Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ken Johnston Still Under Attack

Despite our recent posting of Dr. Ken Johnston’s credentials, certificates and awards, including his doctoral certificate from the Reform Baptist Theological Seminary of Denver, granted in 1985, NASA shill James Oberg has continued to attack Ken on several fronts. From the ridiculous accusation that Ken was not “in charge” of the photographs in his possession at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory, to attacking the doctorate itself, Oberg has been -- inexplicably for a guy who says he wants to “move on to other things” -- persistent. By his own account, Oberg has been burning up the phone lines trying to find something – anything – to discredit a man he has known for over 30 years, while continuing to pretend he’s never even met Ken Johnston.

The purpose of these vicious and personal attacks is multi-faceted, and designed to achieve several nefarious goals.

Any objective observer would have long-since concluded that Ken is exactly who he says he is, and that he has provided more than sufficient documentation verifying his resume. Yet, in his unrelenting attempts to assassinate Ken’s character, Oberg has hidden behind the lie that he is simply doing what any other journalist would do in his shoes. In reality, Oberg’s attacks have nothing to do with journalism. Oberg has no intention of ever writing anything for NBC or MSNBC on the questions raised by Dark Mission or the testimony Ken has given. He’s simply using this as an excuse to attack an honest American who served his country with honor in the Marines and at NASA in order to satisfy the blood thirst of the creeps who inhabit the CSICOP (now “CSI”) end of the spectrum, and to serve those at NASA who are threatened by Ken’s testimony.

This is clearly proven out by the pettiness and irrationality of the specific attacks themselves.

For instance, Oberg continues to argue that Ken was not “in charge” of the photographic datasets in his possession at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, despite the memo from NASA’s Dr. Jeffery L. Warner, which states that “the data and photo facilities in Room 105 that is run by Ken Johnston… is an order of magnitude better than when I left it.” It’s hard to understand how someone who “runs” a data and photo facility is somehow not “in charge” of the data and photos that he is given oversight of. Only a twisted agenda like Oberg’s can manage to turn this into some sort of “discrepancy.”

Furthermore, it wouldn’t matter if Ken had been merely the janitor at the LRL during the Apollo Program, much less “in charge” of anything. All that matters is that he was, in fact, in a position to have access to the official Apollo photographs he has now provided to the world (as Dr. Warner’s memo, among many other documents, clearly establishes); that he was subsequently ordered to destroy these photographs (a story we recount in “Dark Mission”), and that he chose instead to preserve some of the images -- to the ultimate betterment of mankind.

So given these indisputable facts, why is Oberg still pursuing a subject he claims he’d rather not be spending time on? Perhaps the answer lies in the legal entanglements which potentially arise from NASA’s original order.

One unspoken motivation for Oberg’s bumbling attempts at intimidation and highly invasive attacks on Ken’s character may be the desire to discredit him as a potential first-hand witness. Given the highly questionable legality of the order given to Ken to destroy key Apollo photographic data, a future courtroom appearance or Congressional inquiry is not out of the question. Several former NASA employees, all probably drawing pensions from their days at the Agency, are potentially implicated. That these same ex-NASA employees are now (according to Oberg anyway) denying that Ken Johnston was ever actually involved in the management of any LRL facilities or in charge of any photographs is hardly surprising. However, given their signed memos to the contrary (from over 30 years ago), it’s clear that they are most likely simply trying to cover their own rear ends, since they are directly threatened by Ken’s first person testimony regarding what they ordered him to do in those critical Apollo years.

This relentless smear campaign will also have a chilling effect on anyone else inside NASA thinking about coming forward. If they were to do so, as Ken has, and tell the truth about what they saw and did at the Agency all those years ago, they can expect the same sort of threats, intimidation and character assault that Ken has now experienced. Oberg, from his position as science reporter at NBC news, has already shown -- by getting Ken fired from his position as JPL Solar System Ambassador -- that he will use his power as a “journalist” to wreck the reputation of anyone who dares stand up to the NASA “family.”

However, as an obviously unintended consequence of Oberg’s one-man smear campaign against Ken, we now know that there were several other NASA photo labs, most notably “Building 8” at NASA’s (then) MSC in Houston, where early generation Apollo photographic prints and negatives were also stored and analyzed. So the question now arises, who was in charge of those official NASA photographs? And were they also ordered, as Ken was, to destroy their sets of photographic data from Apollo around the same time Ken was given his specific orders?

Perhaps someday (Congressional), inquiring minds will want to know…

But we must not lose sight of the most significant underlying reason for Oberg’s increasingly desperate efforts to attack Ken Johnston -- to distract readers of this blog (and anyone in the mainstream media) from the real, far more significant policy questions that are raised by Dr. Johnston’s disturbing first-person testimony. Namely, why was he told to destroy four priceless sets of lunar surface and orbital photography from the Apollo missions, and what was on them that NASA was so interested in hiding that they refused to allow the photos to be preserved or simply donated to academic institutions, to whom they would have been invaluable?

What Ken’s meticulously preserved first-generation prints showed was massive artificial “scaffolding” towering over the astronauts as they worked around the Lunar Module “Antares,” on Apollo 14. Later comparisons with Apollo 12 images from that landing site (only 122 miles away) confirmed these same towering glass-like structures, literally “over the horizon,” -- as seen from both landing sites. But without confirmation from NASA’s own image archive, some 30 years (and who knows how many photographic generations) later, Ken’s heroic act of disobedience might have gone unrewarded. As it is, thanks to the scanning efforts of NASA’s own archivists, we can now confirm that these artificial structures are clearly visible in NASA’s current database posted on its own official websites – even if they are degraded by the passing of more than a generation since Ken obtained his original prints and refused the orders by NASA Headquarters to destroy them.

