Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Hyperdimensional SDI Test?

Later today, at approximately 10:30 PM Eastern time (3:30 AM Universal), the United States Navy will (weather permitting) attempt to shoot down a US spy satellite using a modified sea launched SM-3 missile. The three-stage, solid-fuel Raytheon missile will be launched from a from a Ticonderoga class Aegis cruiser some 600 miles west of Hawaii. The Navy has decided to take this rather drastic action because the satellite, dubbed USA-193 for purposes of the shoot down (its real designation is apparently classified) contains a fuel cell full of hydrazine, a volatile and potentially hazardous chemical that could cause sickness or even death to humans if they were exposed to it upon re-entry. By destroying the satellite in space north of Hawaii, the hydrazine will be harmlessly released in orbit, and the resulting satellite debris likely scattered harmlessly over the northern Pacific Ocean and remote areas of Canada and West Africa, greatly reducing the chances of exposing populated areas to low altitude hydrazine residue.

At least, that’s the publicly stated reason.

There is, naturally, a degree of skepticism about this whole plan from the usual cold war suspects. Russia, led by former KGB officer Vladimir Putin, has speculated that this shoot down proposal is just a convenient excuse for an “off-budget” SDI test. Under this scenario, Washington would be using the obsolete satellite as target practice for a live fire exercise of new guidance technology developed under the SDI program. This notion is supported by the fact that the missiles to be used (there are three missiles and three launch windows over the next several days) are to be launched without explosive warheads. The Navy plan actually calls for a fully ballistic intercept (at over 22,000 MPH). Not only that, but the objective is to not just hit the satellite (which is as big as a school bus) but to pierce the spacecraft’s fuel tank specifically. A public demonstration of such technological proficiency would undeniably change the balance of Anti Ballistic Missile power greatly in favor of the US.

By using the hydrazine contamination as an excuse, this technological demonstration can be conducted without the international diplomatic complications that a similar -- though fully acknowledged -- SDI test would bring. Democrats in congress have always opposed any deployment or testing of SDI hardware, preferring (for reasons we find unfathomable) to leave the US naked to a ballistic missile attack. It is unlikely they would support such a test if it was openly acknowledged as such by the Administration. Further, it would be very hard for subsequent administrations to abandon a system which had proven its superiority to such an impressive extent.

We here at Enterprise always have a slightly different read on such mundane matters, of course. What caught our eye were not so much the real-world political implications of this technological muscle flexing, but rather the strange and ritualistic pattern under which it was being carried out.

Those of you who have read our current book, “Dark Mission – The Secret History of NASA,” are certainly aware of the constant repetition by that Agency of the ritual numbers “19.5” and “33.” As we repeatedly document in “Dark Mission,” over and over again we see these numbers inexplicably expressed in the landing site coordinates of innumerable NASA planetary missions, over the last half century; in the positions of certain key “ritual stars” over these planetary landing sites; and even in the timing of Cape Canaveral NASA launches, landings, and other key mission events – both manned and unmanned.

So we knew “something” interesting was happening, when we saw the location and time of the launch of the first SM-3 Missile.

Under the ideal circumstance, the launch will take place at 3:30 AM Universal time from somewhere very near 19.5 degrees latitude. In fact, in what senior military officials acknowledge is a highly unusual move, Defense Secretary Robert Gates will “just happen” to be in the area, in Hawaii, at the official Navy Command Center, at 19.5 degrees. And, in a most unusual command decision, the Secretary -- not the Captain of the Aegis cruiser Lake Erie -- will be the one giving the firing orders from the Hawaiian Command Center -- personally.

Oh and by the way -- all of this will be taking place during a total Lunar Eclipse.

Although we don’t yet know exactly what is going on here, we can say this:
There are just too many “Hyperdimensional coincidences” around this event for our comfort. While we don’t know what yet, we suspect something pretty spectacular is going to take place when and if the shoot down actually happens.

Stay Tuned.

Update 7:30 PM Pacific

We received this communication earlier this evening, from a source we’ll just call “very reliable.”

