Monday, September 8, 2008

New Cover for Secret and Suppressed II

Publisher Feral House has released the new cover art for Secret and Suppressed II, the new collection of essays from editor Adam Parfrey. You can pre-order the book (which contains my 7,500 word essay on Dark Mission) from


marsandro said...

Good Luck and Best Wishes
on a great new launch.

We need a lot more of these
kinds of books.


Hathor -- The ULTIMATE Publisher!


Sphinx said...

Hi Mike!
Have you read this news?

An internal email from NASA chief Mike Griffin has been leaked to the media


Mike Bara said...

Yeah saw that. Seems like Griffin has figured out he's not really in charge.

david nineteenpointfive said...

I need to have that Dark Mission II book now, Mike! - but I guess the essay will do for enough.

Sphinx said...

Hey Mike!

Regarding the Atlantis launch on Oct. 10, I try to find some intel about the symbolism of the STS 125 patch and here what I found:

Interesting stuff!

JimO said...

Sphinx: "Regarding the Atlantis launch on Oct. 10, I try to find some intel about the symbolism of the STS 125 patch..."

..where it says, "The flooding symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon and female promiscuity as existed in the Noahic Flood."

Now, I never ever would have thought of that. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Bara said...

Did you even read Dark Mission?

Welcome back JimBo

JimO said...

My curiosity remains centered on what imaginary allegations you'll come up with next about me, to spread around for fun and profit -- my most fervent wish is that I'm ignored in your essay. Will I be denied that respite?

I'm preparing some historical pages on my site about orbital rendezvous, and why space missions are launched at the times they are. I recall being mightly amused by Richard's hand-wavings over the selection of the International Space Station 'first element' launch ten years ago this November, with all the astrological significances. Since I led the design team that defined the criteria for that launch [described on my home page], I saw first-hand how all of the amazing 'celestial alignments' arguments were bogus, if highly creative. Since then it's been pretty boring except when it got personal.

Sphinx said...

@ Jimo...or JimBo..whatever

I recommend to you Brain Workout. A pc game.

Is the 46 game collection of all of the Brain Workout Games from 1, 2 and 3. It has 40 mentally stimulating activities to exercise the mind and help improve concentration and memory.

The activities are split into five key areas of brain use: verbal, logical, spatial, numerical and memory. Then a further 6 reward games.
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here is a link:

You may ask yourself why do I think you need this... make a blog with the title : Bara Watch Re 'Dork Mission' and then right under the title, claim that "This blog is designed to host a candid discussion...." is pure stupid.

You act like a five years old spoiled child. Look what Barton D. Schmitt, author of "Your Child's Health", say about a spoiled child:

1. Doesn't follow rules or
cooperate with suggestions.

2. Doesn't respond to "no,"
"stop," or other commands.

3. Protests everything.

4. Doesn't know the difference
between his needs and his

5. Insists on having his own way.

6. Makes unfair or excessive
demands on others.

7. Doesn't respect other people's

8. Tries to control people.

9. Has a low tolerance for

10. Constantly complains about
being bored.

If you're interesting to find out more you can buy the book from Amazon. Here is a direct link:

.....hmmm...or maybe you gonna do another blog against poor professor Barton D. Schmitt....

Your call

JimO said...

Sphinx, I'm always appreciative of constructuve advice. To calibrate your suggestion, please describe how well your suggestion has worked for you. My own goal is never to be completely sure of anything, and always wonder if the opposite -- or even an undiscovered alternative -- is more consistent with reality.

Sphinx said...

Ares I rocket gets green light

...and jimBo...finish the Brain Workout pc game, post you high score and if you have enough points maybe we can talk.

JimO said...

Mike, re your Sept 11 top-of-page photo, thanks for the reminder that you and I agree fundamentally on a number of issues -- and this isn't the only one. Well done.

Mike Bara said...

Well said, James.

david nineteenpointfive said...

ah, there are the genocidal cowards, including Heinrich the coward.

Sphinx said...

Yeah....behind Heinrich Himmler is Von Braun in SS uniform. Major Von Braun.

david nineteenpointfive said...

That it is...proof that being in the right places with the right information could pay for one's, well, war-criminal behavior.