So again, the issue is not “Ken Johnston,” an American hero who served his country when called and who was a true pioneer in the development of the Apollo program itself, but rather the data he preserved and showed the world.

As to Mr. Oberg, who, not satisfied with getting Ken fired from his well deserved position as a JPL Solar System Ambassador, has continued to attack Ken and complain about his own treatment in these pages, we have only one thing more to add. Oberg has continued to insist in both private emails and public forums that Ken -- and indeed our entire premise -- should be rejected, because in his mind we made an “error” in our second press release promoting the October 30th National Press Club event.

Forgetting for the moment that I had nothing to do with the composition of that press release (I was merely the contact person listed on it), Oberg has also attacked me personally because the press release mentions that Oberg was “a colleague of Johnston’s at NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center during the Apollo Program in the 1970’s.” Note that the release never said that Oberg “worked on the Apollo program itself, or anything else implying that he was directly involved in Apollo when employed at NASA. Oberg, however, has continued to insist that he was never even at the (Johnson) Manned Spacecraft Center “during the Apollo program.”

Oberg buttresses his argument by writing that he started at JSC (the renamed “MSC,” in 1973) in late July, 1975 -- after the splashdown of the final Apollo mission, the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP). He actually states his “start date” at JSC as July 28th, one week exactly after the splashdown of the Apollo-Soyuz mission.

This is, at best, a Clintonian prevarication.

As anyone who has ever worked in aerospace well knows, programs don’t “end” with the splashdown of a spacecraft or final flight of an aircraft. They go on for months, and sometimes years, afterwards. There is data to be gathered, scientific and engineering reviews to be published, and lessons learned to be applied to the next program.

Apollo was no different. In fact, the Apollo Program Office continued to stay open well beyond the July 21st splashdown of the last Apollo spacecraft. This official NASA history (SP-4209) shows that the Apollo Program Office was still open as late as October, 1975, when it was refitted to accommodate the shuttle program, which Ken and James both worked on.

It is not surprising to us that James Oberg continues to make outrageous charges and false claims about Ken, or is deceptive about his own employment history in a lame attempt to cover up the simple fact that he and Ken Johnston, indeed, both worked together at Johnson “during the Apollo Program.” We implore our readers to cut through the noise created by Oberg’s ongoing fallacious claims, and focus instead on what’s really important here – the amazing Apollo lunar ruins that NASA has tried, and now obviously failed, to keep secret for so long.

And to focus on the courage of one real American -- who has dared to stand up to an unending barrage of personal attacks at the hands of one of NASA’s own “hit men,” for simply trying to tell everyone the truth.


antigray said...

Hi Mike,
I met and talked to both Richard Hoagland and Ken Johnston when they had a conference here in Cocoa, Florida about the face on Mars. It was called "About Face." I also have the whole conference on video tape that I got from Joe Jordan the local MUFON president when I was doing research for my book. I wrote about it in my book too. The tape allowed me to copy verbatim what was said at the conference by the participants and on video tape they ran of Neil Armstrong speaking. Ken Johnston presented his credentials on the big screen and they checked out back then. This is the excerpt from my book:



