Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Study Confirms More Aspects of Mars Tidal Model

As you’ll recall, in 2001 Richard Hoagland and I published the Mars Tidal Model. In this extensive paper we argued that Mars was not a planet at all, but rather a moon of a now missing member of the solar system commonly called Planet V. We cited numerous lines of evidence supporting our hypothesis, including the existence of bands in Mars magnetic field comprised of alternating polarities. We argued that this magnetic banding was caused by multiple (and devastating) impacts to the Martian surface from high velocity debris released by the destruction of Planet V, Mars’ tidal locked parent body. In our scenario, the alternating bands of magnetic material were the result of standing P and S waves reverberating within the molten sea of material that made up the southern hemisphere of Mars below the line of dichotomy.

Now, new computer models have confirmed this aspect of our research. In several major news articles published today, three separate computer studies agree that the magnetic banding was caused by an asteroid impact. They argue that it was a single impact, rather than multitudes of them as our model suggests, but this is a minor point.

The news articles also maintain that this event took place at the dawn of the solar system, but this time frame is based on a bias that the more cratered southern hemisphere is older. According to the conventional geologic models of Mars’ formation, most impact events took place back in this time period because there was far more accretion debris in the solar system back then. Our model says exactly the opposite; that the more crated southern highlands below the line of dichotomy are a result of the pile-up of debris from the recent (65 MYA) destruction of Planet V.

This is just the latest in a series of observations and peer reviewed papers that have confirmed various aspects of the Mars Tidal Model.

More on the Mars Tidal Model can be found here.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow, I had one of your blogs linked for ages. You get around. I haven't read this book, but it is good to see that there are intelligent blogs out there.

Mike Bara said...

Thx Enemy,

Kind of left the Lunar Anomalies Blog for this one.

Gardy said...

wasn't there a .pdf for the original post of the tidal paper?
At any rate, the .htm is garbled in the first 1 pages or so.

Mike Bara said...


david nineteenpointfive said...

Initially I was going to comment, "hey Mike, I've just glanced at the topic of this, and wonder what by chance your thoughts are of Zecharia Sitchin's work." Then I did see the reference to his Sumerian related observations! I have my reading cut out for me - very in depth stuff here.

The Fool said...

How does this tie in with Richard's assertion that our Moon was "borrowed " from elsewhere and brought here and placed into orbit around Earth?

Shamus said...

I wonder if the great builders that planned out the solar system were running a experiment. If not, then what seems to be the purpose of all their work. And why fool with us at all?

marsandro said...

People who build things usually do so for

So what is our purpose? A built-in workforce?

Servants? Slaves? Entertainment???


Hathor - The Fair-Haired Slave Mistress


david nineteenpointfive said...

...."if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes..."

- Roy Baty, Replicant
To his genetic engineer creator in Blade Runner

T'Zairis said...

Oh, Thank You Cosmic Pixies of Synchronicity!!!

I saw an article about this just this morning on one of the astronomy digests I frequent, and it was an instant case of 'OMG-They Are-AGREEING-With-Hoagland!!!' shock-- a very pleasant surprise!

...And I can just hear Immanuel Velikovsky saying 'I TOLD you so...' all the way from the Afterlife Bardo...

All I can say is,
WOO-HOO!!! [Insert air-punch here.]



david nineteenpointfive said...

Soil on Mars has nutrients.

Knowing what we know from Dark Mission, et al, tis but a kernal of the biggest picture. Are they slowly leading the rest of the public into the truth?

robert said...

Shamus said why fool with us at all?

Valid point since Flying Saucers were carved on cave walls all the way to modern day...they aren't "new"...they've seen us struggle to survive and let us struggle...they've seen us kill each other on massive scales...and quietly watched andlet us do it to ourselves while watching from above.

Maybe there is a gallactic betting parlor and one of the "games" is "civilization"...why not we have a computer game called that...why not turn it into a betting hobby for the rich and superior beings who think nothing more of us than we are animals.

There are lenty of religious books here on Earth that we humans are told to treat other humans of a diffferent faith as animals and kill or maim them anyway anytime with absolutely NO "divine" retribution to come in the fact in some texts...the MORE you kill n maim....the higher your after-life experience will be.

having personally been in that "Great In-Between" six times I KNOW this is not true...that there ARE effects....the old addage..what goes around comes around is most certainly true.


The Fool said...

What is TEM's take on JJ Hurtak?

HHMSS Sword said...

The science behind allot of Richards wort is going to be proved right...
...including "The moon with a view"...

So - whens that update coming?
Co'm'on Bara - a little nugget... ...a hint - a riddle - something...


T'Zairis said...

Here is the go-to info for an article at New Scientist about how Martian soil is basically like garden soil here on Earth, nutrient-wise. I was really laughing when I got to the 'asparagus and turnips would like the pH' part...

So now they have to admit there's water, and the right kind of nutrients, and the temperatures are not too extreme at all for bacteria, algae, and tougher kinds of macro plant-life, so I guess the un-doctored pic of that GREEN swathe on Mars that the European probe took was right on the money...

Of course, everyone who has been following things at TEM has known all along that there HAS to be some sort of life on Mars, but it is really nice to see that the leaks of confirming info are getting rather bigger.

I still wonder what Shatner was hinting about re: 'hearing something soon about Mars'. Somehow, I don't think that Martian potting-soil was what he was referring to.



