Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dark Mission Release Date Set

Feral House will Release "Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA" By Mike Bara and Richard C. Hoagland to bookstores on October 9th, 2007. Copies of the book should begin to arrive in your local bookstore on or around that date. Previously, Dark Mission has been available only through pre-order at and other major online retailers. Dark Mission currently ranks as the #1 best seller in Amazon's "Astrophysics and Space Science" category.


MarsRevealer said...
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SactoMan01 said...

While it's great the book will reach bookstores on October 9, 2007, one question though: are there any plans for appearances on a major cable news channel show like Larry King Live? An appearance on Larry King Live will guarantee lots of publicity for the book.

Mike Bara said...

We'd love to do Larry King, Today, O'Reilly, John Stewart, any of those. But we have to get their attention first. We're working on it.


Biological_Unit said...

It turns out that Cape Canaveral is tied to the history of Quebec City, so I was not out of my element on the topic - and believed I was giving him leading edge information that should thrill a journalist trying to wrap his head around NASA ritual.

On the Jeruslaem-centered map, you can draw two lines 90* apart - one from CANAveral to the CANAda-US boundary and another from CanaVERAl to VERA Cruz in Mexico ... forming an L.

Also, a cartographers plumb line can be drawn (using cartographers tools) between Quebec City and Cape Canaveral (aka French Cape).

The only explanation of interest to RCH was that Canaveral means Reeds in some language (Spanish ?) and Osiris was God of the Reeds.

The above story is not found in any book that I' aware of - it's something you do in the process of reproducing an Imperial map of the world from scratch - which was quite painstaking before computers.

No interest. not even when I made maps with precision lines and showed that the Quebec City to Canaveral plumb line ran right through Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Nope. Lord of the Reeds.

He doesn't care about NASA Naming Rituals.

Of course he's "too busy"! I'm willing to bet that his book is under-written by Invisible Nazi-Blaming Powers That Be!

ericswan said...

I'm hoping that any discussion of what is or isn't on Mars links to latitude and longditude. RCH has the ball rolling with his 19.5 correlations of Mars and Earth but every pic that suggests it may or may not be an artifact has to have data not postcard annotation. It's not enough to have a pic here and another there. It has to be verified and the only way that is possible is with GPS maps. Researchers can go to Google Sky and post comments and pics in their Wiki program for space and the sooner we can all get on the same page, the sooner your points will have an impact.

Biological_Unit said...

See what Google turned up about Mars Revealer:

Alláh Fubar
Please learn how to put together a readable website...

Put something together that isn't composed of repetitive statements and pictures.

Until you do, it reads like a Aborigine's interpretation of seeing a Train for the first time.

And show us something concrete, not assumptive...

Alláh Fubar
"been more better"?

That's what I was saying before about the language on your Website.

You need to polish up your language skills...

Biological_Unit said...

Mars Revealer ....... there ain't no there, there. Everything Gary has ever posted has been a childish rationalization for personal sloth and decay. A bum with access to a computer.

Biological_Unit said...

I was a little harsh there!

I'm not trying to stifle debate.

Peter said...

Hi guys. I am a loooooooooong time fan of your work through EnterpriseMission. Coming up to a decade I guess.

Anyway, since I know these comments are moderated, allow me to hijack the topic by asking...

...can you PLEASE stop teasing me (and others) on EnterpriseMission with all the "coming soon" teasers which have been there for many, many months?

I'm cool with there being somewhat of an output hiatus on Enterprise (well, I'm not, but I understand), but the "coming soon" is just depressing! :-)

Keep up the fine work!

Peter Belt
New Zealand

robert said...

Good luck on the Book. After October 3rd I will be able to order the book.

Thank you both for the tireless years you've been in this fight with us. Without people like you leading the way...we would NEVER have gotten even the current Mars Missions we have and the upcoming Moon missions.

More detail about the "Secret Military Nasa" would be welcome.

In the meantime...Keith Laney alerted us to a "sneak" data dump of the FINAL MGS MOC images EVER to be released since the craft "officially" got it's batteries fried. More info below:

For those interested I have created two ascii text files that should be viewed and/or printed in LANDSCAPE mode which lists ALL the Cydonia MGS MOC HiRes NA filter image files from the brginning to the end of the entire mission, the second file is just the same data only from the last dump from vol 1464 to the end of mission.

Have fun.



Final Dump only:

Final MGS dump Cydonia NA

If you have other coordinates and would like list that the pds can't provide, which they do a pretty good job of with links and all...these don't have links...I shall try and accomodate requests for lists of other spots.

And again a VERY BIG THANX to Keith for the head's up on the data dump where he said it here:

You'll have to know how to open and process MOCs to see them however.

FTP access ONLY

scroll down, the unreleased volumes are MGSC 1464 through MGSC 1578

Again...Thanx to Keith Laney for the heads up of the data dump.


Gort said...

Stardust to study Tempel 1 in 2011.

maybe they can get some better pictures of the buildings "deep impact" didn't knock down. :)


Biological_Unit said...