Art read an advertisement in Florida Today newspaper for a seminar to be held at Brevard Community College. The seminar was about the “Face on Mars.” The day of the meeting Art closed his store two hours early to attend the seminar. When he arrived on the college campus, he saw a crowd of about 250 people standing in front of the school auditorium. Banners hung from every lamppost on campus announcing the seminar, which was called “About Face.” Amber Johnson stood at the top of the auditorium front steps, encircled by a group of about 12 MUFON members. Art Greenfield walked up the steps to where Amber was talking to the very attentive group. She said to the group, “I wish I could remember what the “Gray” told me about that time control device that I looked at during my last abduction. I plan to undergo hypnotic regression to bring out all the details. It was the only time I’d ever seen any equipment on their craft that wasn’t hooked permanently to a wall or ceiling. I think I vaguely remember it’s a gyroscope based device that slows time.” Art told her, “I may be able to help. I’ve figured out a way to capture your “little friends” and you can ask them personally.” Amber said, “If you do, we could polygraph them at my PD station to see if we get a reaction. There are a lot of questions I want answered too, like what they want with us. Since they only communicate telepathically, the right to remain silent won’t mean shit to them.” Art said, “They will know what we’re thinking and that could cause physiological reactions at the wrong time. I guess it’s still worth a try.”
The start of the seminar was announced, and the crowd filed into the auditorium. On the auditorium stage were two large 20-foot high rear projection screens with a podium located between them. Two men walked out on the stage, welcomed everybody, and introduced themselves as Richard Hoagland and Ken Johnston. Ken stated that he had worked for NASA as an engineer, and he had been a test pilot on the Space Shuttle. He said prior to that he had been a test pilot for a large aircraft company and had served as a fighter pilot in the Marine Corps. Next Mr. Hoagland summarized his background as an author, science writer, and former scientific advisor to NASA and newsman Walter Chronkite. Both men proceeded to show on the big screens, copies of their service records, NASA employment documentation, etc. Their professional credentials and awards were most impressive. Richard stepped up to the podium at center stage and said, “NASA is covering up what they’ve found on the Moon and Mars.” On the big screens Richard showed official NASA photographs taken on the Moon during the first Apollo landing. “All of these photos have been recently enhanced by a computer enhancement system at NASA,” he said. He clicked up a picture of Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. “Neil Armstrong took this picture.” It showed Buzz Aldrin standing with the American flag and Lunar Excursion Module visible in the background. Richard said, “Older engineers at the Cape have been saying for years, ‘If you want to see what’s really on the Moon, look in the reflection of the astronaut’s helmet visor.’” Richard clicked up a close-up shot of Aldrin’s helmet, showing the highly reflective gold tinted visor. Richard pointed out that the reflection in the visor showed Neil Armstrong holding the camera as he shot the picture. There is also a “structure” visible behind Armstrong to the right. Then he clicked up a photo of Alan Bean on the Moon. “Everything we brought to the Moon is visible half a mile behind Alan Bean, so nothing artificial should be behind Pete Conrad, whose reflection you can see in Bean’s visor. We see reflected in the visor a structure of some sort that can be seen over the top of a 15 foot high glass wall.” Richard then clicked up an enhanced blowup shot of another much larger image of a structure taken from the Apollo 11 Command Module as it was orbiting 15 miles above the Moon. “We call it ‘The Castle.’” It looked like three large glass cylindrical towers side by side, with a tall spire extending up from the center tower. The next two photos of “The Castle” were taken by a forward looking l6 MM movie camera mounted on the Command Module as it was flying over the Moon at 15 miles altitude. Richard said he recently used NASA computers and determined that from the change in position of the structure in the time between two movie frames, it’s size was 1 mile high, 1 mile wide and it was on top of a black cone shaped base that was nine miles high itself. “When we ran the helmet visor reflection data through the computer, it gave us the same size and location.” Richard stepped through a series of 16 MM movie frames, backward and forward on the big screen, taken from the Command Module, showing the Earth rising over the Lunar horizon. The Earth’s image was shining through and backlighting a long horizontal glass structure that stood above the edge of the horizon. “Computer enhancement shows it to be made up of many glass tubes laying sideways, stacked one atop the other. Each glass tube is several miles in diameter. It measures 20 miles high and 60 miles long. The remnants of a glass dome are visible. The dome once covered the entire structure. This last Apollo photo shows a white triangle positioned inside of a gray crater. It’s exactly 16 miles on each side of the triangle. It’s located dead center on the Moon as it faces the Earth, positioned so it can’t be missed.” Richard clicked up another Moon picture taken in the near infrared by the “Clementine” satellite. Richard said, “This shows the heat signature of a large underground complex. It is made up of long tubelike structures that are parallel to each other, and cross other parallel tubes going in different directions on three different levels. They run between 40 and 60 miles in length. This picture came from the NASA Select Channel in a live feed as the satellite took them. When we first saw it, we called NASA to get some follow-up shots. NASA pulled the plug on the live feed and reported they had lost control of the satellite and lost all pictures due to a computer glitch. There were other Clementine photos supplied to us by an aerospace engineer involved with the project. When we asked him to get more photos of certain areas, he was told by the project system operator that all the online photo files had been erased and permanently lost due to an error of some kind, and even the server was gone. Of the two million photos taken by Clementine, only a handful have been released to the public." Richard said, “Isn’t it strange they named the satellite Clementine, after a song about a person who is permanently lost?” Richard sang the entire “Clementine” song for effect. He put special emphasis on the fateful line, “You are lost and gone forever, oh my darling Clementine.” Richard next ran a videotape from CSPAN, made on July 20, 1994. It showed Neil Armstrong making a short speech at the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration for the Apollo 11 Moon landing, held at the White House by Pres. Clinton. When it was Neil’s turn to speak, he said, “Wilbur Wright once noted that the only bird that could talk was the parrot, and he didn't fly very well. This week, America has been recalling the Apollo program and reliving the memories of those friends in which so many of us here, colleagues here in the first rows, were immersed. Our old astrogeology mentor, Gene Shoemaker, even called in one of his comets to mark the occasion with spectacular Jovian fireworks and reminding us once again of the power and consequences of celestial extracurricular activities. Many Americans were part of Apollo, about one or two in each thousand citizens all across the country, they were asked by their county to do the impossible, to envisage, to design, and to build a method of breaking the bonds of Earth's gravity and then sally forth and visit another heavenly body. The principal elements being direct navigation in space and sending men to a planet not encumbered with runways and traffic controls which includes the major requirements necessary for a spacefaring people. Today, the Space Shuttle flies overhead with an international crew and a number of country's international space programs. During the space age we have increased the knowledge of our universe a thousand fold. Today we have with us a group of students who are among America's best. To you we say, we have only completed a beginning. We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief. These challenges are yours, In many fields, not the least of which is space, because there lies human destiny." Richard Hoagland said, "Very interesting, because if you will notice Neil began his speech by comparing himself and the other astronauts to parrots. What do parrots do? Parrots mimic. They repeat precisely what they are told. And then what did he tell the