Mike Bara said...

Honestly, I’ve heard the name JJ Hurtak, but I know virtually nothing about him. Can you fill me in?

Hmm, nuggets… AMWAV will be included in… something I can’t tell you about yet. Sorry, but we are finalizing some new stuff this week hopefully and after that I will be posting some announcements.
- MB

marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

I'm still waiting for confirmation of Martian
Mousie Bears! :-) (An admittedly silly term.
My concept of humor.)

There's Keith Laney's picture of one sunning
itself on Mini-Matterhorn, and then there is
the Pathfinder picture of one standing upright
in plain sight, looking at the rover.

Not to mention the pussycat looking under
the ledge....

A jet-black plain view....

Then there's that YouTube video pan of the
flying dragon pictures of some
sort of flying "something" in the distance....

Are they small and nearby? Or are they LARGE
and distant?

Could they be...FLYING DRAGONS?!

Oh, and best of all, there's this one
YouTube video that was assembled from a
series of orbital shots of the same area of
the arctic ice cap, and it shows the
Martian "snow-dunes" STAMPEDING....

I think the ultimate "life on Mars" revelation
will be a real shocker.


Hathor - The spice of life!


david nineteenpointfive said...

Mike, what do you or Richard think of Mr. Skipper's work, and his most recent Mars observations?

robert said...

T'Zairis thanx for link to New Scientist article left a comment will leave more as I am pretty sure Nick# fellow is likely Kicky CO2 Hofman who has been proven worng so many times it's a wonder he has the cajhones to even speak up about these things anymore.


HHMSS Sword said...

Mike Bara said...
Hmm, nuggets… AMWAV will be included in… something I can’t tell you about yet.


Shamus said...

When you consider The android head being as old as it must be, one thing should be clear. A robtic work force is easyer,more capiable of extended tasks then weak flesh and bone, and easy enough to program unquestionable control. So why replace them with a human work force? They wounld not make us for slave labor. We must have a compacity that would have made us worth the investment. Something maybe like the "star wars" concept of Force i think. Something the metal men could not do.

SactoMan01 said...

I think nobody can answer when did the impact occur until we actually send humans to Mars and take soil samples as deep as 1,000 meters below the surface. That will allow us to determine using various radioactive dating methods just how old that massive impact on Mars was. That's the only way we can verify that there was really major impact(s) on Mars about 65 million years ago.

expat said...

I'm not able to read the web page you reference due to its malformed HTML, but I can read the abstract. It seems to me that your hypothesis involves multiple collision events in Mars' southern hemisphere, whereas the recent computer simulations are of a single catastrophic collision in the northern hemisphere. Is that right?

david nineteenpointfive said...

Governments first were the only ones able to afford computers. Then it became easy for companies to use them cheaply. Then individuals. The same is unfolding for space exploration. How the game of filtering information will be played by government as this evolves will become an interesting question.

marsandro said...

Hi David 19.5,

NOW you're talkin'!!!!

This Joseph Skipper guy comes from out of
nowhere and NAILS the images!

Not bad for a supposed "trailer guy" one
blog had it....


Hathor - Her eyes are upon all


marsandro said...

Hi robert,

Gotta love those comments of yours!

Keep tellin' it like it is!


Hathor - The Champion of Truth!


marsandro said...

Hi shamus,

Interesting point....

I wonder who whacked the robots? And why?

They obviously were blown apart, or were in
battle of some kind....


Hathor - The REAL Warrior Princess!


marsandro said...

Hi sanctoman01,

Picture drilling rigs on Mars....


Hathor - The Lady Roughneck! In a hardhat!


Mike Bara said...

Yes but let me pre-emptively save you the embarrassment of making yet another stupid comment accusing us of "fraud." It makes no difference whether it was one imapact or 19.5 million, the shock waves would still create the same banding effect.

Shamus said...

There seems to be a couple of paths to making us and leaving the metal men to the scrap heap. If they act up and start a war which would be a tough fight with machienes as a enemey, thus leaving them very weary of something so fearsome. So weak flesh and bone might not be such a bad trade off. Or we could look at the fact they built a orgainic machine that could produce "Torsion feild projection from thought alone" which would make the metal men weak compared to us!! then we act up and get partitioned from that part of the brain ... and thus here we are... just at theory!!

david nineteenpointfive said...

I still don't get it (Phoenix on Mars). Why plant an immobile probe at a featureless location, to test soil? To put on an act like there is nothing of interest in Cydonia, etc., and draw attention to good soil conditions?

KS15 said...

Hello Dave 19.5, My sentiments exactly…..

The entire planet Mars is of scientific interest…..However, This probe landed in the North pole on a nice flat area extending for miles. Really boring.

Basically, The Phoenix probe landed in the middle of nowhere….

An analogy…A alien race decides to send a probe to Earth. This probe lands in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert!….To me, Sending the Phoenix to the Martian North Pole is equivalent.

They were worried of dangerous obstacles…They found a nice flat surface just to be safe…..They (NASA/MRO) made sure nothing of interest (i.e. Anything artificial) is around.

Thirty years ago, The nuclear powered Viking probes landed in a rougher area than the Phoenix. People seem to more confident then….

