Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Question of Credentials - Post 2


IonTruO2 said...

I Love it! When a picture is truly worth a thousand or more words.

Good thing Col. Corso didn't have to deal with this kind of distraction/attack strategy about 'credentials'. ;)

....or did he?

Maybe the dis-info boys are fearing they may be outa work soon?

JimO said: "But was he a 'Marine jet pilot'?" then answered his own comment here: -- or maybe I've misinterpreted what that phrase means.

Exactly, and most of what I am seeing is pure "babblegaff".
This credentials game here reeks of poor intention.
Anybody with half an adult brain can see you are trying to 'shoot down' this man's character.

As I see it, the guy has his "wings", he 'checked out' on a number of jets, clearly works/worked for NASA and most notably clocked 3000 hours in the Lunar Module.

Perhaps JimO should reread "Brett's" remarks and then reread it again.

I particularly liked the letter from John J. Pearce at Grumman in 1969 to Ken Johnston as a letter of 'lay off'.

Surely these men do not choose their words frivolously.

J Pearce said: Mr Johnston carried out all his responsibilities with excellence.

and: Should the future let us expand our activities, Mr Johnston would certainly be among the first to be rehired.

I would doubt greatly that much about Mr. Ken Johnston has changed from then. Notably considering his most recent 'work' at this stage of his life has been as an Ambassador of sorts.

robert said...

Besides the four bulletd questions Mr. Oberg has not answered when I asked him...I would like to add another into this query into Mr. Oberg's 'NBC Investigation'...was a "Swedish Ufo Site" a 'reputable source' of information about someone you NEVER contacted to get the information from the SOURCE itself?


Getting their information from "Swedish UFO sites"???

Mr. Oberg has been PROVEN wrong on a significant number of points and SHOWN to be just out to do a character assination on the behalf and behest of NBC by using his signature as a "NBC Consultant" in the email to JPL.

I think this sould leave NBC open to defamation of character suit since everything Mr. Oberg asserts has been proven to be a lie...the tone of the NBC inguiry is degrading the person with personal opinion rather than asking just for FACTUAL information without any editorial content.

My regard for NBC/MSNBC for allowing this type of behavior has just dropped significantly.