Friday, January 11, 2008

Dark Mission co-author Richard C. Hoagland will appear on the Dennis Miller Radio show Monday, January 14th, 2008

Dark Mission co-author Richard C. Hoagland will appear on the Dennis Miller radio program on Monday, January 14th. The Dennis Miller program runs from 10AM to 1PM Eastern time Monday thru Friday. The program's official web site is here.


expat said...

Smart guy, that Dennis Miller. "It could just be a rock". Yep -- sure could!

JohnD said...

I was sorry to hear Dennis Miller's rather predictable finish to the interview today. DM was his normal jovial self and I have been a long-time fan. So, while disappointed in his reaction to RCH's presentation,I have to remember that people in Miller's position in the business might be endangering their career by appearing to "buy in" to what we believe. I would bet they fear being labeled and marginalized.
A short segment on a radio show other than CTOC, is no way to introduce someone to these complexities of events over 40 years-it's just too much to process. Thus he had to distance himself at the close of the segment.
He claims to have and open mind about things. I wonder if given time in private he would be intellectually honest enough to see the truth of things.
Otherwise, I was delighted to hear RCH as always. I own "Dark Mission" and I'm enjoying it very much.

John D.
Aurora, IL

Mike Bara said...

Yeah, a rock with perfectly painted red stripe on it...

Mike Bara said...

DM was, as you suggest, being cautious with his audience. Hopefully he does read it, as he says he will.

JimO said...

It was a smooth performance and ought to attract wider interest to the book -- Miller's home page links to the 'Amazon' site (and the discussion there). The 'light side' of Richard was very well presented -- imaginative, eloquent, self-assured, upbeat (I always figured he missed his true calling as a vacation timeshare salesman!), and without any display of the 'dark side' we have seen on other occasions -- accusational (murderously so -- even suggesting his own heart attack was 'engineered' by the evil ones), venomous (dissenters are idiots and paid hacks), and explosively conspiratorial (we are all pawns of the hidden powers). It was a good, smart choice for the forum. Well done.

robert said...

Well after reading the book I felt qualified to give my own review, though I am not going to pay Denis Miller 6 bucks for one hour of Richard along with Miller's snide attitude.

My review:

This is how your review will appear:

Dark Mission speaks truth to America about NASA , January 14, 2008
By Robert H. Williams - See all my reviews

For years NASA has been a great deliverer of achievements for American pride in space accompishments...but there is a Dark Side to NASA that the authors authenticate with specific examples throughout the book. From the secret findings on our own Moon, and why we never went back, to the Viking controversery over the Cydonia "HEAD" image and all subsequent missions to Mars and Cydonia data specifically.

This book is an historical document you will want to keep for your grandchildren so that they can read what REALLY went on behind the MEANSTREAM MEDIA headlines.

Robert H Williams
Mooers NY

Your Tags: cydonia, face on mars, moon ruins, themis ir data

jjrakman said...

Just finished Chapter Four. I have some questions about the anomalies if you are game.

First, do we have the specific Lunar "GPS" locations of these artifact sites? If so...

Can telescopes on Earth or the hubble be aimed at these sites? If so, would they be able to provide anything of sufficient resolution to make it worthwhile?

Do we know if the Japanese SELENE (Kaguya) orbiter passed over any of these sites?

If NASA is standing in the way, would it be possible to circumnavigate them completely and ask the C2C audience for donations, and team up with someone like Burt Ratan to come up with a private orbiter/lander? Is such a thing feasible or a pipe dream at this point in time?

Regarding The Castle as depicted in Fig. 4-19. Would this structure have been built this way, suspended from a "cable?" or would it be a piece of a larger structure left suspended by a cable(s) after its destruction?

This may seem like a silly question, but I always wonder about practical stuff like this. Looking at Fig. 4-43, I imagine myself trying to live in one of the cubicles/rooms. If it were made of glass, it would seem to me there wouldn't be much privacy, since not only your walls, but floor and ceiling would be transparent. Unless some kind of electronic shuddering effect were employed to opaque the walls. Can you comment on this?

Is there anything comparable to the Martian THEMIS data that can determine if there's anything under the Lunar sand?

Rick Steele said...

Dear Mr. Hoagland:

I heard you on the Dennis Miller show yesterday.

You sounded genuine and authentic, for a while...

I noticed that the book deals with the images of the Moon and Mars...

What about Venus? Didn't any of the photographs or radar images of Venus contain suspect items?

What about Titan? We have good images from Titan, and I must have missed the faces, walls, structures, etc. on Titan. Or is Titan too cold for your ETs?