After making $2 billion in the dot-com craze, Joe Firmage founded a company called International Space Science Organization, and doled out larges sums to a wide array of projects, including the academic work of Hal Puthoff. (Ref1, ref2, ref3, site.) According to Ventura, Firmage's motto regarding anti-gravity technologies is, "I'm going to find them or build them." Unfortunately, Firmage has since run out of funds.

Two Billion wasted.

Something a.rising ?

Biological_Unit said...

Mystical organizations quietly dominate NASA, carrying out their own secret agendas behind the scenes. This is the story of men at the very fringes of rational thought and conventional wisdom, operating at the highest levels of our country.

The United States, under the presidency of the Crypto-Jew, George W. Bush, invade Iraq on March 19th, which this year is when the holy, “Day of Purim,” falls in the Jewish calendar. This, “Day of Purim,” is a day the Jews celebrate their victory over all the goyim (non-Jews) in Ancient Babylon, which is now based within the borders of Iraq, how interesting.

What is also interesting is that the previous United States led invasion of Iraq ended on the Day of Purim ten years earlier with the genocide of 150,000 fleeing Iraqis under the current President’s father, George Herbert Walker Bush. Purim is also the time when the Jews are encouraged to get bloody revenge against the non-Jews.

Mike Bara said...

It's not "genocide" to kill the enemy in battle.

Admin said...

MarsRevealer, you sound insane.

ZigZagMan said... disrespect, but this site much like enterprise mission of late is just about bait and sell to my eyes.

The premise is amazing to me, and I'd love to read it, but the hard sell just puts me off.

Publish your information, your book, for free..atleast online in it's entirety, charge for a hard copy ofcourse, that would be something more in the spirit of what you claim in my mind.

RCH......same to you sir,,,,,,,

Biological_Unit said...

It's not "genocide" to kill the enemy in battle.

Both ends of the road were blocked, then the Great Americans slaughtered them.

It's a War Crime even when it happens to Brown-Skinned folks.

ZigZagMan said...

also......would be nice if you didn't lock your blog link into the frameset on your site...

makes it next to impossible to read short of forcing the blog to a new window..

Mike Bara said...

99% of everything we've ever done is posted for free on Enterprise. Period.

Why is not OK for us to make a few bucks, if we even do?

Mike Bara said...

They invaded another country. We told them to get out. They refused. They died. Too bad for them.

Biological_Unit said...

We told them to get out. They refused.

They were leaving, then they were killed as they were leaving !

Peter said...

@zigzagman: I'm with Mike on this. A DECADE of free information, and you have a problem with them selling a book? Get it from your library cheap skate.

(now, back to my topic hijack - PLEASE no more "coming soon" teases! ;-))

Anonymous said...

Does the book address Venus at all?

Gort said...

Happy Sputnik Day, Comrades!
Oktober 4, 1957-2007
50 glorious years in space.

Blue lightning said...

Good Evening to all...
I know Bio Unit,Fool,Robert,Gort, and we must not forget SWORD, but they have not heard from me for a long,long time in a world far,far away.
But so much for ald lang SEIN.
Mike Bara and Richard Hoagland:
I wish to see (or hear , say on C2C, if you must) a point-by-point comparison of your theories on hy-per-di-mens-ion-al physics with corresponding theories and predictions of the "Electric Universe" school as presented on
I want to know why we should adopt another space/time distorting brand of physics(after being subjected to the Einstein version for all of a century) when proper and honest application of existing PLASMA PHYSICS provides a much better fit for observed phenomenae such as comet tails and break-ups, polar hotspots on outer planets and moons,virtually ALL cratering on planets and moons as well as the mysterious "dark force" tug by our solar system on our outward bound deep-space probes.
I shall try to force myself to read your "Dark Mission" book, but I must point out that we have much more sinister and immediate forces invading our everyday lives and seeking to destroy us without worrying over Nazi Masons and illuminati types getting into space...They are locusts and caterpillars and they surround us already. Allowing them to make us chase them into space is the ultimate smoke-and-mirrors.

Mike Bara said...

Fundementally, I don't agree that "electric universe" theories are more accurate. HDP explains everything you just brought up. You should submit an email question to George on Coast and we'll answer it on the air.

IonTruO2 said...


In reading some work by Stephen Baxter, who has collaborated with Arthur Clarke, a number of specific themes have been disclosed in his writings. From the earlier question the Richard had made: "What did Arthur know and when did he know it", the same could be said about on such as Stephen Baxter.

My question comes from the idea that has emerged about asteroidal bodies or moons that may be drivable/movable/relocatable.

Excuse the absence of greater detail here. Trying not to be too wordy.

From your research re: NASA Moon Missions and with regards to the Earth Moon and its hallmarks of architecture and other subsurface 'facilities', do you or Richard have any thoughts in regards to whether our Moon has 'actually' been here in orbit as the current story tells?
....Or is there any consideration occurring that suggests it may have 'showed up' in alot closer time frame than we currently believe?

Mike Bara said...