“Today [February 20, 2008], there were several escorted military caravans coming through Socorro [New Mexico]. I witnessed two of them: one at noon, the other about 2:45pm. They turned off I-25 at San Antonio for the Stallion Gate at White Sands. Many were trailers about the size of a semi-truck trailer, painted plain sand color, only a few with desert (Iraqi) camouflage. Quite a few of them were clearly large generators. Additionally, there were a few large diesel generators on flat bed trucks. Others had weird assortments of metal work, covered with tarp hinting at long metal poles and "Rohn tower" sections. A few other trailers had the appearance of a field command center thing, and a couple clearly communications trailers. Of course, everything had the 6-8 foot long whip antennas. I assume they were coming down from Kirtland in ABQ. Also, some flatbeds carrying 2 Hummers each, and other trailers carrying several smaller dune-buggy type vehicles, which I noticed said SCORPION on the back.

“The one I saw at 2:45pm pulled into the Lemitar truck stop. I followed. The military personnel, all in desert cammo gear, took turns entering the truck stop for refreshments ... that is, no vehicle was left unattended - one guy taking a turn, then the next. Several wore side arms, but they did not enter the store.

“I've seen military caravans through Socorro before, but never caravans of this size (or seriousness) since the landing of the space shuttle many years ago. Those did NOT enter White Sands at the Stallion (north) gate.

“There's always been local rumors how they built a massive laser weapon at White Sands, capable of taking something out of orbit. I know for a fact construction was begun as part of Reagan's star wars initiative, but supposedly 1/2 through construction, it was scrapped. Few around here believe that, and built at White Sands in conjunction with the GEODDS satellite tracking network (now called something else).

“There is a mysterious phenomenon at White Sands. Every few months, you will see MILES of strobe lights illuminated, running north-south (maybe 20-30 miles long) in two perfectly straight lines, maybe 20 miles apart. They illuminate these lights every few months late at night. They are not visible from I-25 (except a few miles around San Marcial), but very visible farther east of the Rio Grande, like along US 380. They blink in sequence running north to south, as if painting a huge runway. Some say it is to alert military pilots to stay out of the airspace when they are testing the laser weapon. Regardless, it is illuminated tonight, the first time I have seen it on since mid December.

“Sorry for rambling, but the point is, makes you wonder if some secret weapon at White Sands isn't being mobilized as a backup for tomorrow's shoot down.”

Of course, anyone who has read “Dark Mission” knows that the White Sands Missile Range is located at 33 degrees North latitude -- a ritual location of the same type outlined in our earlier post. It initially occurred to us that the missile test in Hawaii might be just a cover story for a real, covert weapons test … being conducted from White Sands. However, one look at the orbital plots told us that there was no way a laser or particle-type beam weapon could get a clean shot at USA-193 -- at least not on the current orbital trajectory, and in tonight’s “window.” They did have such a window several hours ago, but that has passed. And, it seems likely -- with everyone outside looking at the lunar eclipse -- somebody would have noticed if the satellite had been shot down already.

But, there is one other possibility – back in the early days of SDI, one of the proposals was to shoot a laser off of an orbiting mirror, giving such a weapon a true “over the horizon” capability. It is possible that such a system has been developed and deployed, and is awaiting its first functional test tonight?
We shall see.

Late Word: The NY Times is reporting that the missile successfully struck the satellite.

Update: Here is a link to a video of the USA-193 strike. Pretty impressive. -- MB


Gort said...

For emphasis about the shot being originally scheduled for the middle of the eclipse, you might point out in the article that 3:30 Universal Time (UTC) is 10:30 P.M. EST
(for the time zone challenged readers) ;)


Gort said...

I noticed the Shuttle Atlantis came in this morning (Feb. 20)from the south, over Central America, and passed just west of the western tip of Cuba before entering Florida airspace near Fort Meyers.

It then landed from the north-norhtwest on Runway 15 (the other end of Runway 33).

A couple minutes out HOUSTON gave this cryptic message:

"Atlantis, Houston, Touchdown twenty-five hundred feet at one nine five." (195) ;)


Brandon Songer said...

Speaking of the Hyperdimensional...

What ever happened to the 2012 video that Enterprise was going to put out like 2 years ago?

scarletm said...

Thanks for your perspective on this. There is something about this that just isn't sitting well with me in my gut and once you add the hyperdimentionals into it coupled with the particular astrological/astronomical happenings right now I think we should all be keeping an eye to the sky.

expat said...

