Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ken Johnston Answers Commentors Questions

For the most part I have been researching material for another book, but I will be more vigilant in checking this Blog and responding.
My apology for not getting back and responding to some of your statements. For the most part, I appreciate your comments and agree that we need more of the “common” folks to tell their stories so that we can piece more of the puzzle together.
Now for “The Wizard of OZ” coming out behind the curtain. I wasn’t aware that the person questioning my "first hand experience" didn’t know how to type“Ken Johnston” into the Internet and find out about my entire history. However for the record; I am now 65years old. I hold a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Oklahoma City University and two advanced degrees from the Reformed Baptist Seminary, one in Theology and the other PhD in Metaphysics.
I worked at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX from 1966 through 1980 for several prime contractors. During the first half of the Apollo program I worked for the Grumman Aerospace Corp. as a Consultant Pilot and Astronaut Liaison officer. I substituted for the Astronauts during over 3,000 hours at the controls of the Lunar Module space craft. There were 5 of us with Grumman that were the test pilots on the LM. One of us had to be in the spacecraft at all times when there was an astronaut present to answer any questions they might have and to help teach them how to fly it. The five of us went through the same training that the Astronauts had including physical fitness, zero-g training, avionics, propulsion, astronautics, etc.
After the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon most of us engineers with Grumman got (RIF) laid off so I moved over to the Lunar Receiving Laboratory where I became the Manager of the Data and Photo Control department which put me in control of all mission photography,which is how I managed to be able to get a set of pictures donated to my Alma mater. Later I worked on the Shuttle Space Suit assembly as an engineer and test subject where I flew hundreds of parabolas in NASA’s KC-135, also known as the “Vomit Comet”. I have done vacuum chamber tests and underwater Zero-G tests. While in the USMC I flew faster than twice the speed of sound in the F-4 Phantom back in 1964. I have flown at over 60,000 feet altitude and know what it is like to be up where the air is really thin. Later I worked for Martin Marietta at Vandenberg AFB during the construction of the Shuttle Launch facility called “Slick 6”. In 1984 I went to work for the Boeing Company where I retired in 1998 as a Boeing 737 Flight Instructor.
So I hope this answers some of the questions regarding my first hand experience. I am new to blogging and as a rule I am not much of a computer expert in getting in and out of the blog’s. I hope you will excuse my faults and I will try to be more responsive in the future. Keep up the good work.


expat said...

Since Ken worked at the LRL, he'd be in an excellent position to either confirm or quash the claim made in this book that the technology of an extinct civilisation, as well as rocks, was brought back from the Moon.

Mike Bara said...

Yeah, 'cause I'm sure they'd bring anything of a high security nature right to the LRL for the public to see. Please.

Cultural Captivity said...

I have no doubts that there are lies being told, or that there is information out there that is being with-held. I don't even doubt that we have already, or will find artifacts from older civilizations all over the place. Look what we've built in just a few thousand years !

There are two competing summaries about who is doing this and why. First is the Alex Jones school of thought - it's all just laid at the feet of "the" government. The cartoon version would have CIA sociopaths tenting their fingers, or NSA snoopers rolling their hands with evil delight. End of story - they did it just because they are evil, or because "we have enemies doncha know". (Someone should ask Alex Jones someday what Henry Kissinger is doing at Bohemian Grove if it's REALLY a Nazi Death Cult). The second school of thought is to see the CIA itself as a support cult (albeit under guise of authority), created in 1947 to replace (enhance) the Pinkerton Men of Wall Street Public Relations. Puppets for the Permanent/Entranched Powers aka the Vested Interests.

If the CIA won't allow infiltration of Hollywood by potentially anti-capitalist interests - why would they not also control NASA in a similar way ? Any conspiracy at NASA would have be subject to the approval of the CIA, or else it would be shut down.

Why isn't it un-American to lie ?

Considering that a well placed rumour could open the public purse, the corporations that serve NASA would benefit from lies, so, after the CIA, that's the second place we should look. What does it cost to start a rumour these days ?

The Freemasons are not Teamsters ... they're like Wal*Mart or McDonald's employees. Lots of smiling "employee of the month" photos, but otherwise, too flaccid and impotent for a semen-al work (hi Sword). Freemasonic symbols are the output of the NASA snake-pit because it's a form of wrapping paper used to conceal the fingerprints of financial supremacists (elitists).

How do we know that a photo is a neutral representation of reality ?

How do we know that it's a mirror reflection of what's really on the surface ?

It doesn't take the prodding of a conspiracy nut for skeptical readers to ask basic questions : How long ago was Paint Shop Pro released to the public ? How long ago was a similar capability available to those who designed the Internet ? Would the people who designed the Internet - defending North America from Soviet missiles be interested in loaning their pre-1970 Paint Shop Pro capabilities to NASA ? It has to be answered to rule it out, which requires consulting the organogram (power flow chart). Would they lend their capability to those who take/fake propaganda pictures that the whole capitalist and communist world will see ? Advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic ... and the old expression "a photo never lies" stopped being accurate sometime before the photos were taken.