I am waiting for the next lander or rover to land in the deepest equatorial canyon. A region with lots of topography, warmer temperatures, greater atmospheric pressure, and maybe liquid H2O.

expat said...

>>It makes no difference whether it was one imapact[sic] or 19.5 million<<

Does it make a difference which hemisphere the impact(s) occured in?

expat said...

P.S. In case you're confused, it's the 'Data's Head' image that's a fraud, not the Mars tidal model idea. This is now a proven fact. Cheers.

Mike Bara said...

Oh no, I'm not confused. You're a complete idiot. I'm clear on that.


marsandro said...

Hey ks15,

How about a splashdown in Lake Steadman?


Hathor - In a swimsuit on the beach


david nineteenpointfive said...

Right-O, KS-15. And it looks like Mike is standing his ground well without my help regarding the "fraud" comments. But in terms of the image appearing humanoid - when you add up the sum total of all of the lunar evidence, either direct or circumstantial, concluding that the object could likely have been and android head is really not off the mark at all.

Shamus said...

Expat said "P.S. In case you're confused, it's the 'Data's Head' image that's a fraud( You should insert evidence here in the comment with the use of the word fraud); Which you didnt Expat... dont get mad expat.. get science!!Viva la Dark Mission!!

expat said...

>>You should insert evidence here in the comment with the use of the word fraud<<

I did, but it was censored by the moderator of this blog. Sorry.

expat said...

Mike, as I've written on several previous occasions, your insults mean absolutely nothing to me. Please take that simple point on board.

So... let's recap here.
Your theory (A) suggests:
- Mars was once the moon of a companion planet (Planet V) that exploded (from Van Flandern)
- Very heavy cratering of the Southern hemisphere, release of tidal lock, as a result
- Magnetic banding by standing shock waves
- Ancient oceans near Tharsis & Arabia
- A time-frame of ~65 million years
- No direct evidence that Planet V ever existed

The latest computer sims (B) suggest:
- Impact of an asteroid ~60% the size of the moon
- A single massive impact in the Northern hemisphere
- Obliteration of cratering
- Magnetic "anomalies" in the Southern hemisphere
- No mention of oceans
- A time-frame of ~4 billion years
- Direct evidence from the Borealis Basin

There's some overlap, obviously, but in many respects the two ideas are converses. I don't think you are entitled to assert that (B) confirms (A).

Mike Bara said...

Actually, you never submitted evidence of anything, except your incompetence at image processing and you pathological desire to attack us.

And your comment was rejected because you attempted to advertise a web site where you engage in more lame attempts to attack us.

Mike Bara said...

The computer models are dependent on what is put into them. Since the predefined bias is that Mars was hit in the northern hemisphere, and that this surface is “newer,” that’s what they modeled. The magnetic banding effect is not a function of which hemisphere took the hit, but of the shockwave propagation and the cooling patterns of the various ores in the Martian crust. My point was that the models’ confirm the banding effect is caused by massive, high-velocity impact(s). There is no reason to doubt this part of the computer sims.

As to there being “No direct evidence that Planet V ever existed,” once again you are totally, categorically wrong. The Tharsis and Arabia bulges, 180 degrees apart on the Martian surface, are de-facto, in-situ proof that Planet V existed. Not just “evidence” mind you, but lead pipe lock, absolute indisputable proof. The mechanism of Tidal bulges on planets is extremely well understood, and 100% of all the worlds in the solar system that are in tidal lock relationships have them. Mars is the only planet or moon that has tidal bulges but no extant parent planet, therefore it easily follows that it must have at one time. The bulges themselves are immutable proof of Planet V’s existence.

expat said...

"Data's Head" image proved a fraud
OK, here's the evidence summary without the link.

I have now completed my analysis of the photograph Richard Hoagland says is a robot head in the moon crater 'Shorty'. I can say with certainty that the image was manipulated way beyond what would be considered legitimate photo enhancement.

I worked from an ultra-high resolution scan of the original Hasselblad negative.


- The "camera lens eyes" and the "anodized jaw piece" are a fiction.
- Hoagland combined two separate scans from prints whose quality he himself described as "really crappy".
- He changed the shape of the rock and of its shadow using Photoshop.
- He colorized some strips artificially.
- He rotated the image 45° counter-clockwise to obfuscate the color stripping.
- He over-compressed the reference jpg that is used in his web site.

I can't help wondering whether Hoagland enlisted the services of the Minnesota design studio that designed his web site -- VA Graphics. This company offers expertise in photo restoration, especially "facial reconstruction" and addition of "special effects and fantasy art". The name
under which this company operates that business? Glad you asked. It's FIXYOURPHOTOS.COM. How very, very apposite.

IonTruO2 said...

In a recent article it was stated that SOHO just found its 1500th comet on June 25th. A great feat considering it wasn't really there to do that(at least publicly).

What I found interesting that may be on topic with your post Mike was this:

About 85% of SOHO’s comet discoveries are fragments from a once-great comet that split apart in a death plunge around the Sun, probably many centuries ago. The fragments are known as the Kreutz group, which now pass within 1.5 million km of the Sun’s surface when they return from deep space.

Now that is a lot of debris. ;) from a so-called 'great-comet' and frankly if I read between the lines a little, the time line of 'many centuries ago is quite recent. Maybe a few 'wise men' might know when that was exactly? eh?