Honolulu, where Gates was located, is at 21°18' N.
The missile was fired from somewhere North-West of Hawaii [1].
Overall control of the operation was from Omaha, at 41°15' N [2].
Other than that, your speculations about ritual latitudes are, er... of the quality we've come to expect from Coast-to-Coast AM.

[1] Official briefing at

Mike Bara said...

"In my opinion, a mind is healthy when it can perform symbolic acts within mental frameworks which are not immediately obvious. A mind is diseased when it no longer comprehends this kind of linkage and refuses to acknowledge any basis for such symbolic thinking. The twentieth century specializes in producing diseased minds of the type I refer to - minds which uniquely combine ignorance with arrogance. The twentieth century's hard core hyper rationalist would deride a theory of correspondences in daily life and ritual as 'primitive superstition'. However, the rationalist's comment is not one upon symbolic thinking but upon himself, acting as a label to define him as one of the walking dead."

-- Robert Temple, The Sirius Mystery

mary said...

Do you suppose the 6.3 magnitude quake in Nevada is related to the missile launch or the Eclipse?


ericswan said...

So let me get this straight. The satellite is moving at 15,000 miles an hour and the missile is moving at 5,000 miles an hour and the CNN/Pentagon graphic of contact shows a stationary object being hit and that's supposed to be in real time and I'm supposed to believe that the American public is going to swallow that tail?

Anonymous said...

I thought all these "spy sats" were supposed
to be equipped with "self-destruct systems"
to prevent them from falling into enemy
hands, whether in space or on the ground
(i.e., following descent from orbit).

Or was that just a little "James Bond" PR
from the Pentagon?

jjrakman said...

New Discovery on Mars: Ephemeral Polar Water Ice Mapped

jjrakman said...

Private Race to the Moon Takes Off

JimO said...

"This notion is supported by the fact that the missiles to be used (there are three missiles and three launch windows over the next several days) are to be launched without explosive warheads. ...the objective is to not just hit the satellite but to pierce the spacecraft’s fuel tank specifically."

It's really sweet to watch you pretending to understand space stuff that is, and always has been, far beyond the range of your experience and expertise. The missile -- which never had to carry an explosive warhead because it destroys the target with 'kinetic kill' -- isn't aimed to 'pierce' anything but your own sense of self importance -- it has only to hit anywhere on the satellite structure to initiate a hypersonic (sonic, not dimensional) shock wave that shatters the entire structure like a liquid-nitrogen-soaked watermelon dropped from the 5th floor. That's exactly what happened. How could it have been aimed at a tank INSIDE the minibus-sized satellite -- did you ever even wonder, before you wrote that nonsense?

The numerical gibberish also further confirms how easy it is to extract 'meaningful coincidences' out of random noise. The launch times (as with the launch time of the first space station module, which you also got over-excited over a few years ago) are based on the position of the launch site and the orbital motion of the satellite through space, opening brief daily launch windows that change day by day -- and over time, will coincide with ANY pre-selected 'significant' number. Exactly as in the old proverb, 'Even a broken watch is correct twice a day." It's a proverb you need to take to heart -- and keep in mind.

Mike Bara said...

Jim, your arrogance, stupidity and venality is quite obvious to everyone who reads anything you've already posted. You don't need to reinforce it by coming back here and posting again. But since you did...

The goal of the strike was to "pierce" the fuel tank, period. That was not only the stated goal of the mission, but there was a distinct possibility it would not happen, as the Navy stated. How any of what you posted conflicts with what we posted is beyond me. But hey, trying to understand your twisted brain is something I just can't do at 7:30 in the morning. Maybe I should drink a lot. Would that help?

As to the numbers, you, as usual, miss the point. They could have chosen to shoot it down anywhere. They chose to shoot it down from a firing zone centered at 19.5 degrees, and at 3:30 UT. Just like NASA chose to land Pathfinder at 19.5 x 33 degrees on Mars. If you don't understand why that's important -- read our book.

