Thursday, June 19, 2008

LA CityBeat Feature on 2012

Why is this relevant to Dark Mission? Stay tuned...



Shamus said...

The resisnating qulity of the skulls, inconjuction with the fact that they are human shaped leads me to a intutive guess these were whole human shaped beings. I wonder if they are a from a processor that recives and operates off a "ether space like signal" I see a council of A.I superbeings or androids. like b.s.g; this just a thought.

Adrian said...

Don't forget that this subject is "jack in the box" in terms of pr and making easy money (e.g. the scam of A. Gore and supposed man made global warming)

The whole subject is buzzing for some in terms of don't have to sell it...just ride the wave and cash in on it.

What would impress me though.. given the fact that the whole Nibiru/planet X thing is without a doubt interlocked in the completeness of the 2012 hard evidence.

Take the story "brown dwarf system (as in solar system) inbound on our solar system. Due to the weird angle of trajectory to our ecliptic we can't see it yet?? Well...if all that buzzing is correct it should be possible to see it by now from the southern regions of south america and the pictures of it should be flooding the internet and such within the very very near future!!! Or Not :-)

jjrakman said...

Large 'Planet X' May Lurk Beyond Pluto

Shamus said...

With life on earth so well establised and evolving for so many of millions of years it seems likly that cycle a mere 26,000 years long is something so short in geological terms that whatever we face it terms of posiable negative effects... life will find a way around it, as it has for millions of years.

marsandro said...

2012 MANIA!!!!!!! :-))

Okay---so we're going to---

1) fly through something
2) something's going to fly through us
3) the Aliens will arrive
4) the Reptoids will leave
- or -
5) we'll all move to Mars and pet the pussycats!

Of course, there's ONE OTHER POSSIBILITY:

Some joker will jump up and yell


Probably on the wrong date...due to a
difference in the calendars....


Hathor - The MOOSE of the Millenium!


marsandro said...

********* 2012 *********

The *thinking* man's Y2K!


Hathor - Wowing the crowd on a supermodel runway


david nineteenpointfive said...

Well, it will probably be a much-hyped date like 1/1/00 was. But I do think the human race is doing well on its own to leave this planet in ruins. And yes, I do believe Gore was correct about global warming - that was not just his own invention.

Mike Bara said...

Can't agree with you about Gore. I'm mean, the guy was caught fabricating images of ice shelf's breaking apart for "A Convienent Lie."
Uh, I mean, "An Inconvienent Truth."

A) There's no evidence that the Earth is warming, that why they now call it "Gloabal Climate Change" instead of Global Warming.

B) There's no evidence supporting the idea that Carbon Dioxide is a "greenhouse gas."

C) There's no proof that human activity is causing an increase in any greehouse gases at all.

And why is it that the solution for these imagined enviromental problems is always more government intervention and control over our lives?

I like to call the environmentalists "watermelons." You know, green on the outside, red on the inside?

A bit later I'll start a topic on this and post some links I hope you guys will find interesting.

The next time you bitch about Bush, just remember it could have been worse -- we could have had Gore for the last 8 years.

Starborne said...

How this for unsettling, the world ends on my 29th birthday! WTF?!?

It's either that, or it will be the luckiest day of my life. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Mike Bara said...

Well starborne, I plan to be in Vegas throwing down my life savings on "33" on the roulette wheel at 11:11 that day. I'll probably win a million just when the world ends.

Starborne said...

You know it's funny, I was born 11:17am. It seems as though I'll miss that birthday by 6 minutes. As marsandro said earlier, it could be Y2K on a grand scale. Either that or it's the day the dolphins jump out of the water to exclaim "So long and thanks for all the fish!"