Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome to the Dark Mission Blog!

Richard and I will be using this space to keep you updated on all "Dark Mission" related news and notes.

-- MB


Professor Taylor said...

Welcome to the "real dark side".

Almost an Astronaut said...

Well Mike,
Lets see just how much you got right after your 11 years of research. Some of us that were inside NASA wondered about some of the things we saw and heard. I just hope you got to the bottom of some of it and found out the truth.

IonTruO2 said...

Looking forward to the book.

A quote I read:
from Ben Rich, former head of the Lockheed Skunkworks.

Just prior to his death he stated to a small group after a lecture that: We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity..." He further went on to say that, "anything you can imagine, we already know how to do."

A big comment, suggesting, the knowledge curve continued at a steep climb...and here we are today.

HHMSS Sword said...

This blogg needs some tweaking - also - how about a bigger image of the flag that the astronaut is holding - also - I hope you know your opening yourself up to allot of HEAT by posting a Masonic flag...


Gort said...
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Gort said...

Congrats Michael and Richard.
looking forward to reading the book. Cool website.

ericswan said...

I was out taking pix of a chemtrailer about an hour ago. He was pulling a 10 second vapour trail but I took the pic anyway because I find it interesting that sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. I had at least three separate incidents where they weren't spraying all today. But this last one was different. He disappeared in a nearly complete blue sky. I took a couple more pix of the blank sky in the vicinity of the sun where I had seen him. I could hear him but not really well. Poof...

Mike Bara said...

Thanks Gort. It's pretty basic, but we plan to add a lot more as the book release gets closer.

Heat? From the Masons? I don't know. The flag has been published in their own journal.

Cultural Captivity said...

People with the brains to plot such things ... would also be smart enough to hire front-men.

I don't doubt for a moment that there are things we're not being told ... the question is, who do we trust/believe to tell us the real story ? Should we trust anyone linked to SRI or the CIA or NASA or Intell PsyOps CoIntelPro ... et al ?

Should we consider someone's opinion to be neutral and trustworthy if they are linked to SRI and paid by Clear Channel ?

Just askin' ...

Clamytoe said...


It didn't take the roaches long to come out! And they came out swinging too! It's a shame that civilized conversation can not be achieved with those two.

I look forward to seeing what the DMB has to disclose.

Richard C. Hoagland said...


All excellent questions. :)

OK, here's the answer:

You don't HAVE to "trust" Mike or me -- at all.

All you have to do is compare the astonishing official NASA imagery we are publishing in "Dark Mission" with the same images currently published on official NASA websites.

Then ... begin to ask some REALLY hard questions of NASA.

No "trust" required.

Clamytoe (what a moniker ...):

Think of it this way: unless someone was REALLY worried ... why bother?

This is a VERY GOOD sign. :)


Clamytoe said...


There's a story behind the name, but that's better left for another time. While you're here, what say you about Moon with a view part 7? Is it almost ready?

HHMSS Sword said...


(Todays most popular website viewing)

"That's No Moon.....Oh, Wait, I'm Sorry, it IS a Moon." (PIC) (


robert said...

Sometime the most extraordinary things ARE left out in the open for one reason or's the "answers" we get from 'officialdom' that we MUST question.

When the infamous "trick of light and shadow" explanation by Gary Soffen was made about the Cydonia "FACE" in the footer of the image...not ONE (1) journalists or interested parties attending asked to see the following image he said was taken and showed it was such. NO ONE.

It is time we ALL start to question the media's questions, whether they follow up, the politicians, and the scientific mainstream's answers and even their data acquisitions. The data MUST be able to independantly verifiable by anyone with average intelligence using the ISIS 3 software. The scientists need only write the sequences of commands, parameters and such.

I am looking forward to the new book and will place an order with Amazon.

I am also looking forward to this blog and maybe get into some discussions about the Moon's North Pole Complex. In EVERY plan to but humans back on the Moon they are ALWAYS referring to the SOUTH pole. Why isn't the North Pole included? Maybe because it may already be occupied?

North Pole Complex

Glad to see BOTH of you on the blog.

Did you get my tiff's of the HiRise's you requested, and where they okay or not...please email me and let me know/

Thank you for everything.


looksupalot said...
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Mike Bara said...

