Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ken Johnston Calls Again for NASA Vets to Come Forward

After reading all the postings to this blog for the first time, I was hoping to find that someone besides myself had come forward with more information andevidence. It would be nice to have more FIRST HAND experience and knowledge from others that would provide additional support for the events that I mentioned in my first posting.

Do Masons as a whole have any idea how DEEP their organization goes? NO, only those who have been selected and RAISED to the higher levels have ANY IDEA as to the knowledge and power that perhaps only 1 percent has access to.

It is frustrating to me when someone who wasn’t even born when we went to the Moon tries to claim that we never went there, because it is impossible for an astronaut in a space suit to crawl through the door in the lunar module. I can speak from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. I was one of the 5 test pilots for the Grumman Aerospace Corporation that built the Lunar Module where I had the privilege of helping to develop the procedures for ingress and egress of the LM. I wore the complete Apollo space suit assembly and made many trips in and out of the front hatch and have lots of NASA photographs and films of me doing just that.

Where do we go from here? It is just like trying to put together your genealogy. The first thing to do is find everyone you can who was ALIVE BACK THEN and get their statements recorded and notarized. Just like people at Roswell, NM had to do. As with any documentary, there was a lot going on behind the scenes. So many of the true Apollo scientists have started DIEING OFF and we absolutely have to get their memories recorded NOW. So, help us capture the TRUTH behind the truth, I issue the same challenge as before: “Now it is up to those of us who know the truth to stand together and shout it out loud for all to hear.” You can contact me through this blog and I will see that your story is told. We need to get together and start trying to find other people that were involved in the SPACE PROGRAM. People like me who know the truth.

Ken Johnston - Lunar Module Pilot


ericswan said...

I don't see what the problem is Ken. There are tons of whistleblowers out there and the Camelot project already videotapes and publishes most of these on the internet. NASA is too compartmentalized in the scheme of things to know what the military was doing or who knew what and when. Look elsewhere.

looksupalot said...

NASA is too compartmentalized in the scheme of things to know what the military was doing or who knew what and when.

nasa people will therefore have their own stories, apart from the military.
All pieces of the puzzle are needed.
After reading a nasa guy's story, maybe a military gal somewhere will say "Oh, that explains that weird assignment they sent us on back then."....and she'll come forward with her story that matches that of the nasa guy, thereby linking more puzzle pieces together.

robert said...

Dear Mr. Johnston,

Thank you for coming forth and all you are doing. Keep at it. if we do not fight the brave fight for the light of truth then we shall surely perish in the darkness of deciet.

While Eric may indeed be right that there are already hundreds of 'whistle blowers' from Project Disclosure and X-PACC...the ASTRONAUTS are a group unique unto themselves. So are the Prinicple Investigators, the Project Managers, the Project Scientists, and all the way down to people like Administrative Contact persons...who might know what some official told some press secretary to say if asked about a certain and to do so under orders and without explanation?

Might be more than we think.

Actually I am sure there are more and I encourage more people to start HIJACKING THE TRUTH away from the people who HOLDING TRUTH HOSTAGE.

If we saw a child being abducting would we stand by and do nothing?

No...we should and chase and cause holy rightous wrath upon the hostage taker.

We have the same issue with the BRUTAL TRUTH of what our heritage is amoung the stars and in the Universe though what the astronauts and others have known for many years though experience and with the DATA.

If you are afraid of testimony by have DATA...HIJACK the data and send it to somewhere it will see the light of day.

As the Jefferson Starship sing loudly and proudly...


It's time for a change in course.


Cultural Captivity said...

Do Masons as a whole have any idea how DEEP their organization goes? NO, only those who have been selected and RAISED to the higher levels have ANY IDEA as to the knowledge and power that perhaps only 1 percent has access to.

Sorry it's wordy, but in the interests of advancing the cause :

1 - Deep and Wide are different things. Masonic rumours are an inch thick and a mile wide.
2 - Knowledge IS power.

Joining a club and swearing an oath to a bogus ideology is not how the Ruling Elite self-selects. If the truth of the photos rescued by Ken Johnson are to be framed for the world, IMHO, it should framed be one of two ways - (1) as is, but add a page that will de-mystify the structure above the freemasons - meaning shine a light on the folks who are responsible for the attempted censorship and murder of the evidence/artifacts that rightly belong to the public. (2) link Space, the High Frontier, with the last frontier - the American West, with British Imperialism, Roman and Greek.

I can appreciate Ken's desire for first-hand knowledge, but we can't trust secret society leaders to tell the truth - their loyalty is not with the Commoners. First hand knowledge is access to the truth - the person with the FACTS is synonymous with the person with the photograph.