Now, I hate to repeat myself, but I suppose I must. Allow me to dedicate the following to you and you ilk:

"In my opinion, a mind is healthy when it can perform symbolic acts within mental frameworks which are not immediately obvious. A mind is diseased when it no longer comprehends this kind of linkage and refuses to acknowledge any basis for such symbolic thinking. The twentieth century specializes in producing diseased minds of the type I refer to - minds which uniquely combine ignorance with arrogance. The twentieth century's hard core hyper rationalist would deride a theory of correspondences in daily life and ritual as 'primitive superstition'. However, the rationalist's comment is not one upon symbolic thinking but upon himself, acting as a label to define him as one of the walking dead."

-- Robert Temple, Author The Sirius Mystery (RAS, SPHS, EES, RHS, BSAA, ICS, IHR)

marsandro said...

I wonder why they didn't use THEL?
Inter-Service rivalry?

Or maybe they're just testing other parts
of the new "Triad?"

I wonder what they'll call it if it ever has
FOUR components?


Anonymous said...

To The Hoagy - The Nobel Prize for Physics you so richly deserve

I assume you are talking about his work on HDP. For science to be truly "revolutionary", it has to be able to be put into practical application. When is HDP going to be able to be put into use to rid us of our dependency on the antiquated forms of energy that enslave us? Until that happens, talk of a Noble Prize is folly.

jjrakman said...

Since the order against wikileaks was reversed and the site is back up, perhaps you could use your future radio appearances to appeal to any insiders to release any damning documentaion there.

Biological_Unit said...

When is HDP going to be able to be put into use to rid us of our dependency on the antiquated forms of energy that enslave us?

HDP is ?

There is no "there" there.

Mike Bara said...

There are tons of papers here:
Including some that deal with creating practical devices based on HD or "Torsion Field" Physics.

Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

There are tons of papers here:

You can't expect me to sift through all of that when it is TEM making all the assertions, right?

Since RCH has been at this for around 15 years, he should be able to distill all that information and come up with a working device that will save us before 2012, right?

But that won't happen because as has been said so eloquently:

There is no "there" there

If there was a "there" there, we'd have something here and now after 15 years.

Btw, I did not see any work by RCH in that laundry list you provided. Nobel Prize?

Where's the beef?

Mike Bara said...

I'm not going to do your homework for you. If you are too lazy to read up on the papers that are out there, that's your problem.

As to the "beef," read the book.

Biological_Unit said...

As to the "beef," read the book.

Enrich MB so that he might buy things - "preparation" for the End of Oil.

Anonymous said...

As to the "beef," read the book

I don't have to read your book to get TEM's "insights" into HDP since I read TEM's post of 6/22/00-HDP 101. It says nothing about practical applications,as there are not any. So I won't throw my money into the toilet to buy the book, since that won't tell me anything either, which is TEM's MO.

You have no "beef', you have tofu. You ideas about dimension are a joke, as is your assertion that TEM deals in science.

Let me give you an excerpt from one of Arthur M Young's essays discussing dimension:

We come back, therefore, to the question, "what is dimension?" Perhaps the most general definition is that it is the range of a parameter-that is, of a variable which can take on different values. Under this definition it is possible to have any number of dimensions. But when we use dimension in the more limited sense of its applicability to a universe, particularly to measurement in space, we are faced with certain facts about reality, or real space. It has three dimensions, not four or five, and, even if we call time another dimension, or assign dimension to rotation, we do not efface the obvious and sensible character of length, breadth, and height, and their intrinsic difference from time and rotation.

There are a number of ways in which the concept of dimension, as we are forced to employ it in dealing with the physical world, takes on a character that it does not appear to inherit from the realm of mathematics. The difference between time and space, the difference between position and rotation, and, indeed, the very notion of a world of precisely three dimensions, seem foreign to the mathematical mode of thought, to which the nature and number of dimensions is considered arbitrary

Take your math and stick it. It means nothing in the real world.

Lastly, in looking at your picture, I would not be calling anyone else lazy.

Mike Bara said...

Well fool, it's been nice haveing you here on the blog. Bye.

Ms. T said...

