Monday, October 26, 2009

NASA's Smoking Gun Part II (Enterprise

Richard has a new article up on the LCROSS mission over at


M said...

On a side note, I was watching U2 playing live from the Rose Bowl on Youtube. Brilliant by the way.

Throughout the concert they would have video/graphic inserts playing back on big screens... who else saw the very prominent counter/clock insert video that appeared an hour or so into the concert - full screen, bold white numerals on a solid black background - that appeared and counted the last few seconds up to (then stopping dead on) 3:33.33?

It was a serious WTF moment :)

Zakhur said...

Heh. I suspected U-2 was obsessed with the esoteric.

Valkyrie Ice said...

Pretty much following my line of thought. A probe crashing into the surface of a series of glass domes breaking the kinetic impact up so that instead of the rocket crashing into the surface and vaporizing, it is likely that the remains of the rocket are still lying embedded into the structure.

I was watching live. No way was there an "explosion" and like I said, cutting the gamma drastically just minutes prior to prevent too much clarity of the lunar surface due to "overwhelming the bandwidth" just does not hold water. If yo are paying 57 mill for a camera, that transmitter damn well better carry all the bandwidth and then some, and there is no fuxing way the "contrast" could have overwhelmed the bandwidth.

A picture frame can only have a MAXIMUM amount of data equal to it's color depth. for greyscale that is 255 x # of pixels. For color at 24 bit that is 16m x #of pixels.

This DOES NOT VARY REGARDLESS OF PICTURE COMPLEXITY. A completely black picture has exactly the same sized file as a completely white picture. (0.0.0 to 255.255.255)

This is uncompressed. The same number of bits will be set aside for each pixel regardless of value. 16 is usually grey scale. 24 to 36 is true color. Each frame will have the exact same sized file no matter HOW COMPLEX the image.

Compression is used to reduce file size. The image complexity DOES affect how compressed a file can be.

For a long range probe like HiRise, I can see the need to compress due to the number of bad packets lost due to interference.

But for a short range probe to the moon, such compression should not be needed,even with interference a large enough carrier pipe should be possible to send UNCOMPRESSED data at full resolution in real time.

Thus, the "contrast overwhelming the bandwidth" rung false to me at the time of the live feed, and still rings false to me.

Either the radio transmitters that they put in were ridiculously underpowered, or they were lying and simply cut the gamma to hide what was there.

Mike Bara said...

The reference is to Jeremiah 33:3"Call to me, and I will answer you. I will tell you great and mysterious things that you do not know..."

It's in the lyric to "Unknown Caller" from the new album, and also appears on the cover of the 2000 album "All that you can't leave behind."

M said...

Lol - just shows up my lack of recent U2 knowledge :)

Interesting how they added an extra 33 in the seconds field. Though, what are an extra couple of 3's between friends ;)

Cheers Mike.

Mike Bara said...

Bono knows

Solaris said...

Thanks Mike, (on the U2). I was about to post that the same thing.

Bono writes in Mysterious Ways... that was one hell of a concert by the way. U2 are amazing.

... and back to Richard's interesting post.

p.s. - Actually, imagine the dinner conversation with Richard and Bono. I would pay to hear that one.

T'Zairis said...


"Either the radio transmitters that they put in were ridiculously underpowered, or they were lying and simply cut the gamma to hide what was there."


The radio transmitters were not underpowered any more than somebody 'forgot' the difference between meters and yards/feet in that (supposed) Martian probe 'fiasco'. Either people are incompetent at their jobs and get pink-slipped or they are good at their jobs and keep them. Once again, I see no pink-slips being handed out to folks for having screwed up, so therefore they did not.

There was plenty of bandwidth, and cutting the gamma at the last minute was a brazen act of censorship.



marsandro said...

Hi Val & T'Zairis,

You two should have your own
radio program on WWCR to tell
the world what you know about
NASA censorship.

You'd be more popular than Alex Jones!

And twice as right! :-))


Hathor -- Booking prime time for Val and The Tigress


Zakhur said...

Anybody know what the deal is with Phil of B.A. fame (to avoid naming him)? Does he just have a weird attitude, or what is it?

Valkyrie Ice said...

I don't know much about Nasa censorship Marsandro, what I know is digital graphics files since I'm both a Artist and a computer tech and do my artwork on a computer.

Uncompressed digital images will always have the same file size to pixel ratio regardless of complexity of scene. #Height x #Width x Color Depth.

a 300x300x16 file will be the exact same size file regardless of whether it is showing a blank white page or a Mandelbrot fractal. Every digital camera has a set resolution determined by the pixel resolution of the CCD. That image cannot change and the data rate from it is a constant no matter what it is viewing.