students at the end of the speech? He told them that this was merely a beginning. That there are truths there for those who can remove one of truth's protective layers. Now what in the world's protective layers have been assembled around truths? In other words, what our suspicions are, and this is obviously not confirming compelling evidence, but what our suspicions are is that Neil Armstrong and a number of the crews have now begun a process where they are trying to communicate between the lines; that there are things that we need to pay attention to. And what we are gonna try to do tonight is to show you some of those things that we have paid attention to and to see if in fact that our suspicions are correct.” Richard did not take note of something that was very obvious to those of us watching the videotape. Neil Armstrong must have been under a lot of pressure when he delivered his speech. His body language and voice gave it away. He was shaking when he started to give the speech, and he gave it in a quavering voice. Richard Hoagland continued, “Recently astronomers, who book time on the Hubble Space Telescope to study the Moon, have been stopped from using it. They aren’t told in advance that they can’t look at the Moon. When their scheduled time arrives, they get a computer message stating the Hubble can not be pointed at the Moon as it is too bright and will cause damage. That is false. When the Hubble was first put in orbit, it’s systems had to be color aligned. It was pointed at a cloud-covered area of Earth for 3 days for white color alignment. The glare given off by the white fluffy clouds was 50 times brighter than the Moon at it’s brightest.” Richard next ran another videotape taken from the NASA Select Channel. It came from a 1991 shuffle mission, STS-48. It showed a saucer shaped UFO rising at a 45 degree angle from the Earth. In a fraction of a second it changed direction 145 degrees and literally streaked away. It jumped from about 17,000 M.P.H. to 80,000 M.P.H. About a second after it had changed course, a concentrated energy burst came up from the Earth and passed right through the exact position the saucer had just occupied before it’s course change. It was spectacular on the big screen.
Richard next talked about the “face” on Mars. Richard clicked up a picture of the face taken by the Viking probe. Richard said, “We recently computer enhanced the picture of the face and compared it to the face of the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt and got an exact match. The Martian face is located in an immense pyramid complex that is laid out in the shape of a tetrahedron. The most startling thing about this, is that the face on Mars with its pyramid complex, the three structure sites on the Moon, and the Sphinx-pyramid complex on Earth, are all located at 19.47 degrees latitude on their respective worlds.” Richard continued, “Around the time the pyramids were completed, half of the world’s population died off or vanished. The last satellite sent to photograph Mars, disappeared when it was three days away from it’s destination. I have been informed by two people from JPL and two people from NASA, none of whom know each other, that the Mars Observer satellite was taken into the black.” Richard said that he had no answer to what all this meant, but he thought the top people at NASA are covering up the truth in a conspiracy directed by the Masons. He said, “All the top NASA people are Masons. It was these Masons that originated the Orion mission patch for the first Apollo missions.” He clicked up a picture of the original Apollo mission shoulder patch on one big screen, and a picture of some Masonic logos on the other big screen. Richard pointed out they both had the Orion star constellation on them. Next Richard displayed another picture on one big screen showing that the pyramids in the Giza complex were laid out in the shape of the belt in the Orion constellation. Richard said he was a Mason himself, and knew that the Masonic organization was more than 5,000 years old. This was the ultimate conspiracy theory, with Richard presenting hard evidence that there was at least a chance that some “group” was calling the shots. Richard said most NASA launches and landings coincided with the times of the rising and setting of the Orion constellation, with no need for launch windows at those particular times. Was someone exercising their power of scheduling for ritual reasons? After the seminar ended, Art Greenfield went down to the stage area of the auditorium. He asked Ken Johnston if anyone had analyzed the heat signature of the complex in the Clementine photo to determine if it was hot enough to show it was an active alien base. Ken said, “That’s a very good idea.” An older man came down the aisle to where Art and Ken were talking. He introduced himself as a doctor (Ph.D.) from NASA. He asked Ken, “Would you like to know what really happened to the missing Mars probe?” Ken said, “Sure.” The doctor said, “The probe was controlled by JPL in Pasadena, Cal. They thought they had sole control of the mission. The Cape had a second set of controls, but kept hands off. When the probe was three days out from Mars, a distressing event occurred. Telemetry showed magnetic anomalies on the probe’s blind side. JPL sent a command to the probe to swing around and point the TV camera at the cause of the disturbance. The controllers at the Cape quickly sent a command to the probe to change its command and telemetry frequencies. At that point JPL “lost” all control and contact. The Cape controllers then turned the probe around. They saw a cylindrical spacecraft that was at least two miles long. They taped it for a few minutes before sending a command to shut down. The Cape tried to reacquire contact the next day after JPL had packed it in. Nothing. It was really lost. They tried for five days. No luck. Do you know how we found it?” Ken said, “No. How?” The doctor said, “We have a string of distant early warning satellites out between the orbit of Mars and the asteroid belt. We turned one of them around, pointed it toward Mars and reacquired the probe. Then it was taken into the black.” The doctor made several more statements that can’t be repeated here, regarding how he knew what he knew. Ken asked, “What are the early warning satellites for?” The doctor said, “They’re used to watch for incoming mother ships.” Ken asked, “Why?” The doctor said, “Because of what the aliens have planned for us.” With dread in his voice, Ken asked, “What do they have planned for us?” The doctor said, “I’m not allowed to tell you.” “Does NASA know what the aliens have planned?”- Ken asked. The doctor said, “Yes,” adding quickly, “Let me tell you something. When I was in the military in combat, I came close to death and I was scared. A few years ago, I was in a hospital very close to death and I was even more scared. But what the aliens have planned for us, literally scares the shit out of me.” Ken asked, “Can I have your phone number?” The doctor said, “Just give me your card.” All three men left the auditorium. As they were about to go out the front door, Art asked the doctor if he’d give even a hint about the alien plans. The doctor said, “No, sorry I can’t. I will tell you one thing, (he said rather emotionally), it is so scary, I can’t even tell my wife.” Now this meant something to us local people. It is a known fact around here that engineers at the Cape tell their wives everything! That’s how sensitive information about the Challenger accident got out. The same for Amber’s husband telling her about the three engineers back-engineering the saucer, and that getting out to the media, etc. This has been a common occurrence, with quite a bit of secret NASA information becoming local gossip. This means what’s coming is BAD. You can be sure that if the few NASA people who know the alien plans talked, it could result in their death. Specific details would hang them. They are the only ones who know the exact details. Fear of punishment keeps those that know the truth silent and desperate.
That is a minor problem compared to the disaster we face. WE, as in ALL of us. YOU are in grave danger. I’m writing this book because from all indications, I believe we are about 1 to 3 years away from the arrival of the aliens. We know too much about them and what they have been doing to mankind since man began, and they know we now pose a military threat to them. When the energy weapon seen being used in the STS-48 video missed, that gave the aliens on that craft the information on what we had. They most surely would have reported it to their military. This could very well be the last roundup. In the last 50 years we have advanced our level of other military technology too, posing a big threat to the alien agenda of recurring mass harvesting and processing. Some of the sheep are armed and aware! The aliens can’t allow their cattle to revolt.

