Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Russian Language Edition of Dark Mission to be Published

Feral House Books has reached an agreement for Dark Mission – The Secret History of NASA to be published in Russia. Eksmo Trading House, the leading publisher of foreign rights titles in that country, will publish the Russian language version later this year.


Sphinx said...

That's great news Mike!

I remember that you & Richard have a successful trip in Russia in 2007 ( or just Richard was there...can't remember correctly :P) and the media coverage on the event was quite good....some millions radio listeners....and same on TV...
Well is a big market and that is good because more & more ppl gonna enjoy your book.


Mike Bara said...

Yeah it's pretty cool. Hoping for more translations soon.

Mystic-Creations said...

My wife will finally be able to read, what I've been trying to explain since reading TDM. Russia's a huge market Mike, especially with regards to the topic at hand.


T'Zairis Shirzah said...

Very happy to see a Russian translation, especially since the Russian press was so in evidence at the National Press Club briefing that Richard did.

I would guess that a Spanish translation would also be profitable-- Mexico and South America are much more open to the whole 'life elsewhere in the universe' topic than is the U.S., and I'm sure that there would be a ready-made readership for the book in Mexico, for starters.

It is also highly amusing that 'the book that NASA wishes wasn't there' not only hit the bestseller list in the U.S., it is now going into translation for foreign markets...

Good on you!!!



marsandro said...

!Es mui bueno!


Hathor -- La Gran Dama del Turismo


P.S.: Увидимся в Москве!