Dynasties practice Geo-Politics and they operate by family compact, not by command thru a secret society. they operate above the glass ceiling and need operative that is all too willing to take the credit or blame. History teaches dynastic issues, but a grasp of jurisdictional issues requires on the job training at a Royal Court, or access to a Library (and lotsa spare time).

Space is a jusrisdictional issue - it's about the frontier, it's about world-view and lots of things that aren't debated in the public arena. This needs to be de-mystified. NASA has super-collider programs to spread out the budget among all the States - de-mystify that too, while we're at it.

Hollywoodisms are effective at masking the power structure - their repeated social science frauds do not advance the commoners ability to understand the reality. That's quite deliberate. These repeated social science frauds, or planted popular delusions begin shortly after the CIA cleaned house in Hollywood (McCarthyism).

I would LOVE to penetrate further than the inch thick covering and start sorting out the motives of the Masters of the support cult.

Freemasons had secrets, particularly on the frontier, but those secrets went up by degrees and on June 6, 1876, the freemasons were left with the secrets they have today : how to stack bricks and stones so that you don't cast a shadow on your measurements ... and a reputation as a society with secrets. The secrets are gone and their job is blame-taking ... it's a pirate flag.

The secret society that ended up with the secrets about position of landmarks (inspiring Founding Fathers to join) : surveying, map-making, calculating/finding sacred space - all moved up to the Shriner's (Master Masons) in 1876.

Incidentally, the compass and square are map-maker's tools as well as stone masons tools - so any map=maker charting the unknown should be keenly interested in the traditions and rituals of the censor and revisers, or editor.

Finally, the tradition of Position Finding is why the ruling elites would show up in rubber boots for the cornerstone ceremony, but largely ignore the Grand Opening. Explorers called it diplomatic position finding, but it's the same system. Monarchs ruling by divine right want their traditions applied during expansion but jurisdictional issues are King-craft - this is why the Royal Navy and Royal Engineers were doing the surveying. Outer space offers a whole new opportunity to apply old tradtions. For example, NASA rituals about names is an adaptation of an existing sytem, rather than an invention of a new system.

The support cults were designed to short-circuit the blame industry - and invite the watch-dogs to to chase their tails - and get critics to chase emptiness. Interference in the explorer-to-citizen process fits tradition, not the mandate of NASA. The Journals of Captain Cook were edited by Dr John Douglas - Anglican Bishop ... whose job was the world-view of the commoner.

We've heard too much barking from the guard dogs ... now let's introduce the reader to the farmer. NASA began as a noble scientific quest - at least that's what the people wanted. It was also a propaganda tool - a public relations front to showcase the fruits of capitalism : innovation.

IonTruO2 said...

Ken: Your peers must respond.
The very process itself is what is necessary. We must level with each other and stop with the deceptions of our own makings.

The concealments themselves, become the illness to all, more than the Truth of which they are supposed to be protecting us from.

Was there a race? Did we win it? Or are we far enough ahead of the other world idiots now to not have to keep the secrets of the true reality of the human situation.
Can you police the cosmos yet? ..And temper the immaturity of these other hungry and aggressive nations that dare to seek dominance and oppression?

If so, time to level with us all and quit with the mushroom routine.
Robert Dean and Corso spoke so well with frank candor about the concealment itself, now ruining lives and destroying people, who themselves had sacrificed alot for the cause of the greater good.

It becomes archetypal in that it is about "with-holding".
While the rest of this world is grossly divisive and wrought with such petty struggles that would inspire our leadership to continue this facade, I think it is time now to raise the bar and bring more of the human potential to this human society. Change it for good.
Corso and co, did it and look where we are! That was Roswell, what 60 years ago, and look what came from the material that was dispersed to our societal industrial sectors over this time, instead of the intelligence(CIA) boys swallowing it up for nothing and equaling nothing.
60 years!!

Here we are today and I say it is unacceptable. Is this society, even the West, that stupid as to not be able to convey it? ...or is it that they made it even more difficult with the myth making and falsity.
Has the society matured enough over that time to now know?
To me it seems so, if fellas like Ken Johnston and others from the inside, themselves, are now saying enough is enough.

Truth must arise, and will. Don't wait til it is too late. Your under 50 month's now.

The zealots are zealous and the people are confused enough by the fiction.

Hesitate not or suffering wrought.

Surely that is not what any of us want.

HHMSS Sword said...

Ken - I've never met you - nor have I vetted you.

What your getting hear is whats called - a smoke round - as no one is YET zero-ing in on your posisition as of yet - and no one has fired for effect...

