Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hoagland and Bara on WOR Radio Saturday

Dark Mission co-authors Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara will be on WOR radio in New York Saturday, May 24th, 2008. We will appear in a pre-taped interview segment with host Joe Bartlett on the Saturday Morning Show. The show can be heard in the New York city area and streaming on the web at http://www.wor710.com/.

I will update you when I learn the exact time the segement will be aired.

Update: The interview will be broadcast at 6:35 AM Saturday morning on WOR.

Update: an mp3 of the interview can be found here


Carol Maltby said...

Mike, what's this peculiar gesture on Joe Bartlett's publicity photo meant to communicate?

"I hit hard"?

"I pull my punches"?

Or womething else? Any idea?

Mike Bara said...

I have an ugly tat on the back of my hand? I dunno...

individual not social said...

Fine book and research. Hoagland's incredibly underrated.

The WOR mp3 audio interviews goes blank - no audio- after 1 minute. Please have a look and repost.


marsandro said...

Hi Mike & Carol,

I saw that in a book on Freemasonry
handshakes, signs and symbols.

It's some sort of Masonic "sign." I forget
what, exactly.


The Scene: Traffic Court...

Mason #1: "Oh Lord, My God, is there no
help for the baker's son?"
Mason #2: "The WIDOW's son! The WIDOW!
Not the baker, you idiot!"
Mason #1: [grin] "Well, at least I didn't
forget my ring!" [shows ring]
Mason #2: [slaps hand over face]

[dumb look from judge]