Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back

As we expected, NASA has responded to the success of our book "Dark Mission" by lashing out at us and those close to us. The response came in the form of a direct personal attack by "science reporter" James Oberg of NBC news, who wrote to Kay Ferrari of JPL last week and made a series of spurious accusations against Ken Johnston for his public role in supporting "Dark Mission." Subsequently, Ferrari asked Johnston to resign his position as a JPL "Solar System Ambassador." Johnston refused.

Despite Johnston's adamant refusal to resign, Ferrari subsequently ordered the removal of Ken's profile from the JPL website. Fortunately, we preserved a copy of it here.

Ferrari made it clear that her request was made specifically because Johnston is quoted in "Dark Mission," not because Johnston has different opinions on space issues of the day. In fact, JPL employees are guaranteed a right of free speech in their agreements with the laboratory and members of the SSA program are encouraged to express their own opinions in helping to promote space exploration to the public.

Oberg's involvement is particularly disturbing, since as a "science reporter" covering NASA he is supposed to take an impartial stance regarding any controversial news stories about the agency. Instead, by sending Ferrari the information on Johnston and questioning his credentials (which Oberg, as a former colleague of Johnston's, knew full well were valid), he has taken an advocacy position in favor of the agency.

We certainly hope that NBC News has the journalistic integrity to question why one of their employees is taking a partisan position in a news story he should theoretically be covering. Indeed, NBC should consider recusing Oberg from any involvement in covering our upcoming press briefing in Washington DC.


Professor Taylor said...

Here you go Mike,

There are 2 links that I find interesting. First thing I found was this video which kind of advertises the website. The second is the website. Check out the video first though. They're kind of on your "vibe". But you tell me. I don't know quite what to look for.

1. NASA (Never A Straight Answer)

2. Mars Anomaly Research Page

Anonymous said...

I have covered it on Topix India column - gurudatt

Anonymous said...

Here are the links

Anonymous said...


Dark Mission is on top on Amazon Science › Astronomy › Astronomy


Mike Bara said...

And there is more good news to come on the sales front....

Professor Taylor said...

Big Mike,

Did you check him out? Do you and Hoagie know this guy? is he full of it? What's the deal?

Cultural Captivity said...

I think you mean "public role" not "public roll"
Just keepin it real

robert said...


Richard asked me to tell you folks that he, Robin and Mike are VERY VERY busy and will be even busier in coming weeks.

If you haven't checked out their press releases or announcements please see

There is the Press Conference which is NOW FINALLY put up on their directory. The new book 'Dark Mission' has reached 25th on the NY TIME Bestseller for NON-FICTION category and is likely to move up even more as time moves forward so...:D

Remember that "Take Back NASA" event at The LA Airport Hilton on November 4th they must get ready for that...putting together a POWERFUL and COMPLETE presentation with PowerPoint is somewhat easy...IF everything is handy and verified...BUT...then comes your practise time and speach to go with the images and movies you can't just stand there and let the presentation play on auto and say nothing :D . A whole speach has to be written, re-written, going over presentation changes might be made, and that chnages speach or vis-versa...AND you have to MEMORIZE the thing. YOU try memorizing a 7 hour presentation !!! :D

So I was asked to pop-in and say that he has NOT abanded ANYTHING or ANYONE...remember there's still 'Moon With a View Pt 7' that everyone also wants....:D

So I suggest everyone stay Cool n Kewl...and of course...

Stay tuned....:D


Mike Bara said...

PT, What "guy" are we yalking about? Ken?

CC - Duh, it's fixed.

Robert - LA is going to rock! I'm working it right now!

M said...

At the press conference my suggestion is to have a couple of laptops loaded and standing by with the presentation loaded on them.

Always trust a computer to get indigestion at the moment you want it to work its best. Whether it's powerpoint during an important speech, or audio applications during a musical performance. I've seen them go down and it's not pretty.

robert said...