Surely that event represented a notable signature of bombardment in the local space. Is it too recent to be associated with Mars within your framework?

One other question Mike. Is there data that informs whether Mars is of our solar system origin? Being potentially a moon of a PlanetV, was it necessarily 'born' here or castoff here in a cataclysmic interaction? TKS

Shamus said...

Expat lets suppose you checked Mikes model out yourself and with citation and verse you could show that the Mars tidal model proposed by Mike and Richard turned out to somehow have been mistakenly reveiwed and mistakenly confirmed...which your uncited references show nothing of fraud as fraud is a crimial act to de-fraud results in damage to persons or property. I have to tell you slinging the word without direct proof fraud is a insult your moral ground is shaky. Second thing i would like to point out is the uncited couterpoint sounds alot like the stuff coming out the the honest and unright folks of Nasa that we know from the work of Dark mission .. these folks never lie... or maybe you should rethink your angle.

The Fool said...

Would you shed some light on this quote:

"There are very good reasons for doubting that there ever was a planet there. The primary reason is that we have pieces of the asteroid belt, as meteorites. When you subject then to an array of very sophisticated analysis and some not so sophisticated, one of the first things that you see, is that they were never pieces of a big planet. Many of them are in what is called a pristine or primordial condition. They have never been exposed to heat, they have never differentiated. Their minerals are in a primitive state compared to an advanced process state that occurs on a planet like the Earth. So it’s kind of hard to imagine how you build a world out of stuff that doesn’t carry the signature of a world"

This was from the early 90's. Has science advanced enough to change these conclusions about the asteroids?

marsandro said...

Yo expat,

What about all those smashed-up and
blown-up robots lying all over the place?

And with no "enhancement" necessary to see
them clearly?

One need only recognize the outlines---which
I did, suddenly---and---

---with my "pareidolia" thus fully engaged---

"My God...those are a bunch of smashed and
blown-up robots lying everywhere!"

And all pretty much the same "make and
model," too.

What about THEM?

They're all in plain view in the original frame
which you yourself posted.

Naturally, they appear to the unobservant as
mere "piles of rocks"....

This is an indication of great age, as they
obviously have *PETRIFIED* even in the
lunar environment.


Hathor - Walking among the fallen ones


expat said...

shamus: Please review the thread. I specifically wrote that the fraud was 'Data's Head', NOT the Mars tidal idea.

I can't show the image evidence here because the blog comments don't accept inline images. The photo-analysis was carried out by a trained photoshop operator, not by me. The evidence is all in the blog that Mike Bara doesn't want you to see.

Mike Bara said...


What's the reference? I don't even know who said that, but it's not true AFAIK.

That's why the Deep Impact mission was so important. They thought they were going to get ice, they got rock. Quiet a shock because they we'ren't using the EPH from a starting point.

Mike Bara said...

A "trained photoshop operator," (translation: Expat's 12-year-old nephew) as opposed to Richard Hoagland, who was processing images and working with world class programmers back in the early 1980's before Photoshop or image processing even existed. LOL that's a good one.

The tools in Photoshop were invented by the people Hoagland was learning from. I'll take Hoagy on this one...

T'Zairis said...

They landed Phoenix where they did because we have eyes. By 'we' I mean TEM and anybody who really follows Moon/Mars anomaly stuff. I think that Phoenix being where it is has to do with informational 'gate-keeping': they can say, 'Hmm, there's water...' and 'Hmm, there's soil with nutrients...', to which they can also add 'But, see? There's still nothing to look at folks... No macro life... Move along....'

Not only does this game-playing NOT fool anyone with more than two brain-cells to bang together, it also confirms that there is stuff that's 'worthy' of being hidden.

If there truly is nothing to hide, then land a probe smack-dab in the middle of Cydonia, and hand TEM all the raw data. If there truly is nothing to hide, then let paleontologists have a good look at the crinoid fossils that the rovers find, and determine exactly what they are, instead of grinding them to dust. If there truly is nothing to hide, land a probe in the middle of the 'green patch' that the European probe took pix of, and hand TEM all the raw data. If there is really and truly 'nothing there', then there is no mundane reason-- and certainly no 'security' reason-- to sequester the data.

As far as the 'random attack outbursts' that threads in this blog undergo from time to time, there is a pattern. It's sort of like sunspots...

It seems that whenever people get into 1) a full-fledged discussion, 2) a discussion about new data (like the Mars-water-and-soil stuff being discussed here), or 3) a serious discussion of data that confirms TEM hypotheses, a 'Random Attack Grenade' is launched into the middle of said discussion. I can only view a sudden fit of spleen about 'Data's Head' (which is a Moon anomaly) as an attempt to derail/discourage the Mars Tidal (and other Mars goodies) discussion in this thread. I certainly do not notice any long-term, respectful communication on the part of the 'Grenadeans'-- it's just 'bitch enough to get the thread off-topic' and then split. So...

Back to Mars-- Have there been any further pix taken of the tree-like stuff that some of the Mars Imagers found? And, if the folks who sent the Phoenix to Mars are really looking for life on the Red Planet, why didn't they go visit 'Arthur's Trees'?

Also, Mike-- Once you and Hoagland figure out what will 'for sure' be in DM2, will there be any other ancillary things we can be updated on while we wait for the book to come out?



expat said...