Commentary: When the movie is made, I would like to hire the original participants to recreate their part in history. Trust me, Richard Hoagland and Ken Johnston can do a credible job of presenting the information from their seminars in the movie. They are good.
End excerpt.
My book covers alien abduction, the alien agenda, and a lot more. It is in the process of being made into a motion picture by a major movie studio. There is a lot of information about the subjects covered in the book on my website. AND, you can order it through Barnes &Noble (see below). If you have any questions please ask.
My Website:
Check out all the pages on the site. I wrote it like a tabloid newspaper so that I could impress on readers an outline of what has been going on throughout history.

The publisher's website to order my book is at:

WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of
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gene said...

Oberg should be sued for libel in order to stop him and others in the future from partaking in this kind of BS.

expat said...

Off-topic, I know, but still.....

In your sell for the 4th November Los Angeles meeting, you ask, among other questions, "Why has NASA carefully concealed Gil Levin's 1976 Viking discovery of microbial life on Mars?"

NASA has done no such thing. Dr Levin was available to the accredited press at the time, Viking Biology Team Leader Harold Klein discussed the Labeled Release experiments in open press briefings [ex:],
NASA-published reports and summaries have made no attempt whatsoever to conceal Dr Levin's anomalous result, and he has not in
any way been deterred from publishing independent papers in peer-reviewed journals [ex:].

Look, the situation was this -- please try your best to think scientifically: Viking carried three biology experiments, Gas Exchange (GEX), Dr. Levin's Labeled Release (LR), and Pyrolytic Release (PR). In addition, a GCMS (gas chromatograph mass spectrometer) was capable of detecting organic molecules. When the experiments were run, GEX and PR were conclusively negative. GCMS detected no trace of organics. LR showed an immediate response to the first nutrient injection, onsistent with biological activity. Subsequent injections gave results that were NOT consistent with biology. Results were essentially the same at both landing sites.

Obviously, this posed a dilemma for Viking science. The overall result was pretty clear: NO BIOLOGY, but the LR sequence begged to be explained. The explanation that Harold Klein and Viking chief scientist Gerry Soffen accepted -- and still the consensus -- was chemical reaction of superoxides. Now, that may not be the final word, to be sure -- but in declaring that there must be _some_ non-biological explanation, Klein and Soffen made absolutely the right call from a scientific point of view. Your accusation that NASA has "carefully concealed" this data is misinformed and erroneous, as is the mere use of the phrase discovery of microbial life".

Mike Bara said...

Dr. Levin doesn't agree with you.

expat said...

What part of the story would Dr Levin disagree with?

expat said...

Here's another page of interest to Viking LR experiment results: PDS Geosciences data set, including all raw data, experimenter's notebook, errata.

Do you still consider this material to have been "carefully concealed"?

JimO said...

Submitted 00:30 CST Dec 10, 2007

-- What is the source of your persistent delusion about me “burning up the phone lines trying to find something – anything – to discredit a man he has known for over 30 years, while continuing to pretend he’s never even met Ken Johnston.” Where did I claim I had “never met” him – and how would I have a reliably complete roster of the thousands of people whose paths crossed with mine in the 22 years I worked at the NASA center? What I think I’ve been posting is that I don’t recall anything about him from that period – something I still believe to be true. What I vigorously dispute is your continued allegation that I was “a colleague” of Johnston’s and knew well that his claimed biographical details were authentic – an allegation which (as with all the others) you present no evidence beyond your own steadfast faith in your own imagination.

-- As for “during the Apollo program”, I recall being quite explicit in saying I never got to the center until after the last flight – a fact which you cannot dispute. Johnston’s own program awards documents (the ones affectionately known as ‘phone book awards’ in that everybody employed in the program got them) show he was in the Skylab program by 1972, no longer at the Apollo Program’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory, and I myself was never in the Apollo program – it was shuttle, from my first day – so the entire allegation is misleading and bogus. Besides, arguing when Apollo ended is pretty endless, since “Apollo program” (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia // says “The Apollo program was a human spaceflight program undertaken by NASA during the years 1961 – 1975 with the goal of conducting manned moon landing missions,” and at we see reference to “The Apollo Program Summary Report (Document # JSC-09423, April 1975) – if the summary report is published before I even get there, one might presume the program had ended prior to the summary report being written.

-- But that’s a quibble – the critical allegation that I knew Johnston’s claimed bio statements were true, from familiarity with him in the 1970s, and hence acted unethically to check up on them recently, is the main bogus claim in this argument.

Mike Bara said...

You just have to keep moving the goalposts, don't you Jim? How many times have you tried to set a new standard to be be met?

Face it, you lost. Go away.

JimO said...

Mike refers to "the ridiculous accusation that Ken was not “in charge” of the photographs in his possession at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory..."

