Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Halo Cloud" Over Moscow

Is it a UFO? Or just a natural phenomenon? I don't know, but the phrase "Independence Day" comes to mind...


Valkyrie Ice said...

Considering that Russia is researching torsion fields, I wonder what kind of energy vortex it might be. be interesting to know what was directly under it.

If it was any kind of natural effect there would be reports of them occurring somewhere in history

Sphinx said...

here is a utube link with this..."cloud"

marsandro said...


An object might have been
there for a moment, and then
bugged out at high speed---

Straight up!

Just saying.... :-))))

Sphinx---great find!

What *was* that 0:05 object???


Hathor -- Eyes on the sky


Gort said...

It sure looks freaky, whatever it is.

T'Zairis said...

Another possibility (and I would personally say, probability) is a slightly out-of-dimensional-phase ship. There are some experiencer-folks discussing this photo on Facebook, and everyone has been talking about this likely being a part of a 'habituation' program to get the general populace used to seeing very large and unusual things in the sky without undue emotional distress. Most of the experiencers have arrived at this view on their own, based on their personal histories with 1) out-of-phase ships, and 2) the basic nature of the Skypeople themselves.

Since we live in a Cosmos that's full of ambient electromagnetic energy, it stands to reason that the Solar System passes through differing electrical potentials in the space it moves through, which can cause all sorts of interesting things to happen to both the Sun and the planets on a very short-term basis. If at some point, we need a 'friendly ride to a safer vantage-point', we've got to be able to see their ships appear without soiling ourselves, and my own guess is they'd really rather not have to bulk-tranq whole populations like so many nervous housecats faced with a car-ride.

So they are opting for a high-tech version of 'hand-shadow puppets'--when out-of-phase, the ship leaves a cloud imprint that makes us curious, but it does not cause the 'let's shoot it because it's big and weird and we don't understand it' reflex to kick in.

The Skypeople really do not want to rub our noses in their technology, but yet they have to get us accustomed to things after nearly 100 years of 'they don't exist' nonsense. I think that 'cloud-prints' (along with plant-prints, a.k.a. crop circles) are a very psychologically deft-- and considerate-- touch. Comparing this to our own behavior of barging into foreign countries and decimating whole populations over what are, at the end of the day, very flimsy politically-motivated reasons, I am absolutely sure I have *nothing* to fear from the Skypeople.



Elmer said...

largest rolaid I've ever seen!

marsandro said...

Hi Elmer,

That must be SOME

Hi T'Zairis,

What the world needs is more people who know
how to RIDE LIKE PUSSYCATS!!!!! :-)


Hathor -- A cat person at heart


A.F said...

speaking in russia, listen to this guy interview in project camelot..

In the camelot site, this is probab. the ebst interview they have there.
In the middle of so many desinformation, liste to Valery Uvarov talking its a blessing..

And there theories have many matchpoints with DARK MISSION ,and The rest of RH and MB line..

must see

part 1 , and part 2 in separate

Sphinx said...

Richard C Hoagland on C2C talking about the recent NASA's mission to bomb the moon.

marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

I have a correction on that
last URL:

I think it will link like that....


Hathor -- Proofreading...checking links...


Sphinx said...

Another idea: maybe this is a signature of a HAARP weapon!

Anonymous said...

This effect showed up on a scooby-doo cartoon that I channel surfed upon Sunday. The light then came down to earth and somehow created a menacing old-geezer, pirate-type with a sword. After Scooby and his human partner (Shaggy?) ran off they described him to their friends as a zombie! Of course I immediately recalled the university in Florida running zombie drills! It might be stretching it to note that there were more than one prophecy regarding Russia attacking America.Florida is specifically mentioned in Dumitru Duduman's vision. But I'm inclined to think along the line that Mike wrote about "Independence Day".

marsandro said...


I think you might be onto


Hathor -- Checking the HAARP web page...