Yes, NASA lies. Do they lie about Moon landings ? Moon artifacts ? Can we answer these questions before we follow the money and find out where it's all going ?

Who are the profiteers and what are they willing to do in order to preserve their social security ?

Those would be the questions I would hope to see answered (as a book reader/buyer) before proper context could be given to the Moon photos.

It would be a tragedy to spend that much time and effort, only to wrap up the truths in a bunch of lies. It would be worse to wrap up a lie (like Freemasons control the Universe) with hard-earned truths & facts - because when the lies go down, they take the hard evidence down with them.

Mike Bara said...

All the lunar photos in our book were obtained by scanning from the earliest possible generation analog negatives, and in some cases first generation prints made from first generation negatives that were actually returned from the Moon.

Blue lightning said...

Stone skulls and other stranger looking objects strewn about on Mars and other planets can be produced by electrical arc machining. During this process, massive corona currents will carve geologic features while the intense fields pull the debris into space. (That is why Martian "meteorites can end up on Earth.) Even features as large as Valles Marineris demonstrate properties of having been electrically machined, as opposed to "tidal" effects. The dendritic fingers characteristic of Lichtenburg figures
make up the so-called "erosion" or "tributaries". These figures are identical to the patterns produced by lightning strikes in soil. Also, the canyon floors are essentially flat, unlike canyons carved out by rivers. They were cut smooth by arcing.
Tornados romping about on a planet with virtually no atmosphere are also clues to cosmic Birkland currents providing the motive electric force.
Don't waste time mapping "artifacts."
Rather, map the Birkland currents and the "Z" pinch constrictions that precipitate stars and planets. These are the arteries and the life blood of the Universe.
"Big-Bang" is ONE of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on mankind.
It is based on misunderstanding the cause of redshift and ignoring the physical connections between galaxies that have largely different red-shifts and are therefore falsely assumed to be seperated by immense distances.
They are instead caused by daughter galaxies being ejected from parent galaxies at high speed due to the excessive internal stresses caused by the repulsive forces of like polarity charges.
I am a "Big Bang denier".
I am a "global warming denier" and I seek to enlarge my "carbon footprint".

Biological_Unit said...

What he said !

looksupalot said...

.... the Alex Jones school of thought - it's all just laid at the feet of "the" government .....


.... to conceal the fingerprints of financial supremacists (elitists) .....

* Alex Jones may paddle a leaky canoe, but as far as I've seen, he does not simply blame "the" govt.

To my knowledge, he mainly points to 'elitists' such as the bilderberger crowd Even there, the topmost players probably dont attend, I think.
I read the other day that A J is careful to avoid blaming certain parties for anything at all.

Henry at the Grove? So what? He has a closet just for all his hats.


expat said...

Shame that Ken hasn't (yet) chimed in on the question of alien technology brought back to Earth from the moon by Apollo astronauts. I really think he would have some information to contribute. Meanwhile, what's your evidence for asserting that this happened?

Mike Bara said...

Three words: Read the book.

Andrey said...

The reason, why the
Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA can be lies...

Ken Johnston is so human and kind in fighting for the free speech...,
but sells his book instead of promulgating! for free such a "valuable information for the whole mankind"...
I just suspect him to be not fully honest, even if a particle of his allegations are true (((

Digital said...

We, in Brazil, are following comments with very much attention.
As I said to Mr. Bara, by e-mail.
Jose Americo

Robert Gonzales Jr. said...

Ken Johnson claims to have two advanced degrees from Reformed Baptist Seminary. I am the academic dean of Reformed Baptist Seminary (, and I can assure the readers that he did not obtain any degrees from our seminary. Either there is another institution that goes by that name (of which I am unaware) or Ken Johnson is giving false information.

JimO said...

Although Ken named his PhD source as the "Reformed Baptist Seminary" (which several people searched for -- and could find no record of its existence), the actual diploma (spelled 'deploma' in the jpg name) actually refers to the "Reform Baptist Theological Seminary" of Colorado. It might be instructive to seek any records that this institution actually exists, as well.

JimO said...

Ref Expat's original comment at the very start of this thread: "Since Ken worked at the LRL, he'd be in an excellent position to either confirm or quash the claim made in this book that the technology of an extinct civilisation, as well as rocks, was brought back from the Moon."

Ken has reported that he didn't notice any signs of technology in the images he kept, until Hoagland pointed them out to him. So if he really was in charge of all Apollo imagery, and never thought that the imagery showed any signs of technology, then there might have been oversight and misperception, but not any coverup of KNOWN evidence for technology.

Isn't this a MAJOR disconnect between Hoagland's hypothesis and Johnston's testimony?

b.bevington said...

ken, Remember me? Gary's friend Beverly Bevington?
Want to hear what everyone is doing. b.bevington