Well, the Moon does seem to be in a really convienent location doesn't it? Yes, we've had these types of discussions, but they have to wait for another book, I think.

IonTruO2 said...

Thanks for your reply Mike.

Yes, it's location is very convenient and from the level of impact signatures it shows, it seems like it is perfectly located to take the brunt of the typical local bombardment of objects of times.

It was always interesting to me that the currently largest known impact crater in the solar system, known as the Aiken Crater, occurred on the south polar back side of the Moon. ...And it is huge with other magnetic and crust based indicators of its magnitude.

An ancient story has come up for me numerous times from the Celts about The Sword, The Shield, and The Harp

Oddly it has demonstrated itself in a number of ways symbolically.

We have heard of a person and Unit called SWORD, we have heard of a HAARP that plays a different tune, and we have seen evidence of a program to orbit Venus multiple ways to create what is called The SHIELD.

My consideration, is to ponder whether the Moon while not necessarily 'artificial', may have been 'parked' nicely there in the deeper past, in it's abnormal scale of size, to serve as a shield of sorts for Earth.
Does it not show, and has been reported I recall, a greater degree of bombardment signature than most of the other 'bodies'? Earth may heal over fairly quickly but the others sure don't.

This is pure speculation, I know.
Recently I saw a reference to an ancient document whereby it was recorded that the Moon as we know it wasn't always there and had appeared in fairly recent timescale.

I bring this up in, light of the growing indicators of the Saturnian Moon Iapetus being principally an artificial body. Credit to Richard Hoagland-The Moon With A View.

There are just many intelligent factors involved with our Moon. (Don't even get me started about the mini Earth moon 3753 Cruithne. !! ;) Talk about a moon with a view. Again stable yet not necessarily 'permanent'.)
Some of this starts to touch closer onto the principals of Hyper Dimensional Physics as Richard and co. like to call it.

So nicely how it all worked for Lagrange , making a nice three body problem-so Balanced hmmm

Any thoughts to share Mike?

M said...

True, it is possible that the moon is a bit vacuum cleaner for some stray bullets - however as the Earth is a much larger body, wouldn't it be a more likely attractive force? You must excuse my limited understanding of astro-physics...

The moon quite clearly has an effect on our weather - though meteorologists clearly prefer to stay blind to that. So what would happen to our weather if the moon wasn't there?

But I think that the effect that the moon's gravity and its light have on the Earth's inhabitants to be a more fascinating reason as to its being there, and perhaps where we and everything on this planet came from...if the moon wasn't in fact there all along :)

I wonder - was the moon in the Earth's orbit before or after the the 'splosion of the planet that is is now the asteriod belt? If it was after (or beforehand, in anticipation) then it makes me wonder how many of Earths creatures are from either the exploded planet, or Mars, or both, and are - not so much a zoo, but a refuge?

A lot of the creatures on Earth today would be buggered if the moon didn't fact it seems they evolved under a moon. But if the moon was put in the Earth's orbit, how long does it take to get the genetic knowledge of "working with the moon"? Is it possible that everything, or almost everything, came from an older biological system - perhaps a planet which had Mars for a moon - or perhaps even from Mars.

The only issue with our biological history coming from Mars itself is rotation. I know that the moon is always facing the Earth. Is that anomalous or a common thing to occur with moon/earth like combo's?
Would Mars have always faced the same side to the now exploded planet? Perhaps it's indeterminable, however I would assume that Mars would be misshaped if it did.

No idea.

Mike Bara said...


M said...

Oops...combined some paragraphs in editing :)...meant to just say:

But I think that the effect that the moon's gravity and its light have on the Earth's inhabitants to be a more fascinating reason as to its being there.

The rest was a paragraph I was deleting...I don't think we originated from the moon :)

However - it would be a good transport ship :)

robert said...

The Tidal Model by Richard and Mike proves Mars was a MOON of an exploded planet hypohtesis VanFlandern has proved.

Also a post to get the 33rd spot :)


M said...

I know of the tidal model - though I read a long time - need to re-read.

My long winded (as per usual) blog was actually to do with the biological life forms on Earth who appear to have 'evolved' under a moon (for navigation etc) - which asks many questions.

1- how long does it take a biological system to genetically evolve to live, and work with, 'a moon.'

2- if the answer (though perhaps not 100% knowable answer) is 'longer than our moon has been in the Earth's orbit' then how many of those biological entities came from elsewhere?

3- As Mars, and the planet to which it was a moon of, could theoretically both sustain biological systems, it fascinates me that Earth could now be home to species from either Mars, or the now shattered 'other world.'

4- So how would the combined 'moon' Mars and its planet's biological system work? How separate, in terms of its fauna and flora, would they have been? Would it have been much like on Earth today where hundreds of years of contamination though transportation have given some countries biological representation of most of the whole planet!

It would be theoretically possible then to say that perhaps Earth's xeno-biology may have only come from one of the two bodies, say Mars, during the lead up to the catastrophe (how ever long that may, or may not have been) as opposed to both - so Earth might be home to primarily the 'Mars variety of species.'

Just thinking. :)