Contrast, btw is the level range between the darkest and lightest elements in a picture. It cannot go lower than black (0.0.0) nor go higher than white (255.255.255) (those are rgb values in fairly typical art program settings.) So saying a B&W picture has too much contrast is like saying it isn't black enough compared to how white it is.

Unless, and why in the world they would is beyond me, they were compressing everything down to Jpeg for video AT THE SOURCE(i.e. onboard the LCross), there is no way for the data stream from an uncompressed source to VARY in any way.

It is only if a picture needs to be COMPRESSED that the file size becomes a variable. Compression of a video stream should not be required for a probe that is no farther away then the moon. There simply is not enough attenuation of signal to downgrade performance that much, especially with modern electronics and packeted transmission protocols.

marsandro said...


Well said, Val!

There's nothing quite like a woman who knows
her stuff! And you certainly do!

Between you and T'Zairis, NASA can keep trying
to obscure data until Hell freezes, and it's useless.

You've got 'em NAILED! :-))


Hathor -- Baking a cake for the Dynamic Duo


marsandro said...

Oh T'Zairis,

I left a message on your blog under
the top title.


Hathor -- Checking messages...


Valkyrie Ice said...

The design of the vehicle results from iterating a mass, power and thrust analysis with inputs from four mission analyses. The mass, dimensions and performance of the jet engines are scaled from the data available for the AMT Titan UAV engine. The power generator is based on an uprated ROTAX 503 aero engine driving a high speed 36 kW alternator.

For 6kW of microwave input power at each thruster, the total lift thrust is 573kg. Thus for an estimated total vehicle mass of 477kg, the vehicle would start to accelerate upwards. However as the average velocity goes above 1m/s, the lift thrust approaches the vehicle mass, and acceleration stops. This is simply the principle of the conservation of energy at work, with energy used to accelerate the vehicle being lost from the stored energy in the thruster, hence lowering the Q.

Clearly, to achieve a useful rate of climb, the jet engines need to be rotated to give vertical thrust and the lift engine operation needs compensation to avoid losing stored energy.

The flight envelope was investigated by running 4 numerical mission analyses. These gave a maximum rate of vertical ascent of 52m/s (170ft/s) and a maximum speed of 118m/s (230 knots) at a maximum altitude of 12.6km (41,300ft). If the altitude is restricted to 1.34km (4,400 ft) then a full liquid hydrogen fuel load will give a maximum range of 97km (60 miles).

Zakhur said...


Could you comment on this:

His web site is somewhat difficult to navigate. He is trying to build an interstellar craft based on the reported behavior of flying saucers. Apparently, he believes that flying saucer propulsion systems 1) necessitate their observed structure, and in fact ARE the observed structure to some extent, and 2) operate by a kind of self-sustaining Faraday induction.

Valkyrie Ice said...

At first glance I'd say its a variant of the Beifield Brown Electrogravitic drives, ultra high voltage low amp capacitance charge. looks like they are using the housing as a dielectric.

providing it is using the hull as a dielectric, that might create a plasma ion sheath which would reduce wind drag enormously. Offhand, I'd not want to be outside when it's turned on.

I have often wanted to build a gyrocage out of magnetic loops so all three coils are at 90 deg to each other and run it through some high frequency high voltage experiments, just to test for myself some of Browns experiments

Valkyrie Ice said...

Okay on further examination it isn't precisely the Beifield-Brown effect. I misread a part of it and took it for a flight system XDDDD

To be honest, it reads a bit like someone tried to make a Vimiyana engine. Based on my limited knowledge of torsion fields it seems it may work as an overunity device. A fully functional prototype would certainly tell for sure.

I'm going to have to actually study it a bit before I can make any real statement. Math is NOT my strong suit, and most of Bearden's work is over my head, so I have no idea if this is one of the overunity devices he's looked at.

It does however seem to match up to some of the designs I've run across for saucer engines.

Been doing a LOT of reading on ufology as well as a lot of the back articles on Enterprise Mission. Looking forward to SGp3 and Moon with a View p7.

Just read an article on Boylan's site claiming that Lcross was destroyed before hitting the moon since it was aimed at a "ET Colony" base. This destruction was done telekenetically supposedly.

Which brings me to a personal interest.

Marsandro, it's obvious you are a engineer, and T'Zairis you are a shaman I believe? I consider myself somewhere in the middle between your two poles (material science/left brain and spiritual wisdom/right brain as I would put it) as a logical artist.

