Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quick Blogging Update

You guys may have noticed that the pace has slowed here in the last few weeks. There are several reasons for this, most notably that I am spending more time on my NFL Football Blog and a new political Blog that I felt compelled to start. I'll be posting to that one with some frequency, at least through the election cycle. I'm also working on the last 5,000 words for a new book I'm doing solo, and then I have some more writing to do for another project with Richard. These have hard deadlines of October 1st and November 1st respectively, and I have a few other projects which deserve my attention as well. And there is always my day job as a card carrying member of the military industrial complex.

The point is, I'm going to back off the Dark Mission Blog for a while. I am by no means abandoning this blog, I'm just going to be adding new stuff with less frequency until I can clear some other items from my to do list. There are a couple of upcoming posts, including another research paper documenting a Hyperdimensional physics effect, and some thoughts on the rumor that NASA may be preparing to release "proof" of life on Mars. These will likely appear next week at some point, and as always I'm ready to post on any breaking news.

I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on.


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Sphinx said...

Giddy Up Mike! I'm sure that DM 2 will be a blast!