Friday, September 26, 2008

Mike Bara to Appear at Bay Area UFO Expo This Weekend

I’ll be appearing this weekend at the Bay Area UFO Expo in San Francisco. I’m giving a 45 minute lecture called “Artificial Structures on the Moon” on Saturday morning at 11:30 AM. If you are in the bay area drop by and I’ll sign your copy of Dark Mission, or just say hi.



Sphinx said...

I like to be there but hey, is 11.000 Km away from my home.



Mike Bara said...

Yeah but it's only 6,835 miles!



Sphinx said...

Hope to post some photos from the Expo when you come back.

Mike Bara said...

I've got some, but I'm waiting to get a few from others first.

Sphinx said...

Great! Thank you!

News from Mars:

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