Why use inflammatory language such as "accusation"? Maybe I didn't make myself clear -- I was claiming, based on interviews with multiple sources who worked in the LRL and the Apollo photography office (NOT in the LRL), that the claim that Ken was "in charge" of the original Apollo imagery, and hence could destroy unique and irreplaceable records as part of some coverup, was not consistent with everybody else's recollection, the organization charts, and the existing photo archive history.

I'm sorry if that was unclear, and if I seemed to dispute that Ken had access to one or more sets of imagery in the lab. I was focusing on the bigger question of Ken's authority over the original archives.

robert said...

JimO said...


I was focusing on the bigger question of Ken's authority over the original archives.

December 10, 2007 9:25 AM



And you did this as a Representative of NBC News when you signed that email to Ms. Ferrari, something now NBC is saying you did not have the authority to do since it was your 'private' investigation. Yet they will not come here and PUBICLY distance themselves from about this matter. Until THAT happens we here can only presume that THEY are indeed behind the original email and continuation of this attack either openly or behind the scenes.

And YOU continually bring the question up in OTHER wit..:

"Now, as long as the images don't show any vast collapsed glass domes and other ruins up there --
even half-vast ruins would be newsworthy! They would be a match for the half-vast theories of some recent authors and bloggers on 'lunar anomalies'.
Jim Oberg (Sent Wednesday, December 05, 2007 5:02 PM)"

So YOU are STILL on the attack.

Why should we not counter YOUR accusations and 'supposedly' false use of NBC credentials?


Anonymous said...

I find this quite interesting:

Based on what I personally witnessed there, I strongly now believe that NASA itself began the lie "we never went to the Moon" -- as ultimate insurance against anyone someday asking "what did NASA REALLY discover on the Moon?!"

I believe that NASA, by carefully planting this entire "Moon hoax myth" in 1969, was setting the stage for the long-term concealment of the real reason for, and the major outcome of, President Kennedy's "crash" Apollo Moon Program.

Namely, it appears that military astronauts were specifically sent to the Moon by NASA -- with secret orders to report on and bring back priceless, ancient ET technology they found there. These were intended to be used for later classified analysis and "back-engineering" by NASA and the US government.

And this:

Here is another important fact we have uncovered. In a joint session of the US Congress, on May 25, 1961, President Kennedy publicly announced the Apollo Program. This was heralded as a major United States effort to "beat the Soviet Union to the Moon."

However, just two weeks after making this announcement, the President privately met up with Premier Khruschev at their first Vienna Summit... and suggested that both nations "go to the Moon together!"

And finally:

How else can one rationally explain this: Two major geopolitical enemies come within “a hair's-breadth of annihilating the human race in a nuclear war” in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Then suddenly, just a year later, they agree to JOINTLY forsake the highly public "Moon race" ... and go to the Moon together!

How about THIS rational explanation. We actually never DID go to Moon and Kennedy KNEW that his plan was folly. He knew the Soviets were MUCH further along as evidenced by their successes as juxtaposed against our failures. I find it interesting America was having difficulty even getting rockets off the ground consistently at the beginning of the decade, but by the end, we were supposedly on the Moon. RIGHT!

JimO said...

Posted dec 10 // 11:17 AM CST
Editied dec 11 // 1:13 PM CST

gene said... "Oberg should be sued for libel in order to stop him and others in the future from partaking in this kind of BS."

I'd like to ask Gene to dispassionately list any alleged libels that I have made about Ken Johnston.

Let's try for one, first. Please specify it, and where on this thread (or anywhere) I'm actually supposed to have made it. Just remembering something, or hearing somebody else SAID I said it, isn't good enough, of course.

JimO said...

submitted Dec 11, 1:15 PM CST

Mike, can you update your blog readers on the status of the search for the photographs that Ken gave to his university for safekeeping? Where are they now?

Mike Bara said...


robert said...

JimO said...
submitted Dec 11, 1:15 PM CST

Mike, can you update your blog readers on the status of the search for the photographs that Ken gave to his university for safekeeping? Where are they now?

December 11, 2007 11:16 AM

Mr. Oberg,

I asked you a long time ago why don't YOU use your intensive "NBC" and "NASA" 'connections' to find out what happened to over 690 First Generation Television Tapes from the ENTIRE Apollo Era that have somehow...gone mssing...maybe like the CIA torture tapes have gone missing.

And people laugh at 'conpirator theorists'...heck Mr. Oberg this Administration is FULL of lies and much as the "1998 CATBOX" was full of cat feces put out by NASA/JPL/MSSS to try and "Squash" the Ares Face in Cydoia issue...whoops...NASA doesn't lie now does it? Nor does it INTENTIONALLY loose things now does it? Now does it INTENTIONALLY keep 97% of ALL Lunar Imagery hidden from public view until they are near the point of decay. And NASA could NEVER tell someone to DESTROY data? Where's the TV TAPES? And NASA would NEVER lie either...then what did Gerry Soffen mean in 1976 when he said another picture taken a few hours later showed Tobias Owen's found HEAD was 'gone'? Cydonia was in darkness a few hours later and could NOT have been imaged. It was NOT imaged again until 35 orbits later.

So let's not get in a 'huff' about NASA not being able to pull to some of their own 'shredding of truth' and outright lies for their own or someone else's "agenda".

You are STILL here and elsewhere acting as a debunker as a represenative from NBS News...and UNTIL and NOT until THEN that NBC comes here and says you are NOT representing them on this and other 'controversial' issues...we remain with the only conclusion we can come up with.

NBC is STILL paying you to do this.