Bob, I got them, but just haven't been able to get the Pathfinder tiff's to open on my computer.

Clamytoe said...

Richard and Mike,

After re-reading Richard's reply to me, it seems that he thinks that I called you guys roaches! Let me clarify; I was calling biological_unit that. That guy is disruptive and causes problems wherever he goes. I think he gets a kick out of causing trouble and making people mad.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Richard C. Hoagland said...


Relax, I knew EXACTLY what you were saying ... and to whom. :)

Given what we have uncovered and now published in "Dark Mission," it's NO suprise that someone of his "stripe" would surface and attempt some type of absurd "distraction" from what we can now truly prove -- especially, right after Mike posted the news about NASA being caught redhanded censoring info in Wikipedia!

So let me repeat: if someone at NASA didn't consider us a "threat" ... why bother sending in a troll, especially this early in the game, when the book isn't even available yet!? :)

Stay tuned.


Cultural Captivity said...

When I read about a new book, I sensed the energy of two guys who had just spoken to the burning bush.

Every publisher asks, "why does this book need to be written" ... they also ask, "why are you the guy to write it ?" and they kick the tires and speculate what the scuttlebutt of the local yokels might be.

Not everyone can be an academic, a professor or self-funded - so, neutrality is an issue. I was simply asking in the spirit of "we're getting published".

Can the prospective author hold their own when their neutrality has been questioned ? Welcome to the world of publishing in 2007 !!

Dark Helmet said...

Richard, enjoyed you on Coast to Coast last night. ALWAYS good to hear from you.

Looking forward to the Cranial and Robot head pics.

Rest assured I am ordering your book today! :~)

Thanks for providing a place for the truth to be exposed!

Richard C. Hoagland said...


Who says I'm "neutral?" Or, that I SHOULD be?!

I'm in the position of a prosecutor who, after a TWENTY-YEAR investigation, has amassed overwhelming EVIDENCE of multiple, official crimes aainst the citizens of the United States (in this case: alteration and destruction of taxpayer evidence; perjury against US citizens; treason against the Constitution of the United States, etc., etc.) -- and is bringing a major indictment for those crimes.

In return, NASA (and it's toadies) will obviously present their best "defense" (by attacking Mike and me, of course -- as has already occurred here with other posters -- and NOT ever bothering to address the amazing evidence itself).

And you (the reader) will be the ultimate de facto "jury" in this obviously ADVERSARIAL proceeding.

Thus, it ALL comes down to the official "evidence."

Have we faked these images? Are they testable? How robust is the evidence of "alien ruins" recorded on them, really?

However, since we're using NASA's OWN DATA as this formal evidence against the Agency (remember -- already presented, officially, by NASA ... elsewhere on the Web), it's gonna be pretty hard to refute that the data IS official.

Unless, of course, NASA is going to deny the fundamental, simple realities of "planetary geophysics," "the laws of optics," "expert eye-witness testimony from NASA insiders," "official documents and memoranda," etc., etc., etc.

Which, of course, they will.

Stay tuned .... :)


Ham Radio Operator said...

I'm so glad this subject has been reborn. Back in the late 70's I came across a book named "Somebody else is one the moon" by George Leonard. This book has some interesting photo of objects setting on to moon surface. These are all NASA photos. I loaned out this book around 1978 and never got it back. It took me over 15 years to find another copy, but as it is a paperback it has yellowed very badly over the years. Someone told me that this book was published in hardback over in the UK, but I've never found it here in the states. I did a search on Amazon and there are some copies you can buy through them (their pricely.) After seeing the price being asked mine is going to the saftey deposit box. Tomorrow I'm going to B&N to see if I can find a copy of your book. I see I have some reading to do. Good luck with your book.

Mike Bara said...

Leonard is kind of dumb, but what I found most facinating was that Fahrouk El Baz was willing to meet with him about his "findings." It's pretty obvious from the copy that El Baz was simply hearing him out to see if he knew anything dangerous. I'm sure he went back to Thornton Page and told him "our secret is safe."

I meant to add this to Dark Mission, but I lost it somewhere in the compilation.