I am curious if you to would consent to giving me your thoughts and opinions on a long standing puzzle I have. The details can be found in my first Blog:

I will warn you, it is 30 pages in word so it will take some time to read. It may also convince you I am completely insane, but that's never mattered a lot to me. As two people who have stated you have met aliens, I am intensely curious as to what thoughts yo umight have, and indeed if perhaps you might be able to offer even a tiny clue to unlocking this puzzle that has stayed with me for nearly 40 years now. I must say, reading the Enterprise mission archives has given me some amazing food for thought, especially as some of the elements of my puzzle seem to echo some of the more interesting things I have read lately.

Anyway, I really need to read a bit deeper into the stardrive engine (though as I said, my original glance through led me to think it was a variant of the electrogravitic drive) but that did get me to thinking. the EG drive used Extreme high voltage, no amp, and you said you tested a kasimir well device which put out extreme high voltage no amp.

Just made me think how well one would power the other, no?

marsandro said...

Hi Val,

I'm limited in what I can say
about the device I tested, as
it's a company project.

However... :-)

I was trying to make a Correa device, but without
the original patent info. What I had was not
sufficient descriptive data for a properly done
replication of the device.

The gap was far too small. I was using pure
vacuum. Copper plates. Duh. Wrong....

They had a large gap, had argon gas (for the
best results), and aluminum plates.

My output hookup also was coupled directly,
rather than through a capacitive network like
in their patent (or at least the one I got).

I had zip for power (i.e., I x E---small pun
there), whereas they had 100-fold power gain...

But sheeeeeesh, I was blowing cheap digital
meters one after another trying to read the
output voltage!!!!!

I read off a 1K, in series with more 1meg and
10meg resistors than I thought would EVER be
needed, but---kapow!---blew ANOTHER meter....

I even tried dropping the output resistor down
to 100 ohms, with the same results.

The bifets were punching through from the high
voltage, even though the current was so low that
I couldn't even read it.

The DVM was set and connected to read 1.8KV.

As you know, 1 megavolt at one microamp is only
1 lousy watt....

But I must have had TERAvolts in that thing...
assuming it wasn't even HIGHER.

I was getting the effect at around 17-23mm Hg
with regular air. Full 30mm Hg and vacuum gave
nothing. Talk about bizarre.

The meter would go out-of-range SUDDENLY when
the gas pressure hit the critical range.

I wrote it up and sent it to my CEO up at the main

We plan to study it further at a later time.
Other stuff cooking for now.

How's that?


Hathor -- Sharing a secret or two...


P.S.: The gap had a 30KV drive from an auto
spark coil driven with RF power transistors
switched with a custom-designed 555 array.


marsandro said...

Regarding the Brown Drive:

Here's a basic relationship
for it:

F = k grad dV/dt

In essence, the force derives from a pulsed
high-voltage field gradient.

For ferromagnetic objects such as steel ball
bearings, you can get a force from grad B. This
is used in an interesting little demo in which
one constructs an oval track with two magnetic
"gates", one on either side of the oval, and a
steel ball bearing is placed in one of the "gates"
so that it climbs a small ramp, then goes down
the far end, around the oval, into the next gate,
up the ramp, down the output, around the oval....

Sheesh. It works!

Field gradients at work.



Hathor -- marvelling at certain toys...


P.S.: Technically, since the track is a closed
loop, and the gate lift equals the drop due to

no "work" is done!!!!! :-p

Isn't physics wonderful....


T'Zairis said...


What you write about your 'company project' leads me to ask, is there anything being worked on that I will be able to run my house off of soon, and get off the grid? I'm so-o-o missing Tesla...


I went to your site and read through your long post. I have a few thoughts I'll share with you there (not here, as I don't want to clog things with off-topic stuff), but not until you ban Biological Unit. I kicked him off my blog as all he does is virulently attack anyone whose existence-paradigms are not what he thinks they should be, and frankly, on my *own* blog I am The Cosmic-Spear-Chucking, Owl-Attended Tiger-Goddess of the Multiverse Incarnate, so while I posted a couple of his initial messages out of courtesy, he does *not* get to spew venom and insult either me or the rest of the folks posting at Pink Lodge. Let me know when he will no longer be able to interrupt a coherent conversation with insensate drivel, and I'll be back to post.



Zakhur said...

Val and Marsandro,

Have either of you heard of John Searl? I just found out about him.

What do you think of his work? I could not help but notice how similar it is to the "star drive device" of Archer Enterprises.

Someone really needs to start asking, "Who ignored Einstein, dismissed the popular interpretation of the Michelson-Morley experiment, and is now visiting other galaxies in aether manipulation craft? And why is it so difficult for those who wish to do the same to find funding?"