>>I'll take Hoagy on this one...<<

...even though he was working from prints whose quality he characterized as "really crappy"? As compared with a 46MB high-definition scan from the Hasselblad neg? You can't be serious.

david nineteenpointfive said...

I would have to say Hoagland's cornerstone that convinces me of all of the observations, would be the countless numerical "coincidences" and astounding synchroncity. The ultimate credibility destroyer of JPL and NASA is the fact they landed on the Moon on Hitler's birthday, among other timed events. Those observations were just mind-jolting, as if the Cydonia measurements in his first book were not enough. I've never heard a real rebuttal from NASA on THAT. I'm really curious what the next book will reveal.

Mike Bara said...


I'll take your non-response as a tacit admission that your "Photoshop operator" is in fact your 12-year-old nephew.

Shamus said...

THis is you am i right Expat?
Your theory (A) suggests:
- Mars was once the moon of a companion planet (Planet V) that exploded (from Van Flandern)
- Very heavy cratering of the Southern hemisphere, release of tidal lock, as a result
- Magnetic banding by standing shock waves
- Ancient oceans near Tharsis & Arabia
- A time-frame of ~65 million years
- No direct evidence that Planet V ever existed

The latest computer sims (B) suggest:
- Impact of an asteroid ~60% the size of the moon
- A single massive impact in the Northern hemisphere
- Obliteration of cratering
- Magnetic "anomalies" in the Southern hemisphere
- No mention of oceans
- A time-frame of ~4 billion years
- Direct evidence from the Borealis Basin

There's some overlap, obviously, but in many respects the two ideas are converses. I don't think you are entitled to assert that (B) confirms (A).
I still dont see citation.. as for the slanderous fraud comment you have provided no credential or citation from anybody except your own uncited option.. so ask you, are you following what you are saying? Or is the one of those B from a logics? I will ask one question that if you cant answer sums everything up in your train of thought. "What evidence of crimal fraud do you have direct knowlegde of": If nothing then you owe Bara a "I am sorry"
Keep a stiff upper lip expat
So... let's recap

expat said...

>>"What evidence of crimal[sic] fraud do you have direct knowlegde[sic] of"<<

None whatsoever. I'm not accusing Hoagland/Bara of anything criminal at all. I'm saying that an examination by a qualified Photoshop operator[1] of the original negative from crater 'Shorty' proves that the over-compressed jpg on the enterprisemission web site is a fake. That's all.

[1] If I had a 12-yo nephew, and if he was properly trained, I wouldn't hesitate to give him the gig. But as it happens, neither condition applies. Sorry.

HHMSS Sword said...

WOW - Bara laying the smack down... should have been in the WWF.

Bara goes for the pin....


Mike Bara said...

I love how your incompetence somehow translates into us “faking” something. Any reasonably bright 12-year old with a scanner and a copy of Photoshop for Dummies could reproduce what Richard did with the images.

I won’t even get into your gross mis-characterization of Richard’s comments on the images he used, or your failure to admit how many times you’ve been wrong so far on this blog. I think you have outlived your usefulness here.


The Fool said...

I’ve heard the name JJ Hurtak, but I know virtually nothing about him. Can you fill me in?

Here is his bio:

Dr J. J. Hurtak, Ph.D. Ph.D, is the Founder and President of The Academy for Future Science. He is a social scientist , scholar futurist and remote sensing specialist. Who has written, translated, and published over fifteen books, including those on the ancient Coptic texts illustrating Jesus's work and especially involving the "Lost Scriptures" being found in the Middle East. Dr. Hurtak is also an anthropologist and archeologist

Dr. Hurtak was the first to predict the pyramidal landforms on Mars and release the actual film documents of the pyramids in the Elysium area of Mars in 1973. He is best known for this book entitled The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® where in the early 1970s he published the unusual relationship of the star shafts in the Great Pyramid with the "Belt" of Orion.

With this understanding of the uniqueness of the alignment of the star shafts, Dr. Hurtak was one of the first to study these shafts using sophisticated technology including laser measurements in the Great Pyramid in 1977 and one of the first to do a systematic study of the acoustical-musical properties of the rooms in the Great Pyramid.

He holds six international gold and platinum metal awards for his film and graphics work including, INITIATION (, an interactive CD-Rom using mathematics, actual architecture, and paraphysical symbols to allow the viewer to experience the major structures and rooms of the Egyptian pyramids on the Giza Plateau. His most recent acclaimed film is THE LIGHT BODY which is a futuristic voyage to sacred areas around the world

I've seen him speak twice, once in Berkeley and once on Oahu, while I was living there. Both of those presentations were in the mid 90's. He made a lot of predictions, two major ones being that under the vast expanse of the Amazon, there will be found the remnants of a huge ancient civilization. The other being that under the Giza Plateau, there will be found a vast complex that extends for miles in all directions, which includes a second Sphinx.

I was interested in the Elysium pyramids, since there has been no mention of them at TEM.

marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

They landed Phoenix where they did because we have eyes. By 'we' I mean TEM and anybody who really follows Moon/Mars anomaly stuff. I think that Phoenix being where it is has to do with informational 'gate-keeping': they can say, 'Hmm, there's water...' and 'Hmm, there's soil with nutrients...', to which they can also add 'But, see? There's still nothing to look at folks... No macro life... Move along....'