Yet ...

What the hell have you done?
Can we get a simpler resume? I have seen space, without the air clogging it all up - yet - have you? Have you seen these things? Have you been to the moon?

Have you been in witness to some of these things that Apollo astronauts have seen and touched?

Or are you just the male model hired to put on a sexy space suit and walk out of a LEM and have his picture taken?

You want more folk to come out? Great - spill your guts - and do it Sah-puu-kcoo like. As many of us have.

I am not a NASA veteran.
I'm the next generation of Gordos, Hotdogs and Gus'es... ...'secpt... war is in space now - and one strange battlefields above and beyond the models catwalk.

So - what say you KNIGHT?
HJave you been there - touched that?


Biological_Unit said...

Sword lies all the time!

He says he's been shot into space by some Compressed Air gadget, but has also said that he has launched into space by the old Hydrogen-Oxygen rockets.

Why does he not have a picture of ANY of this? I fully expect him to say "I was just making a Joke, and you fell for it!"

HHMSS Sword said...

Okay -m Ken can post but not reply?



[Document that $h!t Brother Ken... ... ...]

HHMSS Sword said...

1 - Deep and Wide are different things. Masonic rumours are an inch thick and a mile wide.

Masonic rumors are... (best said by the man behind the curtain)... "sixty thousand-foot-high, sixty thousand-foot-wide, four million-foot-long"

So, Ken, what the hells taking you so long to respond? Enquiringly minds want to know.



Biological_Unit said...

So, Ken, what the hells taking you so long to respond?

So Sword, you've not sent anyone evidence beyond hearsay and rumors.

I heard a Rumor that swArd is a Comic Book enthusiast!

I banged Jessica Alba last night! Honest!

HHMSS Sword said...

C h Christ Ken - can't, you respond to your won blogg post?
Have you ever debated something in a Kiva?
Waiting for everybody to show up?... Shud up?
You joined the new medium - now get to it two boots. You must be a navay boy... ... ...

Biological_Unit said...

Have you ever debated something in a Kiva?

What's so Special about a Kiva?

Meta said...

Moon Hoax Proof

Cultural Captivity said...

Sword :
Congress of Wilhelmstadt, 1782
Illuminati deny link to Templars.

That doesn't mean there are not Freemasons involved in covering up stuff at NASA
but it does mean that their link to the Knights Templar is very very weak.

Concede defeat ?

Biological_Unit said...

What say ye

Biological_Unit said...

I wore the complete Apollo space suit assembly and made many trips in and out of the front hatch and have lots of NASA photographs and films of me doing just that.

Show us those pictures !

A Translucent Amoebae said...

So apparently;
Dark Mission is saying that we did go to the moon, and i'm neutral on this point--
But i did watch a video awhile ago, and i can't recall the name of it, but it did reveal something curious...
And that was; if you speed up the lunarnauts hopping around on the moon, it LOOKS JUST LIKE they're hopping around on the earth, with perhaps lighter than expected space suits and such...
The interesting part that i noticed was that the dust coming off the fronts of their boots as they're hopping around... IS IN SLOW MOTION TOO...???
Shouldn't the dust be moving forward Faster than you might expect it to on Earth, with no atmosphere and lower gravity.
But-- If it was filmed on Earth, and slowed down to look like it happened on the moon,
Then EVERYTHING would be in slowmotion.

Mike Bara said...

Some of the films shown on TV from the Moon are actually slowed down for dramatic effect. The Lunar Rover shots especially are famous for this.

For the real, full speed stuff I'd suggest the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, which has lots of video links. You might go to the shots of Alan Shepard hitting his golf shots and ask yourself if they were in slow motion, how fast would he be swinging that club?

A lot faster than Tiger Woods.

As to the dust, it's true there is no atmospheric resistance, but that is minor compared to the effects of gravity, which is 1\6th less on the Moon as we all know. So the dust falls more slowly because the particles are pulled back to the surface by a weaker gravitational force.

George Paul Davis III said...

I mean..... really? Like you.... really?

You believe all this?


You're a character, sir. You're a character, indeed.

James said...

Some comments above questioned the validity of Ken Johnston's identity. Below are four links to objective and non-conspiratorial type sites that refer to Ken Johnston's official NASA relationship.

Zach said...

This is ridiculous, If this is true i dont know why No one else would think its right to come out and say that they found ruins on the moon. I mean Wasn't the moon at one point just flying around until it got stuck in out orbit, how would life be on that, and why would life move there once it was in our orbit? i dont think any of thats plausable...But ofcourse the government tells us very little of anything, they are fucked like that.