Monday, November 19, 2007

A Question of Credentials - Post 5


robert said...

Mr. Oberg,

I think the time is long past due that you issue and apology to Mr. Johnston, and he should receive one from the NBC News Daprtment for which you went on an intentional smear campaign.

2. To do everything in your power to have Mr. Johnston re-instated to the NASA Ambasador progrom....and to Ms. Ferrai amd other JPL "beaucrotrats" who went along with disicistion to FIRE Mr. Johnston based on 3rd party claims from a "Swedish UFO website", by an "freelance" corresspondment, who in this NBC is trying to distant themselves with Mr. Oberg's OPEN and EVIDENT attack on Mr. Johnston under the 'guise' of a "Mainstream NBC Corresspndant and ACTING on THEIR behalf".

That I believe when the FCC contact NBC they will find such. And JPL...note no one will EVER forget the April 1998 "Catbox". Admit you were taken in and reacted too hastily without furtther investigation and upon further review Mr. Jonston's place in the NASA Ambassador program is re-instated...immediately.

Mr. Oberg...Happy Thanksgiving.

Please make sure your turkey is burnt BLACK.

And FINALLY to Mr. Johnston himself. As an American I am ashamed of the way "Mainstream Media" is playing "Hardball" with you. It may have well been Cris Mathews waing to get at you..but watching Mr. Mathews I KNOW we would NEVER stoop to such disgusting levels of tanloid journalism.

Again Sir I salute you for the HERO you are. I recently was talking with a former CCC student who is a male nurse and into space. He couldn't belive the order to destroy Apollo first generation copies of the original originals was given and that you gave a copy to YOUR school. I grant you the courage that took.

I call on others who the BRUTAL TRUTH...

Come forth from the shadows...

Before the darkness takes us all...

Arise to your destiny

JimO said...

Where's his PhD diploma?

Where's his certificate of graduation from flight school?

Where's his certification of Lunar Receiving Laboratory work in anything related to photo or image management?

Doesn't this blizzard of secondary, peripheral paperwork look like a snow job to anybody else?

Anonymous said...

What about "Dr" Johnston's fake degrees? Why has THAT not been addressed, if it is important to verify "credentials"?

Biological_Unit said...

You're boned, Bara.

Stop commenting and forget about shilling your book !

Cultural Captivity said...

Wow ... Pure Pwnage ...

disciple333_2001 said...

Hi, Through a series of links I have found myself here. I just read a "customer view" on Amazon about the book "Dark Mission/...". I was forever a believer that NASA was a front for syphoning monies from the American people under a guise of human betterment. The embracing of Chinese and Soviets in space labs while stirring up distrust for them among the rest of us on earth was extremely suspicious, to me. I am a Jesus loving, Jesus came in the flesh and died for our sins believer. I believe the Bible is the written Word of God, the Creator and author of ALL LIFE.

In short, I am called as a watchman. My "theology" is cemented in the belief of the nephilim. "Hehe" and "haha" aside, "UFO" and all that I KNOW, are proof of nephilim and their behavior. I believe they exist dimensionally, that they "appear" and "reappear" by the use of dimensions. I dont believe they derive os operate on other planets or moons. I could be wrong, but my belief is not cemented with that statement as i stated earlier with "I KNOW".

I will say that they, nephilim, will use "evidence" of space colonies and such for the purpose of dis-proving God. To devalue the importance of the creation of man and flesh.

I believe there was "evidence" and photos and everything else made to claim in this book and by others. Just that my own reason as to their "evidence" and "proof" are an elaborate hoax to get all eyes of God.

The more that "evidence" reveals itself to these otherwise fantastic claims, the more my "theology" gets cemented. i believe the end days will have a "cosmic" theme. An "extra-terrestal" presence will "arrive". So much nay-say to this will envoke the "hearts of men to fail" when it does transpire. Jesus said "as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when I return".

Back to my reason for posting. I think all this "Space hodgepodge" is to prepare someting to come here, and not to go "there". I would not doubt that all these scientists and astronauts and those who are financing actually believe the plan is to "go there".

Evil is a professional at deception.

Now really for the reason of my post. Prior to being born again, i would wake up at the middle of the night. I would look at the clock and it would be 3:33. It happened at such regularity, that I actually made the significance known to all my friends. I freaked out, i would wake up, KNOWING the clock would read 3:33, i would just lay there for what seemed like 30-45 minutes, just to not be freaked out at the time. After letting that "safe" period pass by, i would glance at the clock...3:33. That was when i made the statement to my friends. I would watch a football game with my buds, a team would call timeout, 3:33 on the play clock. a basketball game, the ball would get knocked out of bounds, 3:33 on the clock. SEE!, SEE!, I would say. It got to be such a freaky thing, to this day, the statement among my peers is to say "Three, three, three" when it is present on a clock. Since being born again, I have been fortunate enough to witness Jesus Christ to this same peer group. Most have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, too. I have done indepth study on Jesus Christ. I learned that there are 333 prophicies of the coming Messiah written in the Old Testament.

Now i read this Amazon review and one of them is speaking of "sine"(?), .333, then 333 this and 333 that. i think the review said that if you follow 333 on a compass you will end up at the jet propulsion labs. Also that 333 is significant to some type of Egytian god.

Though I was initially freaked out at the presence of 3:33 on a digital clock and being woke at that very time over and over. I knew it was a reassurance from God. The demonic realm practices "duplication" in order to trick people into deception. As hard a time as I have in professing my "theology" to others, this is just one more reassurance that i am true in my beliefs.

Hang in there Bara. This is just one more "tool" that is to be used so they cant say on that day, "I was never told."