You tell 'em, girl!

We do indeed have eyes---and courtesy of
the Pathfinder:

1 - THREE pictures of the "Laney Rat,"
which I have dubbed (comically, of course)
the "Martian Mousie Bear" (because the face
seems rodential, yet the eyes are set close
and forward-looking like a bear, plus it's
a bit large for a mere rodent, although I do
know about the Nutria).

Maybe call it a "Rodabear?"

2 - One picture of a black tomcat. A *CAT*.
Just like any cat on Earth. We're talking
Meow. Purr. Whiskers. The whole nine yards.

3 - Multiple pictures of some sort of
bat-like "something" flying in the distance.

4 - A full pan of what are unmistakably the
bones of a great flying dragon. Lying right
out in the open in plain view. (The wing
bones are bat-like. Re-read #3.)

All this, and a SPHINX at a landing site....
(Spirit, wasn't it?)

Set in front of a probable PYRAMID....

Yes, indeed, let's land something right in
the middle of the good stuff....

Go get 'em, T'Zairis!


Hathor - The Patron Goddess of Libraries


The Fool said...

Could those determinations about the asteroids not being part of a planet been plausible at the time that conclusion was made in the early 90's?

Sphinx said...

Mike, what do you think? Can we talk with some gather some money to buy some professional COLOR film & camera to help those guys on NASA for the next landing mission on Mars?

My mobile phone take better pictures that Phoenix made on Mars. Jeez!

And for Expat....If you r such a high pro on figure out what is fake and what is not, what is your professional opinion about the JPL's "Catbox" Enhancement of the Face on Mars?

And another thing. You said:

"Hoagland combined two separate scans from prints whose quality he himself described as "really crappy".
- He changed the shape of the rock and of its shadow using Photoshop.
- He colorized some strips artificially.
- He rotated the image 45° counter-clockwise to obfuscate the color stripping.
- He over-compressed the reference jpg that is used in his web site."

You're some kind of medium?
Do you know for sure that Richard is the one who fake the picture?

Maybe is someone else.

Maybe is Abbot's and Costello's ghosts who came back to Earth to fake the photo, their mad because the movie "Abbott and Costello Go to Mars" is no longer in top 10!

david nineteenpointfive said...

Three so-called truisms some people past & present have arguably clinged to:

1) "the world is flat";
2) "if it makes me have to re-think my religious beliefs, it can't be true and is absurd to even consider";
3) "NASA and other government space agencies can be trusted that information & photos they present to the general public is absolutely unaltered, unfiltered and genuine."

Starborne said...


Let's not forget the almighty "The Earth is the center of the universe."

I think we all get the point, but it helps to see how foolish we humans can be when it comes to accepting new ideas... even when the evidence is overwhelming. :-D

Starborne said...

I suppose "2)" covers that one, but the point still stands.

T'Zairis said...


You and I both know that there has got to be some sort of macro animal-life on Mars: there's potting soil and water, and we have pix of what look like algae-mats and trees, and where there are plants, there is always something around that nibbles on them. Plus, lifeforms are really quite flexible-- on Earth, they have colonized hot water vents in the deep ocean, the Namib Desert, and the upper regions of the Himalayas, so I don't think that Mars would be a huge stretch.

I think this is part of the reason why the 'gate-hogs' keep trying to convince everybody that the Martian sky is red. If folks see the actual color of the sky on Mars, they are going to start getting interested in the 'possibility of life' there, since a lot of Mars looks rather like Arizona, complete with ancient ruins.

As far as bitching about hiding data goes, I am just ticked off that people can't get straight answers from the folks running all the Mars exploratory projects. Large parts of these little jaunts are paid for by taxpayer $$$, and the original, uncensored data belongs in our libraries, period, end-of-sentence.

I am also deeply tired of 'The Brookings Excuse' being trotted out every two seconds as a 'plausible reason' for trashing/obfuscating data. The only people on this planet who are freaking out about either Skypeople or anomalous human off-Earth history are the people with their egos and control-fetishes on the line: priests, politicians, and secret elites. These folks' hold on the average person's purse-strings (and loyalties, which run a distant second to the purse-strings) would go down the tubes if folks found out the truth about our own past.

Since right at 80 percent of the population of the U.S. believes their government is lying to them about darn near everything, it is going to come as no surprise to people that, yes-indeedy, lies are in fact being told. There will be no rioting in the streets if people find out that Skypeople or life on Mars exists.

There will, however, be finger-pointing at the secret-keepers and their self-serving agendas. This is probably part of the reason the Vatican recently came out with their 'It's OK for Catholics to believe in ETs' pronouncement this last May. I think it is an attempt at 'advance damage control': they don't want to look like they are hiding anything in this area-- not with a Vatican-sponsored and operated telescope in Arizona...

It's enough to make a Martian Cat laugh!

And speaking of Martian Cats, in my more speculative moments, I think a lot about the auction of the Guennol Lioness last December. It just seems weird to me that the thing sits in the Brooklyn Art Museum for tens of years, and all of a sudden, it is auctioned off all by its little wee lonesome.