Mike Bara said...

Robert - LA is going to rock! I'm working it right now!

October 26, 2007 5:21 PM



I'll be with you folks in spirit for sure. I KNOW how much work goes into preps just for one hour classes and presentations and thinking ahead of what MIGHT be asked and going over answers...making sure ALL information is Brutal IS time consuming and even paying careful attention as we can...we are all still only a Human version of Martians :D LOL....

All the BEST for everyone...hope I have MY issues fixed by then.


Professor Taylor said...

Big Mike,

Joseph P. Skinner. Did you check out that clip? Or the website?

Admin said...

Washington, New York and California? pfffttt....What about fly over country? We have space needs also! How about Atlanta? I could make it there!


Mike Bara said...

I'd love to do a book tour after the first of the year. The problem is up front money. Feral House is a small Indie press.

PT - I've always been impressed with Skipper. We've cited his work a bunch of times.

Gort said...

A little off topic for this blog, but possibly related to HD Physics. and are reporting Comet Holmes suddenly getting much brighter in the last two days, and "scientists don't know why."
I did a check on RedShift2, and found that Comet Holmes is close to 30 decrees declination (equivalent to
north latitude) from the center of the sun.
By making a few adjustments to the time and date, I was able to get two readings (on different days)at the same Right Ascension (RA) (which is equivalent to solar longitude, except expressed in hours, minutes, and seconds, instead of degrees)for the Earth, which is on the Ecliptic, and for Holmes, which is not.
So, I was able to come up with the difference in solar latitude between Comet Holmes and the Ecliptic at the same Right Ascension.
And that differenc is 19 degrees, OO'52".
That was at 03:53 UT on 27 Oct.
(or 23:53 Eastern Daylight time Friday night, 26 Oct.)
So Maybe it will get brighter yet in the next few days. :)

Anonymous said...

I came across this interesting link on mars.

Thought I should share it here..

Professor Taylor said...

Are those trees real? He says they're a mile across. I mean I'm sorry to bug you Mike but that video on Youtube is pretty cool. It would nice to get your take on it. Huge lakes, tubes, trippy stuff.

MeanGreen said...

This James Oberg dude is pissed because the story of Kecksburg came back up and he is looking the fool, or will be made to look that way.

Just another distraction.

Biological_Unit said...

Armstrong is a recluse

There's no denying that Neil Armstrong is hiding from the public and the media. We are supposed to believe that he is a shy, introverted freak.

A more sensible explanation is that he is ashamed, and doesn't want to lie.

We never sent men to the Moon - and RCH and MB know it !

ericswan said...

I saw Kecksburg and have never seen an object in the sky like it since.
Meangreen..How does this tie in with Oberg?

Comet Holmes is an amazing set of comet coincidences. April 11, 1996 and April 11, 1997 with Hyatake and Hale Bopp crossed each others trajectory at the same spot that Holmes went 1 million times brighter in the constellation of Perseus and precisely in between the eyes of Gorgon which is the head being held up by Perseus' left hand.

Biological_Unit said...

How would you respond to the evidence at Eric Hufschmid's website that 9/11, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing are Zionist deceptions?

Mike Bara said...

I would say...

A) There is no evidence of any of these claims.


B) It's a bunch of anti-semitic bullshit.

robert said...

Can we have some information on how the Press Event at the NPC went this morning?

Was it taped for C-Span coverage later? If so..when?

We Would als appreciate a new 'blog entry' about it, too.

Hey I know we're asking "for the moon' here seeing as I KNOW how busy, and also tired and dragged out ALL of you must feel.

BUT...we're all here hanging by fingernails because we couldn't be there at the NPC and in the Room...would have loved to have been.

Are there ANY TV 'interviews' scheduled and other news of this scheduled you know about?

Thirsty for news in a DUNE world. :D


PS...all computer issues fixed...hope they stay that way.

Biological_Unit said...

When was Holocaust discovered?