Mike Bara,
We all know, those of us that blogged with RCH for a long time at the captains blog at TEM, what Hoaxland is made of. After much effort and research, he just left us all hanging. POOF!! He disappeared without a word. He wouldn't even answer any emails from any of us. It sucks to know that we were nothing more than an experiment. As for your arrogant attitude, you need to chill. You were not there and have no idea what you are talking about. Fool was one of the long term members at TEM as well as BU and. How are we supposed to believe anything that you two have to say. CC was also a long term member as well as many of us.

you have NO idea what we all went thru.

MB your attitude sucks. You act as if you know it all and it is quite apprent that you do not know it all. I have followed this blog since it started and have refrained from posting. Now, I feel the need to tell you that if I had to bet on who is right and who is wrong, my money is on Fool, BU, and CC. They do their research and have been straightforward all along.

Maybe you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror and SEE the arrogant ass that you are. I have yet to see you answer a quesstion. You always devert the conversation or attack the poster. Great work Mike....that is the way to handle things for sure.....NOT!!!!

Ms. T

former member of The Captain's Blog at TEM, the the spinoff to Drydock, then to FSHOD. Now I have found my home with CC at his blog named Place. It's a great home and fair without attacks.



Mike Bara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike Bara said...

Ms T.,

Gee, I'm sorry you got your feelings hurt when Richard left the Captain's blog, but it simply reached a point where he got sick of devoting so much time to something that was so little appreciated. Having put up with Fool's idiotic rantings about the electric universe and BU's sickening anti-semitism, I'm begining to understand why he did it.

Frankly, I have better things to do than put up with such nonsense. If I thought either of them had the slightest bit of true intellectual curiosity, it would be different. But let's face it, they don't. Fool's constant nonsensical posts about HD physics are all answered in my book and in the papers I led him to. There are only so many minutes in the day and I simply don't have time to nursemaid someone who has already made up their mind anyway.

Frankly dear, if you think those two guys are the ones to put your money on, I'm glad you haven't posted before.

Frankly, I'm the one who has been under attack here, and if you'd seen half the posts I didn't permit from those two bozos to go through you might appreaciate that.

This blog is for people who are truly curious, not for anti-semitic Moon Hoax and 9/11 conspiracy kooks. If you don't like it, go hang around the Jeff Rense BBS. They'd love you over there.

marsandro said...

Yo Fool, Unit, and friends,

It seems that "HDP" has found its way into
the Defense Establishment. Here is a video
showing the TR-3B in combat over Baghdad
(that's the big "Black Triangle" you can see
in certain Google Earth views of the Groom
Lake facility):

"UFO Over Baghdad"
The TR-3B In Action (Actual Combat)

And go here for more information:

You have to look closely at the posted video
if you're just running FlashPlayer.

You can adjust contrast by saving the video
and running it in a Video Processor program.
(Most new PC Video Editors can handle it.)
Then you can see the triangular craft far
more clearly.

Yep, it looks like good ol' CNN (of all people)
got the evidence you fellas want.

HDP? You're lookin' at it!


"Why is it that it always takes a war to make
people see the value of rockets?"
---Wernher von Braun (character)
"I Aim At The Stars: The Wernher von Braun

For "rockets" substitute "any new science."


From the Archive of FAMOUS LAST WORDS
"It was a hoax! A HOAX! A HO-O-O-OAX!"
---Lord Kelvin's final words, concerning the
Wright Brothers' first flight four years earlier.
(Lord Kelvin, like the infamous Hetty Green,
died of apoplexy.)


Biological_Unit said...

This blog is for people who are truly curious, not for anti-semitic Moon Hoax and 9/11 conspiracy kooks.

So I should be Pro-Semite (who hate according to their beliefs), Pro-NASA-MEN-going-to-the-Moon numerous times during the Ancient Seventies and 911 was done by a Guy in a Cave ?

That's Curious, indeed.

Mike Bara said...

As if we needed more proof you are a complete idiot, Unit...

marsandro said...

Yo fool,

Strictly speaking, "dimension" means an axis
which, in turn, corresponds to a variable the
value of which corresponds to a position on
that axis---at least in those areas of math
in which "axes" themselves have some sort
of significance, such as the indicators of
physical position in Euclidean space, as it
seems you think of them being exclusively.

However, since the term "dimension" can
refer simply to a variable, then its use can
signify whatever one requires for, say, an
abstract model of a real-world system.