Sotheby's guesstimated it would probably go for around 18 million, judging by current market values for old Assyrian/Babylonian items, but in an outrageous bidding flurry by anonymous phone-in bidders, it went for 57.2 million. Supposedly, it was bought by a 'Brit archaeologist' who has no plans to exhibit it, and this seems to be true, as I have been doing a lot of online digging to find out if it will be displayed anywhere. So far nada.

The reason I mention all this is that at first, it piqued my interest because I thought it might have been purchased for 'ritualistic' reasons, but with all our yakking about Mars Cats, it suddenly occurred to me the other day that its hefty price-tag might reflect the fact that someone knows something about it that most people don't-- like maybe it's a Martian artifact, and not a terrestrial one.

The Lioness was found at a site near Baghdad, and I have clawed my way through enough 'possible Babylonian Stargate' stuff for Baghdad to ring a bell. Plus there is the gonzo price that the item went for (which even shocked the folks at Sotheby's), and the fact that it is now being sequestered by an anonymous collector-- how convenient! Now no one can test the rock it's carved from. I've got a major hunchy-vibe going that it would turn out to be somewhat anomalous.

From what I read about the Lioness in the auction info, the white stone it was carved from was assumed to 'probably be identical to' other deposits of 'white stone' in the area, and I've been trying to find out just what sort of 'white stone' it was thought to be-- marble? alabaster? or ??? Nobody really said exactly what it was carved from. All the write-ups I've found just say something like 'Lioness Amulet, carved from stone'.

Maybe I have gone around the bend on this, but it seems really strange for a three-inch-high 'white stone amulet' to sell for way more than the usual antiquities-market price, but if one posits it being a Martian artifact, 57.2 million and a whole lotta secrecy post-sale would fit.

Sorry to rant and rave about this, but having been an Art major, an anonymous buyer with 57.2 mil in discretionary funds and the disappearance of a rather nice little piece of ancient art just seems fishy to me.

And we have been talking about Mars Felines a lot...



IonTruO2 said...


Excellent comment. I really get your point.
....and how about 'the Lion of Judah' and for me, a recent study I made of some sacred text called the "Lion Sutra" by Adi Da. The themes are emerging more clearly now pointing in a certain direction of understanding, like a Sphinx to the horizon. ;)

fyi:my feline stable mates here(pic): Malibu and Sunset.

The Fool Re: Dr. JJ Hurtak
Thanks for your info about his other work.
I would point some viewers to two books by him I found quite profound. "The Keys of Enoch" and a Gnostic Text "Pistis Sophia"(about the teachings of Jesus -after his resurrection).

marsandro said...

Hi T'Zairis,

From what I read about the Lioness in the auction info, the white stone it was carved from was assumed to 'probably be identical to' other deposits of 'white stone' in the area, and I've been trying to find out just what sort of 'white stone' it was thought to be-- marble? alabaster? or ??? Nobody really said exactly what it was carved from. All the write-ups I've found just say something like 'Lioness Amulet, carved from stone'.

And lo, we have seen many a view of the
Martian surface littered with white stones.

As if we haven't also been treated to close-up
views of lacework masonry walkways, among
other quaint oddities.

And the sphinx...and the pyramid....

It seems that Martian stonework is plentiful

And if, as some believe possible, we came
from there ourselves, it stands to reason
we might find Martian artifacts close to

Your speculation is most interesting, as it
might well be right.

Fishy, indeed.

Hmmm...I wonder if there are any fish in
Lake Steadman?


Hathor - The Patron Goddess of Masonry


P.S.: Oh---I forget the source on this, but
word is that the true atmosphereic pressure
at Martian MSL(!!) is more like 0.67 Tor,
rather than the vacuum-like .01 Tor that
NASA claims.

Some "leak" in a discussion group, I think....


Hi iontruo2,

Claudette says "meow" to Malibu and Sunset!


T'Zairis said...

Iontruo2, Marsandro--

I finally found a site that had the blurb from the Sotheby's catalog listing. it says...

Guennol Lioness

A Magnesite or Crystalline Limestone Figure of a Lioness.

Elam circa 3000-2800 B.C.

Height 3 1/4 in. 8.26 cm.

Location: Sotheby's New York, 12/5/2007-Lot 30

Pre-Sale Estimate. 14,000,000—18,000,000 USD
Lot Sold. 57,161,000 USD (inc. Buyers premium)

When they say stuff like 'magnesite or crystalline limestone', it can be taken as read that they don't actually know exactly what the Lioness is made of-- it hasn't been tested.

Looking at Egyptian crystalline limestone sculptures, the Lioness seems almost too white and too smooth, even taking pitting and scarring over time into account with regard to the Egyptian statuary, and the proximity of the latter to blowing sand, etc.

Magnesite, while sometimes white in color, is also very brittle, with a strong tendency to conchoidal fracture, yet in looking at what pix are available online of the Lioness, I don't really see anything that looks like a conchoidal break on it, even where the attachment-holes are drilled or where the lower legs appear to be broken off, and she is definitely 'the worse for wear', being around 5000 years old, so one would expect to see something.

She's also got a kind of greasy luster as opposed to a vitreous one, and the surface texture is very smooth. I remember the first time I saw pix of the Lioness, I thought she was some kind of semi-matte-glazed ceramic, not stone, especially when I looked at close-ups of her face. When I found out she was (supposedly) stone, I then wondered if she might be white jadeite/nephrite-- it's that smooth, unchipped gloss that's interesting.