Moving on to today's news...

Mercury Flyby Day!

Since science is nothing if not predictions, do you have any for the images to be collected from Mercury today?

I'll be watching the Mercury images and waiting for your predictions...


Rick Steele
Sarasota, Florida

Mike Bara said...

I don't know about Mr. Hoagland, but I predict craters. Lots and lost of craters.

Using the Ralph Greenberg standard, this now qualifies me to be listed as the "discoverer" of craters on the far side of Mercury.

marsandro said...

Hey Mike,

You look like you could use a little
ski trip to Greenland! ;-)

I guarantee the flight back will be
First Class! :-))

Have you checked out the video yet?

JimO said...

Mike: "Using the Ralph Greenberg standard, this now qualifies me to be listed as the "discoverer" of craters on the far side of Mercury."

Sez yoo. But not so, seems to me.

In the real world of science, which you repeatedly demonstrate by your posts (like this one) that you have no working knowledge of, a discoverer has to recognize and properly interpret something that may or may not have been speculatively expected by others -- but 'predictions' only get credit when they are contrary to common expectations, and are based on a rationale which can be tested more than once. Since the 'establishment model' of Mercury calls for its surface to be crater-covered, 'predicting' craters in unobserved regions gets you no rights of discovery, just the right to wear the T-shirt labeled 'clueless.'

What you DID invent -- and I'll grant you primary originality on the concept -- is something called 'the far side of Mercury'.

But since there ISN'T any area of that planet that can justifiably be called the 'far side' on a planet that actually rotates all its sides towards Earth, what you have 'invented' is entirely imaginary -- just another example of imagination unbridled by reality.

New readers may be puzzled by your reference to Ralph Greenberg, so I just suggest they 'google' that name 'AND Hoagland' to see the way HE documents the dispute, and compare it to the way that Mike does. Illuminating!

Mike Bara said...


I was making a JOKE.

James said...



marsandro said...

Hey Unit,

If these "Lichtenberg figures" are the result of electrical discharges (of THAT magnitude), then assuming silicon dioxide for Martian soil, I would predict the formation of GLASS.

Hot, bubbly glass...resulting, perhaps, in GLASS TUBES.... :-)

marsandro said...

Oh, and Unit---

The Apollo landing sites can be seen from Earth---as well as by every passing lunar probe that happens to take a peek.

That, and a number of Earthbound telescopes followed their progress at the time.... :-)

P.S.: For those persons who attended the launches, those big bruiser Saturn Fives went SOMEWHERE.... :-)

Biological_Unit said...

The Apollo landing sites can be seen from Earth---as well as by every passing lunar probe that happens to take a peek.

No they can't, because Manned Missions never went to the Moon.

You made the Claim.

You show me the Pictures.

Mike Bara said...

Biological_Unit said...

Why does that picture use "overlays" to show "evidence" ?

If the tracks were really there, there would be no need for the overlay.
There is nothing there.

goldengriff said...

Richard and Mike,

Great book guys! I've just finished reading it and I loved it. I have been closely following Richard's work since 1990 and have met him live in Phoenix in 1995 or 96.

Richard, I have always been a great fan of your tenacity and dogged determination to get the truth out. I appreciate your work more than you'll ever know.

I wanted to add that in the 1990's I was selling HP UNIX Servers and Honeywell Satellite in Phoenix was one of my customers. When Hoagland released his VHS video on the Moon (2 tapes) and its anomalies, I happened to give it to a gal named Judy at Honeywell for her review, She worked in the satellite division and shortly after giving her the tape, she basically cut me off from contact. She refused to return my emails and phone calls requesting the return of my tape and I was essentially black-balled out of selling HP to Honeywell. They wound up going with another vendor and I was never given a satisfactory reason why my company (and myself in particular) were basically kicked out.

For the record, I never did get my video tapes back from her.

I knew at that point Richard that you must have been on to something indeed. Her reaction and the actions of Honeywell only confirmed this in my mind.

Please keep up the great work and don't let all these so-called scientists and smarter-than-thou types get you down. They are cowards and are unwilling or unable to face the truth.

Oh, when are you coming to Phoenix again? I hope it's soon.

Godspeed Richard!

Phoenix, AZ

marsandro said...

Oh my God! Unit! You were RIGHT!

(Just kidding, Mike.) ;-))

LMAO :-))

marsandro said...

Thanks for the backup, Mike.


Accidental Alchemist said...

When is Richard gonna host coast to coast? and

Why doesn't he UPDATE enterprise mission.

All the fans out there can't put together a better site?