Monday, November 17, 2008

Faked Data on Global Warming Exposed - NASA Lies Again

"All government agencies lie part of the time, but NASA is the only one I've ever encountered that does so routinely."

– George A. Keyworth, Science Advisor to President Reagan and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, in testimony before Congress, March 14, 1985

If you’ve read Dark Mission, it should come as no surprise to you that NASA lies. However, there is still a sizable portion of the populace that clings to the idea that NASA is somehow exempt from even the notion that it would withhold the truth about anything. As I stated in my essay in Secret and Suppressed II, pointing out NASA’s mendacities makes you about as popular with the press as crosses are with vampires.

Still, there are plenty of examples from the past, and now, yet another example from the present. Monday, NASA announced through the Goddard Institute for Space Studies that last month was the hottest October on record. This flew in the face of the empirical evidence, which suggested that cold, rain and snow were actually a bit more common than usual for October.

Fortunately, a couple of climate watchdog blogs, Watts Up With That and Climate Audit (who both helped debunk Al Gore’s infamous “hockey stick” climate fraud), sifted through the data and discovered that the reason for the incongruity was that NASA had taken temperature readings from Russia from September, and simply copied and pasted the same figures into the October sample. Once the “blunder” was exposed, NASA hurriedly revised its figures, only to suddenly discover a new “hotspot” in the Arctic which once again pushed the temps into the record range. The only problem? Arctic ice is currently growing so fast in the Arctic that it is now 30 percent ahead of last year.


The fact these temperature readings are coming from GISS, one of four bodies responsible for monitoring global temperatures and certainly the most influential and most pessimistic, should alarm us all. The UN uses figures from the GISS primarily to justify its attempts to regulate and enforce controls over the economies of developed nations, like the US. Using the myth that man made “global warming” is causing calamitous climate change as its justification, the UN is trying to force nations like the United States surrender national sovereignty and place draconian restrictions on major industries to “combat” what is obviously a non-existent problem. The GISS is run by Al Gore's chief scientific collaborator, Dr James Hansen, who has been a major global warming alarmist since the late 1980’s. He's also the nutbag that recently called for CEO's of oil companies to be put on trial for "high crimes against humanity and nature." Hansen, who despite giving more than 1,500 media interviews in the last 8 years, continues to insist that the Bush administration is “muzzling” him, must be held responsible for this fraud. It is patently obvious that Hansen has deliberately cooked the books, to use a bad metaphor, and given the policy influence his office has, he should be fired immediately. Since this is not the first time that Hansen’s (cough) methodology has been called into question, it’s time for him to go. He is obviously not a scientist with any sense of integrity, but rather a political activist who has misused his position of authority to further a personal agenda.

It has by now been conclusively shown that human industrial activity has no influence whatsoever on global temperatures, and that in fact global temps are dictated almost one to one purely by the waxing and waning energy output of the sun. The flowing graph succinctly illustrates this:

Furthermore, global temperatures have been dropping in the last few years, while the concentration of Co2, the most commonly cited “greenhouse gas,” has been increasing. This has also lead to a measureable increase in plant growth, which is a good thing.

With a new administration coming into Washington that is certain to try and impose the economically ruinous Kyoto protocol on us, Bush could leave a lasting legacy by firing Hansen, disbanding the GISS and declaring it to be an unethical and hopelessly politicized agency that serves no useful purpose.

So once again we see that with NASA, the Lie is Different at Every Level, and the lies go on.

Full Telegraph UK article here.


Tim said...

Wow, I could have had a V8!

Sphinx said...

Have you see this one Mike:

NASA, in cooperation with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures' movie WALL-E from Pixar Animation Studios, will conduct a naming contest for its car-sized Mars Science Laboratory rover that is scheduled for launch in 2009.

Again NASA and Disney Studios. I wonder with what deity name will come this time...

T'Zairis said...

Ah, yes. Data-whoring at its finest...

The comments at the end of the Telegraph article were also a hoot-- there was actually somebody there arguing that polar icecap melt AND polar icecap increase are BOTH 'symptoms of global warming', though they are mutually exclusive due to the specific (and also mutually exclusive) weather conditions which produce either melting or freezing.

I am also glad that the 'Watts' site and the other one are exposing everything from the arbitrary exclusion of data to the ridiculous placement of temperature monitors near things like methane burn-off stacks. No agendas there...