If NBC wants answers...why not put Hoagland and Johnston on Hardball...Chris Mathews is a man a LOT of people trust...if NBC News WANTS to THAT rather than some minor minion they can deny works for them when they screw up like you did.


Biological_Unit said...

Where is Ken Johnston ?

He was going to show us pictures of him getting in and out of the LEM.

NASA sent men to the Moon but the Chinese and Japanese can't find all that Rovers and junk. They know that they won't find anything, we all know that we won't find anything.

gene said...

"I'd like to ask Gene to dispassionately list any alleged libels that I have made about Ken Johnston."

How 'bout stating or implying that Ken lied about his credentials, thereby causing the loss of his job?

"Just remembering something, or hearing somebody else SAID I said it, isn't good enough, of course."

In a court of law it's not good enough, but for the purpose of this blog that people are following, it's fine.

gene said...

I'd like to make a suggestion:
Put all posts regarding Ken's credentials in a section of their own, and use the rest of the blog to discuss Dark Mission and the subject matter covered by Dark Mission.

We've been distracted enough. When people who are new to this subject matter come here hoping to find out more, all they see is an argument over someone's credentials.

I wonder: Is that an accident or a plan?

JimO said...

Bob, I am not responsible for your misunderstandings of space events and history, and I am not obliged to try to set you straight. You're on your own.

I'm looking into the validity of claims made in Darl_Mission and in the promotional campaign around it, based on interests expressed by media clients, and I have advised them of my assessments.

All that was done privately.

Publicly, I have been made the target of a series of wild accusations, disconnected from reality, offensive, and potentially damaging. I have responded by posting corrections and results of further investigations, directed at facts, not personalities, focussing on external realities, not internal motivations and intents.

I think you only have to look at the rhetoric on these threads in recent weeks to see the patterns of wild accusations, imaginary 'motives', bizarre misquotations and misrepresentations, gutter language, and other argumentation, to recognize who is trying to present evidence, and who is trying to distort it.

Mike Bara said...

Unit, you are so dumb. Why wait for a picture from Ken? Here's one of an actual astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, in the LM hatch opening:

Please read my "Who mourns for Apollo" articles on That way you won't say such sillly things.

Mike Bara said...

It's a plan.

guadalupejoe said...

i worked for NASA in the mid 80's.. they are a congressionally funded fed organ. they are all pr related and will do anything they are told at higher hq level in order to get funding... when i was at ksc florida i read in the local rag that so much info and pictures were in storage and rotting away it was rediculous... wonder what it would take to probe or see all that junk....?
guad Joe

robert said...

JimO said...
Bob, I am not responsible for your misunderstandings of space events and history, and I am not obliged to try to set you straight. You're on your own.

I'm looking into the validity of claims made in Darl_Mission and in the promotional campaign around it, based on interests expressed by media clients, and I have advised them of my assessments.

All that was done privately.

Publicly, I have been made the target of a series of wild accusations, disconnected from reality, offensive, and potentially damaging. I have responded by posting corrections and results of further investigations, directed at facts, not personalities, focussing on external realities, not internal motivations and intents.




YOU did NOT do your inquiry into Ken Johnston's credentials "privately"...YOU made those inquiries as a "NBC News Space Correspondent" as stated in your signiture of YOUR original email.

THAT is something you CANNOT deny.

If it was 'private' WHY did you use NBC NEWS's credentials?

Did you have permission to do so for ALL of your 'private' investigations for 'other' clents'?

Why not use those other clients' credentials?

Maybe because you have none and a paid misinformant of NBC MEANSTREAM MEDIA.

And once more...until NBC comes here and distances themselves from you and your continued harrasment and inquiry into this matter...we are left only to conclude that NBC is STILL paying you to do this here since it STARTED with you as a REPRESENATIVE of NBC. period.

I am well aware of history and HATE people like you who are one of the most vile form of people on the Earth... hagiographers.

Trying to re-write the past to cover your ass.

Not on my watch.


MeanGreen said...

Mike - Is it true what AntiGray wrote?:

"Richard said he was a Mason himself,"

AntiGray - are you Art Greenfield? On this tape you got from Joe Jordan, does it have RCH claiming he is a Mason? Thanks for sharing!

DrRon said...

Jimo said:

I'm looking into the validity of claims made in Darl_Mission and in the promotional campaign around it, based on interests expressed by media clients, and I have advised them of my assessments.

All that was done privately.---

Perhaps you doled your drivel to some in private, but on the whole,

I disagree!!!

All one has to do is take a quick look at the online reviews posted of Dark Mission. There is clear proof there that Jim is one of 2 things: 1. A blatant Liar or 2. A man that is so deranged (lunacy) that he believes that what he says is true.

What I point to is the fact that he has taken upon himself to attack, in no less smug terms than used here, any good review or positive outlook on DM.

Is this being done in 'private'?

Just as he embarked on his mission of stupidity in perpetuity (perhaps there are alternative forms of energy) on this blog, so it goes elsewhere.

Therefore, what he says should be given no credence.


Mike Bara said...

Richard is categorically not a Mason. For the record, enither am I. I have thought about joining though, just to F*** with all your heads.... :)

JimO said...

Bob: "I am well aware of history and HATE people like you who are one of the most vile form of people on the Earth... hagiographers."

I do not think that word means what you think it means....

hagiographer -- the author of a worshipful or idealizing biography

Bob, I've advised you before -- prior to sending out your messages you really ought to have them reviewed by somebody else in the house with a command of English.

JimO said...

The issue of my alleged former familiarity with Johnston goes directly to the credibility of accusations against me of unethical conduct, so please bear with me as I don't let this issue go away.

