strong sense & connection to this book. Why I not know. But it is defiinitely MUCH BETTER NOW what I am offering to consider.

Your NOT only going after the people who are looking for this book. Your trying to capture everyones attention to pick this up & be bought.

Youz ever hear of the saying??? NOT EAT THE YELLOW SNOW???
That is what the cover being printed now is. ;-) SYMBOLIZED even as the vover in colors, & in astronauts jigglin his nuts! AN INSULT I TAKE IT AS!

So I made an image of an astronaut SALUTING!!! More appropriate I would say?! But that is me.

I wanted to show you this so you can get a feel so far what I am trying to layout in my minds eye.

The astronaut saluting that flag is a perfect symbolism for this book I think anyway.

What is your vote??

MeanGreen said...
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