M said...

Interesting thought Sphinx - however could there be a deeper connection?

In the movie WALL-E, transplant EARTH for MARS. It then gets VERY interesting...

M said...

...not sure if transplant is the right word there...swap works better. Any way...

I don't necessarily believe the writers of the movie were involved - however NASA's conducting of a "naming contest for its car-sized Mars Science Laboratory rover" - when the movie WALL-E never MENTIONED's all very interesting.

The movie WALL-E was refering to the planet "Earth" which was the home that the "Ancestors of the human race" had to evacuate.

WALL-E (and his friend EVA) were simply "ROBOTS" which made the discovery that there were "Plants" growing on that planet - life was no sustainable. By now though, all the humans had forgotten all about EARTH.

After a struggle to have the "knowledge that life was now sustainable" back on "Earth," (Speech marks are killing me)the human race go back and nurse the world back to health.

Again, not saying the writers were involved - it was a great story. However, how does a Mars rover relate to this?

I'm just saying...

M said...

Never write in a hurry :)

Sphinx said...

WALL-E loves Gene Kelly's movie:


There r many interesting things on that movie made by Pixar

Do you know the Pixar mascot? The lamp? Sure you do. That lamp have a name: LUXO JR.
If you cut the "J" out you've got LUXOR { LUXO [J] R )

I don't know what is the symbolism of the WALL-E

Wall is the symbol of defence and protection

E is derived from the Greek letter epsilon which is much the same in appearance (Ε, ε) and function. The Semitic hê probably first represented a praying or calling human figure.

The E from WALL-E comes from Epsilon Eridani Mr. Spock's home planet?



The female robot name is EVE

So E is the 5th letter in the latin alphabet and also V in roman alphabet. Is the 22nd V and also V is the 5th letter from the back of the alphabet.

EVE is E=5V=E

So EVE is the 5th element?!

I love the scene when WALL-E watch on Ipod Hello Dolly movie.

The release date of the Hello Dolly was December 16 1969.

In the same year on July 21, Neil Armstrong has become the first man who walk onto the Moon's surface, in the Sea of Tranquility, at 0256 GMT.



How come WALL-E didn't watch Casablanca? Not a Humphrey Bogart fan?



robert said...

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robert said...

MSL to Mawrth Valley :)

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Cydonia is within driving distance.

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Sphinx said...

Huge glacier found on Mars

marsandro said...

"Huge glacier found on Mars"

Gee...I wonder when they're going
to "detect" Lake Steadman?

When the first Mars Astronaut *drowns* in it?


Hathor -- Ready for Mars' "Champion Lake"


marsandro said...

Oh T'Zairis!

I just *love* the way you express
yourself! (LMAO!)

We already know that the "warming spike"---
little blip that it was---was a *solar* event
*and* that it was nearly ten years ago to

Here we are *several degrees* into the new
"mini ice age," and the "global warming
crowd" continues to ballyhoo their bull to
an increasingly "deaf" audience (that has
but to step outside and *feel the cold*).

Record polar cap growth is already logged
and published. What *do* these people have
for brains? :-))

Oh, and those poor, poor drowned polar
bears---all four of them---were a record low

I'm just glad I bought myself this new
Parka! It was 28 degrees here last night!!

It was FREEZING this morning!!!!!


Hathor -- Warming up the boudoir...
(WOO-WOO!!!!!) :-))))


T'Zairis said...


Pretty soon, everybody is going to be sitting around dressed like an Inuit village in Alaska, and it will be very interesting to see what the global warming discussion is like then. I have family back East who are complaining of very cold temperatures for the time of year, and while there have still been some hot spells where I live (very Southern California), we have already had rain in October, which is rather unusual.

As far as the 'data-hookers' are concerned, stat-whoring is exactly what they are doing when they cook the books to serve their paymasters. It's a predetermined result for hire, no integrity required, so the prostitution simile fits perfectly. Sadly, while the turn of phrase is amusing, it is also all too true.



Starborne said...

Cold in the east you say? You're damm right about that! We've had temps as low as the high "teens" already out here in New Hampshire (and I'm about 20 miles from the coast). If this is global warming, I'd hate to feel what the next Ice Age would feel like!