After the Nazis surrendered, people began learning about the Holocaust. However, information about the Holocaust came out very slowly. It took many years before people realized what had happened, and the stories changed through time. How are we supposed to understand what's going on when nobody is allowed to investigate?

Gort said...

My comments from 26 October and the calculation of Comet Holmes at 19 degrees from the Ecliptic were erronious based on my version of Red Shift 2 having the wrong position for the comet.

This from the manufacturer, (Maris):

"RedShift 2 was released more than 10 years ago. We did not develop
updates for it as 4 more versions of RedShift was released since then.
The latest is RedShift 6. Comet Holmes is in the constellation of
Perseus. Probably RedShift 2 shows it in the constellation of Andromeda
because the method of numerical integration was not applied to calculate
its trajectory."

I would be interested in finding out the correct difference between Comet Holmes and the Ecliptic as viewed from the center of the sun,if someone can post that before I get a newer version.

Carol Maltby said...

Please quote the Oberg accusations that you feel were spurious, and give the information that refutes them.

JimO said...

"Please quote the Oberg accusations that you feel were spurious, and give the information that refutes them."

How about being fair? Let the person who made them present the evidence that he believes shows they are true? WHO does the burden of proof rest on, here?

Did I urge or order JPL to terminate Ken's SSA position, really?

Did I tell JPL that Ken held 'crackpot' views?

Was I really a colleague of Ken's during the Apollo program?

Am I really being 'unethical' in my dealings on this issue?

I maintain that these allegations are false. How about -- the accuser presents EVIDENCE backing up the allegations?

And saying that 'somebody else TOLD me' just won't hack it. At least, among the fair-minded.

KLaney said...

You would probably do better by being still here. You've done your little damage.
Squawk off and be happy now.
Before you go however, know that the tactics you employed on Ken are the same as those applied against myself by others likely motivated as you yourself were. That is pulling whatever strings you have to ensure someone with anything alternative or shocking to bring to the table is discredited, run off, made a pariah and a byword, and that any sort of accomplishment they may have achieved at NASA whether contracted or volunteered is erased.
Pretty despicable.
Surely cowardly.
I read your braggings about who you contacted in your postings elsewhere and do not need to read the actual content of any of your mails to whomever to understand what your motive was.

Let's not get lost in the point here.
You acted unethically, you're being called out on it.

Carol Maltby said...

Jim, you are misunderstanding what I was saying.

I am asking The Enterprise Mission to substantiate their claims.

I'm asking them to supply specific quotes of what you said rather than vague insinuations, and asking them to back these up with factual and verifiable information.

JimO said...

To the entity posting as 'klaney', whoever you really are, a serious question:

As I understand it, Mr. Johnston asserts that NASA made secret discoveries on the Moon, has lied about those discoveries for forty years, has forcefully subjected the Apollo astronauts to memory-altering techniques, has presented forged photographic evidence to the public and the scientific community, and has secretly developed technologies based on recovered artifacts from the Moon.
So be it -- lots of people believe weirder stuff. Mazel tov.

Now, at the same time, Mr. Johnston took part in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory volunteer program called 'Solar System Ambassadors', there are about 500 volunteers across the country.

The program's code of conduct is here:

"The Ideal Ambassador Candidate
(inter alia)
* has a genuine desire to share knowledge about space exploration.
* has the initiative and ingenuity to engage his/her community in
learning about NASA's space exploration efforts
* inspires community youth to seek careers in science and technology.
* keeps up with Solar System Ambassadors Program email and web postings.
* makes the best responsible use of the materials provided.
* reports on events in a timely manner using an on-line form provided.

"Ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds and professions including, but not limited to, education, science, museum, planetarium, engineering,
and parks and recreation. Qualified individuals who propose a viable plan for their four events may be selected for a one-year, renewable term as a volunteer ambassador to the public. Please join the JPL Solar
System Ambassadors program in bringing the pursuit of knowledge about NASA's space exploration program to your neighborhood."