But, in deference to "Art Bell woo-woo" as
Expat so eloquently put it, we can just as
easily use "dimension" to mean, as in the
Twilight Zone, another realm, such as
another universe.

Hence, a collection of universes within a
multiverse can be represented by a single
variable (or n-space vector) added to our
multiverse tensor, for example.

Or, one can just as well refer to "higher
dimensions" in our universe, such as in
"Hyper-Dimensional Physics."

Thus, it's use in HDP is a no-brainer.

Nothing unusual about that.

As to its applicability to the "real world,"
that is a matter of the nature of the variable
and how you utilize it.

Temperature can be a "dimension" in a
physical problem involving heat, but you
wouldn't concern yourself about it's "spatial
extent" as shown on an axis, unless such a
diagramatic presentation was in some way
useful or important, or perhaps had
something to do with "where the heat was"
(i.e., heat Q at time t at point p on j
in an [i,j,k] 3-space).

"Respiration rate" can be a "dimension,"
but where is the "axis?" Up your trachea?

Try "a number displayed on a machine."

It's at times like this that even an online
abomination like Wikipedia can be useful.

Check it out....

Just a friendly suggestion....


Admin said...

Mike you are losing me here. Of course researching Mars images is the last place I expected to argue conspiracy theories never-the-less your latest book with Hoagland "Dark Missions" does go down that path and makes a good case.

If I am to believe your book then our government was indeed capable of conspiracy to such an extent it assasinated a president. But now you say "hold on there". They may be evil but don't even consider they might have carried out 9/11.

It seems like you and Hoagland unleasehed the possibilities and now are trying to reign us back to the plantation. Cherry picking what conspiracy theories are politicaly correct for us peasants seems strange.

I can understand you may not think certain conpiracies do not add up but to call people "kooks" who do think there is some merit to them is confusing to me.

Many people would call me a "kook" for believing many of the things that you and Hoagland say. Its tough for people to question anything that comes from the government today and you are playing the same game they are.

It seems to me that your base of support comes directly from people who are "keeping open minds" to the possibilities of conspiracies. It makes no sense that you would now bash these same people because of their open minds to listen to such things.

"anti-semitic"? How does that happen when discussing "space"? I have yet to see a image from Mars that looks like the ancient ruins of a Synagogue. Of course I have not checked out MarsRevealer website lately so I could be wrong on that.


Mike Bara said...


The reason I don’t support the 9\11 or Moon Hoax conspiracy theories is because there simply is no evidence to support either one of them. None. They both completely fall apart when you apply simple logic to them. Also, as an aerospace engineer, I know that many of the claims made about 9\11 including the wreckage, the claim that a missile hit the Pentagon, etc. are complete nonsense.

Further, when you delve deeper into the 9\11 stuff, you find that the people most prominently promoting these ideas ultimately place the blame on, you guessed it – Israel. It also turns out that the guys who produced the videos that everyone buys into are followers of Lyndon Larouche, a well known ant-Semite and serial tax evader.

So when I bring anti-Semitism into the equation, it’s because of that, and Unit and Fool have made it quite clear in comments that I have refused to post that they are enthusiastic anti-Semites. I will not have that on my blog, period.

Nor will I have them.

I believe conspiracy theories when they are backed by informed speculation and evidence, which I believe ours is. I also became a conspiracy theorist because of TWA-800, which I know we have been lied to about. I also have questions about Oklahoma City.

But not 9\11 or the Moon Hoax nonsense.

road_slayer said...

For what it's worth, been keeping tabs on Uncle Hoagy since the Alan Feinstein days...

I'm still not sold on why or how, but the demo-like freefall speeds of the 2 towers, the molten steel that remained for months, and building 7 don't sit right with me. So I'm just curious why some of these things wouldn't get your conspiracy interest Mike. 9/11 and Moon Hoax really belong in the same box?

Sorry to add to an already off topic tangent.

Great book and great responses, keep 'em coming...

Mike Bara said...


I'd recommend you read up on some of the literature on the collapse of the towers. It explains everything in great detail.

The collapses as they happend are exactly as I would have expected.

And building 7 was badly damaged in the collapses, not "pristine" as some of the CT's claim.