In the opening of 'Empire Strikes Back," Bara claimed: "[B]y sending Ferrari the information on Johnston and questioning his credentials (which Oberg, as a former colleague of Johnston's, knew full well were valid), he has taken an advocacy position in favor of the agency. We certainly hope that NBC News has the journalistic integrity to question why one of their employees is taking a partisan position in a news story he should theoretically be covering."

At the opening of this thread, Bara accused me of trying "to discredit a man he has known for over 30 years, while continuing to pretend he’s never even met Ken Johnston."

Further, "Oberg has also attacked me personally because the press release mentions that Oberg was “a colleague of Johnston’s at NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center during the Apollo Program in the 1970’s.”"

Why can't Bara just say that the press release was in error? Why does he have to go through tortuous gyrations over definitions of when the "Apollo program" ended?

He's going to have to give an inch here, since the statement also claims I was "at the Manned Spacecraft Center" with Johnston -- even though Bara noted correctly that the name was changed to the Johnson Space Center in 1973, and I arrived there in 1975. Evidently he insists that 1975 AD came before 1973 AD.

That's no less nonsensical than claiming I was a "colleague" of Johnston, of whom I have no memory ever working with. And THAT leads to the refutation of Bara's accusation that my questioning of Johnston's claimed credentials is evil since I supposedly KNEW (based on non-existent colleague-ness] the credentials were actually valid.

I probably met 10,000 people in my decades working on the space shuttle, and I count a few hundred of them as 'colleagues' I worked with and grew to know. Johnston is not among that latter group. I really don't know if he is among the former, but he well could be.

There is nothing "inexplicable" (Bara's word in the top paragraph of this thread) about my persistence in requesting Bara to correct these erroneous statements. Once he stops using my reputation as a punching bag to promote his book, and undoes the attacks published so far, I'll happily go away and leave him to the company he prefers.

JimO said...

DR, when assessing cause and effect, you have to look at the timeline. What negative comments did I post in public BEFORE being attacked by name in Dark_Mission press releases? Can you find any? Please specify -- or reconsider your 'false dilemma' of the only two things I could be...

Anonymous said...

Boy, my head would be SPINNING if you did that!

zorgon said...

Greetings Mike

For the last few weeks we have had a running thread at ATS (Since the announcement of the Disclosure on Oct 30th) and many of us were really looking forward to something new and interesting that would indeed show disclosure... The thread generated 39,500 views in the first 5 hours and I am sure a number of book sales in the process...

But with the current 'exchange' and lack of any real disclosure... many (on both sided of the fence) are very disappointed... The only image shown so far that I can find (other than in the book) is the two small blue colored ones on this page... and no original high res copy from Ken's supposed 'collection'

The ongoing thread is at
Jim Oberg has been on for the last several pages stating his 'case' and in all fairness has included links to your blog for us to see the other side of the argument... But most of us there are hoping for more than a debate... we were anticipating great images that would prove to skeptics what's going on up there...

I would invite you to come over there and present your side of things... we have quite an audience there...and I know for a fact that the thread has generated some book sales... but really... we are all hoping that there is more to this disclosure than the sale of books.

I hope you can take the time to pop over and ad your side of things to the discussion...

Ron Schmidt
AkA Zorgon

PS How about a signed copy of the book for John Lear and myself? :-)

JimO said...

It might be a good idea to remind outselves of a useful principle in argumentation -- keep the 'cool' on, by refraining from speculating or accusing about the motives of people with a different point of view. Concentrate on what can be established as facts, and agreed on.

Having been at this sort of thing for decades, I ought to have accumulated sufficient humility to consistently behave in accordance with this constructive approach, and while I strive for it, I can see the times when I fall short. I can count on folks to point that out, and must accept such comments.

Here, the question ought to be the credibility of the claims in the book, not the intentions of the claimants or of those who raise factual issues with such claims. Is that possible?

And when can we hear directly from Ken Johnston instead of from people who put themselves forward with their views of what they think he has said and meant?

Admin said...

[b]zorgon said.
For the last few weeks we have had a running thread at ATS (Since the announcement of the Disclosure on Oct 30th) and many of us were really looking forward to something new and interesting that would indeed show disclosure... [/b]
I went there posted one time. was totaly ignored by what seemed nothing more than a cult of circle jerkers.

There were also a few self declared "experts" who the rest of the sheep members followed/worshipped/groveled on their knees to. These so called experts don't like anyone to threaten their postion. I wouldn't post at that forum again for any reason.

When that forum wants to chamge and really listen to other points of view then let me know. Otherwise get lost clown.



Mike Bara said...

For more than a decade now, many of the images in Dark Mission have been available for free in the Planetary Lab section of Enterprise All other images are copyrighted by our publisher, and I know of no plans at this time to publish them on the web. However, they were all included in a CD that was given away at the Los Angeles lecture in November, and there are plans to make that available for a nominal fee and\or to include it in the revised edition of Dark Mission.
I’d be glad to drop by your forum, but how about soliciting 10-20 questions from your users and I’ll try to answer all of them by email, which you can then post as a topic on your board. That way I can come in and address questions resulting from that set of answers.

zorgon said...

Hi Mike

No problem I will post the request for questions tonight and get back to you


JimO said...

One reasonable question might be, 'Where is Ken Johnston'? He could clarify a lot of unresolved issues here.

Another might be, "Where are the Apollo photographs Ken Johnston donated to his university?"

JimO said...

What I've been led to believe is that the Johnston files were lost twenty years ago and that the university didn't realize they were gone until he came back and asked to see them, recently. Any updates on that search?

JimO said...

Any updates?