OK, here's the question. What did he think the program managers would do when they found out he was telling the public that NASA was lying, under the aegis of a NASA edicational outreach program? Give him a certificate -- or certify him?

More to the point, what do you think the program managers SHOULD have done when, as part of a book that (ahem!) serious discredits NASA, his name links to a NASA website to validate his own credentials? Pat him on the head, or kick him on the butt?

This may relate to 'restrictions' on activities, listed here:, where it says that you can't use your SSA status for commercial gain. Did he try to?

Come on, this outraged stomping and steaming is really disproportionate -- if the secret cabal bullies and brain-bends the astronauts and can arrange the deaths of other astronauts, why is Johnston even still alive?

Heck, why is Hoagland still un-brain-bended by that 'little flashy thing' that Will Smith carried around in the movie? The one he claims NASA has re-invented based on moon-found gadgets.

Wait... on second thought, maybe...
maybe he IS. Nah, I meant to stay serious.

Mike Bara said...

"As I understand it, Mr. Johnston asserts that NASA made secret discoveries on the Moon, has lied about those discoveries for forty years, has forcefully subjected the Apollo astronauts to memory-altering techniques, has presented forged photographic evidence to the public and the scientific community, and has secretly developed technologies based on recovered artifacts from the Moon."

As usual Jim, none of what you have asserted here is true. Mr. Johnston has never "asserted" any of those things.

But you already knew that before you posted, didn't you Jim?


JimO said...

>As usual Jim, none of what you have asserted here is true.>

Well, if you say so -- then he does disagree on substantial points with the book's thesis? Please elaborate. Thanks for the correction.

Now that you are in 'correction mode' and have shown you are paying attention, please correct your own untrue allegations about my views and actions, which you have posted widely over the internet as 'press releases' and claims, and which have made their way into the Russian news media.

I never made any recommendations to JPL for any action regarding Ken's status in the SSA program. Your accusations that I did are false.

I never told JPL that Ken's views on anything were 'crackpoy' or any variation of that wording. Your accusations that I did are false.

I never asked JPL about any bio information about Ken that I 'already knew'. Your accusations that I did are false.

I was never a 'colleague' of Ken's during the Apollo program. Your assertions that I was are false.

I rely on your willingness to be as corrective of your misstatements, widely disseminated, as you have just shown yourself to be for the test case I have conducted here on this blog. But willing or not, it's time for you, and for the 'Enterprise Mission', to publicly repudiate these false allegations.

KLaney said...

Jimo's so closed mindedly skeptical he doesn't even realize that the entity posting as KLaney just so happens to actually BE Keith Laney.
It's not like I'm a UFO or something, LOL..
If you can't figure out who's addressing you by simply checking my profile and seeing that yes, I am indeed KLaney then how in the hell did you figure out who were the correct people to email to get Ken removed as SSA?

Look Jim, plain and simple.. and you do know who you think I am, I can recall at an instant posts you've made with my name in them..

You and your little cult of Sadducees DO just as is surmised by TEM.
You call within NASA to defame folks, you pull strings with administrative heads propounding the utter outrageousness of people's personal beliefs, even more so when discovered that they had anything to do with NASA.
Your kind- perhaps not you in any directly provable instance, has written bad reviews for books they've NOT read, Movies they'd not seen, points of view they'd not carefully considered.
That's not being skeptical.
That's being a troll who uses their influence to damage people who might have otherwise been recognized for bringing to light that which was hidden, or at least if nothing, tell an interesting "might have been"
How do I know?
Because it's been done to me personally. However- you malicious sons of bitches couldn't get me removed from a damn thing.
My name's still there.
and will be in the future.
What was so bad was that I never agreed with anyone's anything regarding much everything, being contrary and all... by nature.
All I did was show what I was given, and others made their own story about it, which is their prerogative, as I offer my work freely, to all..especially NASA.

