Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Upcoming Appearances


Just wanted to drop by and let everyone know that I will be appearing with my co-author, Richard C. Hoagland @ the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, February 9-11, 2008. Richard will be giving two presentations, one on Sunday, Feb. 10th @ 12 noon, and the other on Monday the 11th @ 7PM. Richard and I will be signing books on both days, so if you want to bring your copy of Dark Mission by we'd be glad to sign them for you.

Richard is also appearing in Seattle at the "Psychic Spectrum Expo" at the Double Tree Hotel @ SeaTac Airport on Saturday, Feb. 22nd from 7-9 PM.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to the Seattle event, but it is my hometown and a chance to catch up with family and friends, so I'm leaning that way. It's just that I hate to fly.

Details on all these appearances can be found on Richard's website,


Mike UK said...

Hi Mike. What do you make of the NASA images released this week taken by Spirit Rover in late 2007. The story has had extensive coverage over here in The Times, London Metro and ITN national news bulletins. Even Sir Patrick Moore proved his opinion (a rock formation and trick of the eye!) Is it just a decoy? Shame they didnt show or comment on the Sojourner ones!

Mike Bara said...

Not sure who Sir Patrick Moore is, or how he "proved" his opinion that it's just a rock, but I'd be interested in looking at his data.

I don't think it's anything, Richard thinks it might be, and we continue to argue back and forth.

One object taken in isolation, no matter how strange, never impresses me. That said, there are a couple of other objects in the panorama that I think are pretty interesting.

This is a prime example of how the mainstream media only covers this subject when they think they can easily shoot it down.

looksupalot said...

I don't think it's anything, Richard thinks it might be, and we continue to argue back and forth.

Why does it have the shape of that well known old grainy 'photo' of Bigfoot ?

Somone has a sense of humor?

jjrakman said...

O.K. So what has been the result of the release of your book thusfar?

Have there been any reactions or responses from government, NASA, SPSR, the astronaust themselves, etc.?

jjrakman said...

Mars' Natural Sculptures Pose Mystery

expat said...

jjrackman asks if the book has provoked any reaction from NASA. An Amazon reviewer named Ali Fant seems to think so -- and what's more, it had an effect a full year before it was even published. Fant wrote:
"Hoagland's book is having an effect on NASA today. Last year, NASA engineers suddenly "found" high-quality TV recordings of the Apollo 11 mission in Australia".

Pretty good, huh? LOL.

M said...

expat, you are laughing alone on that one...well at least in the minority. Trying lifting your game to something genuinely amusing next time.

For example, there are a few people on this blog whose actions remind me of a famous sketch by Monty Python called Argument clinic.
Argument Clinic

It's funny 'cause it's true.

Admin said...

This is a prime example of how the mainstream media only covers this subject when they think they can easily shoot it down.

I have to agree with you Mike. The bigfoot image is a dime a dozen oddly shaped Mars object with no details worthy of attention.

It reminds me of that image of a hugh crater last year that people speculated could be an entrance to underground cities on Mars. A total waste of time and effort.


marsandro said...

Yo looksupalot,

Why does it have the shape of that well known old grainy 'photo' of Bigfoot ?

It doesn't. I did a side-by-side in MS Paint. Not even close.

The Mars object looks like possibly a figurine of some kind. This speculation is reinforced by the context as pointed out by J. P. Skipper on his website.

Moreover, there appears to be a "fallen" matching figure on the ground just beyond and to the right of the still-upright figure. The two together remind me of a pair of French figurines my parents had, which were posed almost identically.

However, the lack of "hand detail" would suggest Japanese workmanship.
(The "hands" on genuine French wine flask figurines are far more lifelike. Ask any good antique dealer.)

Martian impressionism? :-))


marsandro said...

A little note to all concerned: is *ALIVE* with videos
purporting to show CURRENT animal
life on Mars.

One had a full-length sunlit view
of Keith Laney's "Mars Rat"---and
NOT the one Keith has posted.

This video clearly showed one of
these creatures reared up on its
hind legs, looking directly at the
rover from only a few feet away---
but the user pulled the video.
(I wonder why? Copyright issues?)

Here's the URL, regardless:
(If anyone knows a way to ID the
user, I'd like that info.)

The "Mars Rat" was at 5:51 into
the video.

"Pareidolia" won't cut it here....

Hmmm...cute little fuzzies on a
cold, supposedly airless world,
devoid of plants, prey or water.

I wonder if they make good pets?
They're certainly low-maintenance.
They don't eat, drink, or breathe!

P.S.: One added benefit to owning
Mars pets---low carbon tax. If
they don't breathe in, then they
don't exhale! :-))

I want a FRANCHISE!!!!! :-))


marsandro said...

One more word, if I may, on the
Mars figure (or figurine, more

The "usual suspects" in the space
media are once again affirming that
the figure is "just a rock."

Well, maybe they're *half* right.
It appears to me to be a ceramic,
and...well, I guess you could call
that a "rock."

This thing, whatever it is, appears
to have been "fired" in a kiln. It is
a work of art.

The glazing is excellent. At this
level of resolution, no flaws are

Incidentally, as I notice that no one
has mentioned any of this, the leg,
foot, footwear, and base detail are
outstanding. Even the folds of the
clothing have a natural look to them,
and are completely consistent with
such forms of art.

The proportioning of the figure is
essentially perfect. The hair color
is complementary to the color of the
clothing. The figure appears to be
a woman, and is posed in a feminine

Both legs of the figure are fully
visible. The figure is seated on
some sort of ottoman or stool, or
perhaps something like a tree stump.
The left-right leg and foot symmetry
is perfect.

The paintwork also is marvellous.
There was considerable attention to

Finally, the pose is commensurate
with allusion to a partner figure,
such as the one in evidence just
below the ledge, to the right. It
also shows clear evidence of being
a ceramic figurine, as described
above---finish, coloration, shape,

The opposing figure appears to be,
or to represent, a male companion,
and what little is visible suggests
a complementary pose.

These two figures are amazingly like
terrestrial figurines, and are even
posed similarly to sets I have seen
in local antique shops. But...this set
is on Mars.

I highly discount the notion that
this is mere "pareidolia." There
are ENTIRELY too many significant
details to note---when you know a
thing or two about the requisite
subject---namely, figurines.

As anyone should know, the greater
the *number* of significant details
involved, the lower the likelihood
that anything like "pareidolia" is

Of course, all this is just my own
opinion on the matter.


P.S.: And how can I see all this "detail?"

It's like photo-intelligence: you

scarletm said...

I know this is a little late in the ball game to post this---but when I saw the "figure" the first thing that came to my mind was the portico of the Temple of Athena Nike on the Acropolis. (Yep, seen it with my own eyes, and it's impressive)
I don't know what that means...but the figure seemed almost "familiar" to me. Not in a past life thing...(ppfft) but in a "I've seen that somewhere before."
It's cool whatever it is.

marsandro said...

I saw a pair practically identical to this
"Mars pair" in an antique shop here a few
years back.

I may return to see if they might still have
it, or perhaps one like it, and possibly try
building a sort of "Martian diorama" with it,
just for fun.

Of course, then I'll have people asking me
how I got it onto a NASA Mars website....