Monday, April 6, 2009

Aritfact of the Week

From the Argyre impact region of Mars. A full size poster of this area is here.
The MSSS original image can be found here.


thegrandillusion said...

Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Zakhur said...

I'm taking Astronomy of the Solar System this semester. During the Mars lecture, the instructor spoke briefly about the Face. He showed the famous 1979 photograph, then followed it with the infamous catbox and the conclusion that the mystery had been solved. I raised my hand. He said, "Yes?" I said, "Have you seen the other photograph?" He said, "Why, does it look more like a face?" I said, "Yeah." The student next to me exclaimed, "But it can't be...!" and shook his head. A girl behind me said, "But there are things on earth look like faces too so..." At that point, the instructor moved onto the next slide. A few minutes later, he was talking about a surface feature that about which some geologists have some conviction regarding its origin, and another student asked, "Do they think that because of the way it looks?" The instructor said, "Yeah." My impatience with my fellow man was very high at that moment.

joe said...

Dear Mike-
Let me start by saying I have the books Monuments, Dark Mission. I visit TEM Daily, I visit TDMB daily. Yes some times I can see what "seems" to be in a posted picture, sometimes not-like this posted picture. And heres the problem- The majority of humans on this planet look at a picture like this and say 'What the heck am I looking at" I'm the same way on this one. At times there needs to be overlays or lines on these pictures to help people better understand and see whats there.
Its like the DM Book I was anticipating much better photo reproduction than what was produced. Dont get me wrong- you at RCH are doing NASAs job-and I as an American am very proud there are guys like you out there trying to get the truth to the masses.

Mike Bara said...


This is a comomon problem.

Human perception is a funny thing. When I was at Boeing, my boss told me about studies they did on the ability to project in 3D in your head. He said about 1/3 of people could do it easily, Richard and me are in this category. About 1/3 could do it with some help, I suspect you are in this category, and about 1/3 just can't do it.

Whenever I get a review on Amazon or that says "the pictures don't show anything like what is claimed," I immediately know I'm dealing with somebody in the latter category.

This area is astonishing. Basically, it's Hermosa Beach on Mars. I see buildings,towns, roads, docks, piers, structures of all kinds. Imagine you are in an airplane and looking out the window.

In short, I feel your pain, but it is just too time consuming to mark up every image. Richard did a lot of that for Dark Mission though. Maybe in future AOTW's I'll post those.

Mike Bara said...


Send me his email. I'll send him a couple of pictures.

MaxtheKnife said...

I've a better idea, Mike...

Just get on with it.

At this point, I can't imagine what you and RCH are waiting for... Except maybe Easter. For obvious symbolic reasons, the resurrection would seemingly be ideal.

The things you've been posting here in the past month or two coupled with the lack of anything new on TEM's homepage have not been very encouraging.

You guys are starting to worry me.

Tim said...

I must be in that other 1/3, I see something on the edge of a very steep cliff. If Mars had water, would that explain the extreme depth? I do see piers and bridges extending beyond edge of the land and grid lines further in land. Definitely worth further investigation.

Keep 'em coming!

Zakhur said...


What is your public e-mail address? I'm not able to find it. I'd rather not post my prof's e-mail :)

Mike Bara said...

Zak, do you have a MySpace account? You could leave me a message there.

soniktemple said...

Hi Mike,

My Tivo tries to catch the "Mars" documentaries which I then pick and choose but it got an episode of Cosmos on the Science Channel recently.
It was quite a classic episode. I remember Carl demonstrating that at 100 meter resolution you start to see signs of civilization on Earth when viewed from above. Richard was keen to quote Carl and take that analogy and apply it to the Moon and Mars.
The thing that got me though is the episode has obviously been reedited as it showed the "catbox" photo when in fact the last mission to Mars was Viking when Cosmos was produced. I still think "Contact" was a great book and loved the movie too.


Heru said...

OK fine photo,

but I never seen anywhere any comments about this :

and that :

and they should be big ...

Heru said...

Forgot to say that you're the BEST

Mike Bara said...

Just the sun, I think.

Zakhur said...


I don't have a myspace account and don't really want one either. Maybe we can do this: send any photos to That address is all over the net already. I don't mind spreading it around some more.

The Fool said...

RCH's credibility is being assailed at HHMSS SWORD.

Some fantastic claims and charges are being brought forth.

Do you have any comments about the BLOG? About SWORD?

Hoagland is a rascal

Mike Bara said...

Seriously, you think that posting is some sort of threat to Richard's "credibility?" It's incomprehensible.

Although, I did get something about the guy who has the blog being the source of all Richard's information. He's probably roommates with the guy who suing Bono for writing all the lyrics for The Joshua Tree album.

Heru said...

Well yes ... it is the sun ... but it is passing behind one of those towers that you've found on the moon no ?

Heru said...

And THEY have published those photos, on the 94th day of mission ( 9+4=13) of both Spirit and Opportunity ... Just go to the site and check that for yourselves, just see the photos for the Navigation Camera and the Panoramic Camera.

And once again I would like to thank both yours and Richard work all this years

MaxtheKnife said...

Mike, seeing as you're a member of Keith Laney's forum, I thought you might be interested to know someone with a bone to pick has started a thread about you.

Then again, I'm sure you've got better & more worth while things to spend your time on.

The Fool said...

you think that posting is some sort of threat to Richard's "credibility?" It's incomprehensible

Although, I did get something about the guy who has the blog being the source of all Richard's information

I'm not saying I buy into his "data". I just wanted to alert you to what is being said.

He has claimed quite a bit more than just being the source of Richard's info. He claims to be part of a Super Secret Masonic Military order that patrols the Solar System to keep order and protect us from the inevitable Cataclysm that will occur due to a debris strike emanating from a comet(s) that are making their way towards Earth.

According to 'him', Richard knows all about this.

Perhaps you would want to join the discussion to defend Richard and to challenge the veracity of the claims. Or better yet, maybe Richard would.

Acey said...

Gentlemen, I have a question:
Do you have a picture of the "Face" on Mars on which the eastern side of the "Face" is visible?

MaxtheKnife said...


If I'm reading you correctly and that latest post "AOTW... The Face... Mars Express" is in response to Acey's question, you posted a reflection of the western side. He is asking about the Eastern side.

But I'll agree there aren't many shadows on the Mars Express image which makes it a ~fair~ response to his question.

To be clear:

Eastern side = Lion
Western side = Human + Grey

Acey, here's a great .gif I constructed using Keith Laney's Infrared composite with all sides visable and reflected. :-)

Another good one using MRO...

Just cuz the eastern side is in the shade, doesn't exactly make it invisable.

MaxtheKnife said...

Sorry Acey,

That last link to the MRO .gif didn't post complete for some reason... add: 03050901.gif to the end of it.

Admin said...

Is this story for real?

If so then it seems Hoagaland and Bara were right about the moon.