I sacrificed my pristine copy of Apollo Over The Moon for them, I spent countless hours polishing and correcting landing site images and scanning Apollo photos and lobbying- also requesting the most and most interesting areas for imaging and further review on both Mars and the Moon... quite the accomplishment for someone of my background. I can't help it, I have a knack.
I did not do any of it so that some insane clown posse could come along and TRY to unseat everything I did because of what someone else saw in my images, yet they sure as hell did.
You can ask Richard and Mike about that, or consult my website.

My people at Ames were called, my people at Marsoweb and MER were called, and at NASA History- even my personal employer was called and emailed. I was slandered, demonized and all but run off...

Here I am, still.
Though it did feel horrible at the time..
it filled me further with resolve.

What I just saw happen to Ken was the same thing, and this time we know you led the ring, and your consistent technical denials only enforce that view.

Ken must feel even more terrible, he's accomplished far more than I'll probably ever get to- and you for that matter, and regardless of what any of you think, he deserved better than to be treated like that. Let's hope for your sakes the resolve such put into myself by the same set of circumstances is not thusly magnified in him.

So Mr. FatFox, don't come 'round here with fresh blood on your lips claiming you have never eaten a bird.

You're here acting like shooting the messenger's a new and unseen thing among us, and you had nothing to do with it.
I don't care if we never find the gun, you definitely smell like cordite to me.

MeanGreen said...

JimO - Are any of these remarks about you true?

"JPL's ultimate decision to fire Dr. Johnston was initiated, according to Ferrari's phone call, "by an initial inquiry to JPL from James Oberg, of NBC News." Oberg is a former NASA contractor and a colleague of Johnston's at NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center during the Apollo Program in the 1970's. According to Ferrari, Oberg, in his e-mails, raised "serious issues regarding Johnston's credentials" and his "crackpot accusations" against the agency. Oberg's NASA contractor history begs ethical questions regarding his efforts to get Johnston terminated, based on Johnston's testimony in "Dark Mission" and intention to present further "missing" Apollo images and data at the National Press Club"

JimO said...

Glad to hear that klaney is a real person, the style of his original post just struck me as such a self-parody I couldn’t take it seriously. His second post, consistent with the first, establishes his seriousness, especially in his eagerness to begin cursing when frustrated by other people’s dissension and doubt.

But he is honest enough to grudgingly concede my point, that he admits Bara has no evidence for the defamatory delusions he has posted about me, when he writes, “Your kind- perhaps not you in any directly provable instance, has written bad reviews for books they've NOT read, Movies they'd not seen, points of view they'd not carefully considered…. “ Exactly my point – not one directly provable instance of me doing this. Thank you.

He does exhibit confusion when he asks, “how in the h*** did you figure out who were the correct people to email to get Ken removed as SSA?”, when he also had admitted there was no evidence I had actually emailed for that purpose [the evidence – the actual emails – shows exactly the opposite – an ‘inconvenient truth’ Bara continues to stonewall]. The simple answer to his question, offered in the spirit of candor, is that when you visit a NASA web page there is usually the name (or title) and email address of the page manager at the bottom, and this time there was, identifying the contact as ‘Kay Ferrari’ and her email as And that’s where I sent my October 19 query about the biographical information posted, such as the claimed PhD in “Meta Physics” and a long list of accomplishments for which I couldn’t reconstruct a credible timeline, at his young age in the 1960’s. A college degree, USMC officer training, flight school, several years military commitment service, working as Grumman test engineer and LM instructor for Apollo astronauts, then be named director of Apollo photo archives – by age 26. Seemed a little fishy to me, so I asked what I was overlooking.