I guess Hoagland's already asking that. But who in government is ever going to take him seriously? Both he, and anyone else remotely like him, is viciously caricatured by enormous numbers of influential people. Meanwhile, millions suffer horrendously from, at times, designed underdevelopment, and hubristical persons in science refuse all inkling of a revolution like that which happened in the Renaissance.

If it were possible, our very being is likely to be annihilated when the collective magnitude of human injustice and folly is revealed to us on Judgment Day...

marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

The Correa device will do nicely,
with a suitable "push-pull output"
design and a transformer.

Doable now, actually....

Hi Val,

I, too, read your blog.

Now, I'm even more confused than you appear
to be.

(Just not about myself!) <*wink*>

As to Searl, I've been reading that stuff for
years. In fact, I'm actually fairly well known
in those circles (by my *true* name).

The company is interested in my own tech, so I
can't talk much about it.... :-\

But I can discuss other people's stuff all day
long! :-)

Well, that is, as long as the company isn't looking
at the technology.... :-\

I'm the guy in charge of that....


Hathor -- sort of caught between a rock
and a hard place


Valkyrie Ice said...

T'Zaris, I removed all his posts and if he returns Maybe you can tell me how to ban him permanently (big hopeful puppy eyes)

Zakhur, don't know how much credence can be put in this, but according to Boylan, the Earth is controlled by a secret cabal of ancient reincarnating Atlanteans who deliberately ensure that the "sheeple" don't have access to anything which would threaten their rule. <.< >.> (personally I would need a bit more evidence than he presents)

Marsandro, I really wish finances would have left me able to finish getting my electronics engineering degree. At thos point I'd probably have to start classes from scratch again. Technology however is my main hobby, and Atlantology is a close second.

Which of course means I'd probably find exploring ancient highly technological ruins of previous human civilizations a dream job.

Anyway, I'd still be interested in your thoughts on my blog, confusing as it is. XP

marsandro said...

Hi Val,

I'm in a Sudafed Stupor at
the moment, so I'm not much
good today...

I'll post my comments about your blog at that
venue, when I'm more fully recovered.

Right now, I'm not even sure I'm coherent....


Hathor -- out cold...


billbob199 said...

I have looked far and wide...I have looked at the pics on this site and no where can I find what I saw.

I heard Mr. Hoagland on Coast to Coast talking about the enmity between the good and bad guys at NASA.

That maybe there was a constructed site at the location of the strike.

I was watching the live feed of the strike. I had two windows open. One window showing the visible light display, the other showing an infrared display. The module was transmitting a pic every 4 seconds.

The closer the module got to the surface I could tell where the strike would be.

From the perspective of the display, being shown, at least 180° of the north face of the crater was round. That is it was in the form of a semi circle. At about 30° to the upper right was a hot spot along the edge of the crater. I thought to myself that that could make sense if it was tall enough tor the sun to shine on it to warm it up.

The Northern half of the crater was black. But on the infrared display just north of where I could see that the module would hit was a small but very bright red spot. The module was just going to barely miss it.

At the last moment the feed stopped. This made sense if the hit was withing those last 4 seconds.

I waited to watch the feed from the second module. I did not see it in the windows I was watching. When I, in another window, on the NASA site I could only find the final response of the controllers celebrating and three talking heads discussing the event.

I thought maybe the other module had to finish one more orbit before it could do its mission. I waited and nothing ever showed on the site.

Then I watched the press release interview afterward. All NASA would say is that they could not say any thing until they go through the data.

Much later in the day I found out that no one saw a plume.

That is when I concluded that at the last moment...THEY SHOT IT DOWN.

The pictures I have seen on Dark Mission is not what I remember seeing and no one absolutely no has mentioned that red spot I saw.

I now wish I had been running a screen capture program. Was I the only one in the country, in the world that was watching the live feeds?

Zakhur said...


Since I don't believe in reincarnation, I don't agree with Boylan in those particular details. However, I do believe in an immortal spirit of evil that, since the beginnings of the human race, has actively recruited the most naturally gifted of its members. It keeps them, for the most part in the dark about its true goal, which is humanity's utter destruction. Jealousy, perhaps, is the root of its motivation.

wholeness said...

Unfortunately, U2 has sold out to the Queen and the Illuminati. There was lots of occult symbology surrounding their last album release, A conspiracy radio show called "A View From Space" had an entire episode about that a while ago. I know that 3:33:33 is some kind of Illuminati and/or Masonic message since the number 33 is very important to both groups, although I don't know what it means to them exactly.