And for ‘Meangreen’, as already posted earlier, Bara’s allegations are indeed all imaginary, as was his very first instinctive delusion when I had emailed a similar query to him for supportive evidence (that he never provided) – on October 22, he emailed me, “C'mon, I know you were the one who prompted the whole thing. So, just out of curiosity, who gave you the order to send out your email? Garvin? Squyres? Griffin? Not that you'll give me a straight answer.” So he had already dreamed up what ‘must’ be true and was launched on a news media blitz to use that nasty delusion to publicize his book.

KLaney said...

Funny guy... Here you are viciously and with **'s replacing the 'double hockeysticks' in your quote of me..
OK, since I see you're either 'thenthitive' or a monk-
Let me ask another real quick one.
Are you even for real?
because that's pretty..
how should I say..

I will however defer to doing the forceful placing of my pedal extremity to your posterius maximus in a more gentle language:

Fair enough.

"Seemed a little fishy to me, so I asked what I was overlooking."

but went about it in a way that made sure he was 'dealt with' we're sure.

You've now said your say, and though it sounded as if you might be of no mean obfuscational skill.
Nothing was proven, you have only denied, Bara and co. have only alleged.

And except for the delusion I am under confusion or that I curse you because I enjoy cursing rather than the actuality that I curse at you because you know you deserve a cursing, you might even be right about being so-called innocent-

but for some reason I'm sensing filth behind a whited wall.

You're here where most are highly aware of such 'tactics', right after several have been launched, while attempting yet one more to clear yourself of yet another!

If you're so innocent, and wish to prove you are in the only actual way to do so conclusively...
show us your emails to Ferrari and others.

JimO said...

klaney: "but for some reason I'm sensing filth behind a whited wall."

You know, I really don't care.

Try cleaning your sensors -- the filth might be on your end.

If you REALLY want to flame-test your sensors, visit my home page at and read some of the stuff on the space folklore section.

KLaney said...

Did I make Jim mad?
Poor thing. What a pity.

There's filth, and then there's FILTH.
since you replace lls with **s in the word hell yet don't mind getting people canned for being mentioned in a book about a subject you disdain by authors you loathe, I'd think you are either maliciously ignorant of what real filth does- or are rather like I said, a whited wall.
I could care less about your site Jim. Why don't instead YOU go read it?

but first
Once again.

If you're so innocent, and wish to prove you are in the only actual way to do so conclusively...
show us your emails to Ferrari and others.

Non dislosure of evidence is fraudulent exidence.
You say you shot some emails around in an inquiring manner, let's see them.
Either lay it all bare, even your personal stuff or no one's going to believe you due to the physical result of your so implied innocent inquiries
Poor you, I've been in a similar slot before, it's a rut!

Who just had their flame blown out?

MeanGreen said...

JimO - A True Texan would come CLEAN!

JimO said...

Mr. Bara has promised to respond to my complaints on the thread, "I'm Baaaack!", so that's where I'll be continuing that conversation.

JimO said...

Mr. Bara's silence on these threads bespeaks his satisfaction that the credibility issue has been diverted onto my shoulders, when it's HIS book that deserves the spotlight for assessment of veracity and believability.

This specific debate -- the fate of Ken Johnston's volunteer position at JPL -- nevertheless is a useful avenue toward establishing Bara's own reliability.

If emails are to be disclosed in full (with 'properties' files, to indicate they have not been post-edited), let's do them all.

How about the email that Ken sent to JPL the day after he had resigned, asking to be allowed to rescind his resignation?

Since that message is inconsistent with Bara's published version that Ken was fired, I can understand him not wanting you all to see it.

However, since that message was sent to a dovernment office, it is public property, and subject to FOIA (as are all my emails to JPL). I have filed such a FOIA.

If Bara and Johnston release that (and all other) emails they have sent to JPL on this subject, I'll be happy to add my emails to JPL to the public files.

The window of opportunity for this offer extends up to the point that JPL's FOIA office sends me the emails that I have requested. If they come to me before Bara/Johnston acquiesce to public disclosure, my reciprocity offer expires.

I will, however, immediately post those Johnston (and Bara, if any) emails on this thread, for discussion and disclosure.

Then maybe Bara will have to explain them.

Then it's also a matter of somebody having to file FOIAs for my JPL emails, as I had to do for Bara/Johnston's. And they will also come out quickly, but not as quickly as if Bara had been forthcoming.

Sounds like a deal. Let's do it.

JimO said...

professor taylor, you still interested in discussing the youtube 'nasa' item you linked to at the very, very top of this thread?

KLaney said...

Will you be posting the emails there?

KLaney said...

So, it's either get an FOIA or you will NOT be showing us what you said.
What about the other emails?

We want to see what YOU said.

You're obfuscating.

JimO said...

I'm obfuscating? Go defenestrate yourself!

Can somebody who has been paying attention, or has taken the 'Reading for Comprehension' course at a nearby junio college, assist Klaney with his confusion:

"So, it's either get an FOIA or you will NOT be showing us what you said. What about the other emails?"

Possibility 1: Bara/Johnston release the email Johnston sent to JPL asking to rescind his voluntary resignation [note that Bara claims Johnston was FIRED].

THEN: I release my query email to JPL about Johnston's bio data on the JPL website.

Possibility 2: Bara/Johnston refuse to release the aforementioned email because it refutes Bara's public statements.

Then we wait for my FOIA to obtain a copy of the email, which I post elsewhere on the internet, because Bara almost certainly will refuse to post it on his own blog. You can find it by googling Bara Johnston Oberg JPL FOIA and the engine ought to locate it.

Then we wait for somebody to take the initiative and file their own FOIA to JPL to get my emails to them re Johnston. They can then post these anywhere they like.

Does anybody really expect anyone posting here to make that effort?

KLaney said...

I'd rather see you defenestrated by committee, which is what you're here afraid of after all isn't it?

You'd like no one to know that you're no better than the most petty pseudoskeptic troll.
Too late!

The once great Jim Oberg is now reduced to the same status as those who write reviews for books they've not yet read...
"Let's see if a few well placed calls and emails won't get him canned"
Should have thought that one out better first Jim.

There's no confusion here except on the point you're trying to obfuscate.

What have ANY emails from or to Ken or Mike and ANYONE have to do with you playing Rasputin?

We want YOUR emails.


We want to know exactly what YOU said to anyone involved in this.

JimO said...

Klaney: "We want to know exactly what YOU said to anyone involved in this."

Unless you demonstrate a modicum of competence and initiative (as in FOIAing JPL), you'd better learn to live with disappointment. I see no point in spending any effort at changing your mind at all.

Just turn your name-callometer setting up to 'hyperbolic' and get on with your nasty rants. That's where you seem to prefer spending energy, rather than in constructive investigation. Every diatribe confirms the impression of your mental processes.

KLaney said...

Nonsense Jim.
You're scared.
You stepped over the line but didn't cover your tracks with people that know hoe you tread.

I called you on it, you diverted to an attack on my character for giving you a well deserved and truly aimed slap across the jowls.

Typical, too typical, I'd say predictable, common.

A nasty rant in response to a conniving snake is not a sin.

Raggedy man.
Maybe you get 'resigned" sometime too.

KLaney said...

and another thing Jim Trollberg...

The very fact that you would require anyone to FOIA your proof of snakedom is proof of your snakedom.

KLaney said...

Jim said:
"Just turn your name-callometer setting up to 'hyperbolic' and get on with your nasty rants"

Main Entry:
Hyperbolic- : of, relating to, or marked by hyperbole
Latin, from Greek hyperbolÄ“ excess, hyperbole, hyperbola, from hyperballein to exceed, from hyper- + ballein to throw — more at devil
15th century

So you want me to exceedingly throw something at the devil?

Thought that's what I was doing.

and the competence with which I did has you flubbering, evident enough.

So be honest, show us without an FOIA,what the hell? It's only your credibility at stake here.