The other thing I question up to a point is the 'amulet' tag. This is also a generic way of saying 'we see drill-holes in the thing, but we actually don't know what it was for'.

There are some good pix of all sides of the Lioness at the following (blog) url--

If one looks at how the holes are placed on the back side of the Lioness, it's obvious she was secured to whatever in two places: behind her head, and at her butt. If she was an amulet, this would mean she would had to have been worn horizontally, yet she is clearly sculpted for viewing as a vertical object.

Personally, I think it might be a case of her being drilled in a different time and place than at her point of construction, much as coins are sometimes later drilled for jewelry applications independently of their original purpose.

If she is a Martian artifact, maybe someone brought her to Earth as a 'memento of the old country', and she then became an object of veneration in her own right. I sure wish that there was some kind of record of exactly where she was found (in situ) at whatever dig it was outside of Baghdad, but the whole story of exactly where she came from is rather hazy in that regard.

Also, the previous owners were not themselves hurting for money at all-- they endow art museums, etc., and it would seem that there was no obviously pressing need to sell her. She had been on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art for so long (40 or 50 years) that some assumed the Museum owned the figure, and might have been selling it to raise cash. This was not the case, however, and folks were rather surprised to find out it was privately owned.

The other thing that bugs me is that the new owner supposedly has 'no plans to exhibit'. The big price-tag makes me think that the 'no-exhibit clause' was THE important thing...

Free the Guennol Lioness!



Starborne said...

-- P.S.: Oh---I forget the source on this, but
word is that the true atmosphereic pressure
at Martian MSL(!!) is more like 0.67 Tor,
rather than the vacuum-like .01 Tor that
NASA claims. --

You know, I've long wondered about the truth behind the atmosphere of Mars. Do you think it's possable that one of our early probes did find something intruigeing to warrent such a fabrication, or was it due to inferior technology reporting a false value? People seemed more comfortable with the idea that something is living on Mars, they expected it with most of the fiction flying around before the probes were sent. After the first Mariner flew by, is it possable (even with the crude equipment and resolution) that something was discovered that warented the disinformation, or did we know what was there way before the probes made it to the drawing board?

Of course I'm just speculating here. I'm not offering any evidence, just offering my idea of what could be.

As for our Feline-Human hybrid statue, I wonder if the reason for this recent buy was to study it. While it's being studied by "top men", a perfect replica is being created for display purposes, or perhaps for a study on materials to be done publicly to announce that there is nothing special about this artifact. Meanwhile the real artifact may be spilling secrets to those who either know already, or those who feel the general population shouldn't know the long-lost knowledge now coming to fruition. Very interesting indeed.

david nineteenpointfive said...

Countdown to the CERN experiment in August commencing.

T'Zairis said...

I just now popped over to Crop Circle Connector to download the latest pix for my files (I follow the 'season' each year for both artistic and anomaly reasons), and saw something pretty funny/amazing, considering what we have been discussing here about Martian Felines. Here's the go-to info:

Even though the formation was discovered in mid-June, no pix were posted at Crop Circle Connector until today-- I was at the site last night, and there were no pix for anything in Spain when I was downloading the Swiss formations yesterday in the p.m.

The minute I saw the photos, I thought 'Cat-Face'-- it's a neat design-- very stylized, and vaguely Chinese I Ching Hexagram-looking: it reminds me of the mirror-symmetry Tao-tieh tiger-masks on Shang bronzes. The whisker-lines (3 on each side of the long nose) also remind me of the way Egyptian artists rendered Sekhmet's whiskers in stone. And then, of course, the whole face is shown inside a circular Sun-disc, which is Sekhmet's usual headgear.

The synchrony of the pix appearing (today) with the whole Guennol Lioness/Martian Cat discussion that's been going on is quite enchanting! It seems the Cosmos is listening in, and that it also has a sense of humor...



marsandro said...

Hi starborne,

If the atmosphereic pressure on Mars is only
.01 Tor as NASA claims, I have a couple of
impertinent questions:

1 - How do those animals we've seen breathe, and

2 - How can *anything* fly, such as the dark
bat-like flying objects of which so many
pictures are now had?

The latter is especially interesting if the
bat-like objects are in fact the great flying
dragons I now suspect (based on the bones of
the aforementioned youtube video).

Something THAT BIG, able to fly in an
atmosphere of only .01 Tor? And to expend
that much energy without breathing all the

Talk about a "credibility gap"....

And people bad-mouth HOAGLAND?!


Hathor - Seeing through to the Truth


P.S.: I forget after all these years
(although I suppose I could research the
point), but I think that 0.67 Tor was the
value recorded by the first lander back in
1976...then the result was quickly labelled
"a mistake," and replaced with a "corrected
value" of 0.01 Tor (which is practically

I work with vacuum equipment periodically,
and at 0.01 Tor,

1 - There ain't no wind.
2 - You don't breathe.
3 - You don't fly.*

(* Unless you're HYPERSONIC, that is.)

It's like VACUUM.


marsandro said...

A quick addendum---

We've been treated to some "spires of light"
which fall into two categories:

1 - the setting sun behind spires of glass
(which naturally begs the question, Now
just where did THOSE come from?), and

2 - jets of flame (or plasma?) coming from
somewhere underground---a sort of flammable
version of "polar jets" (one or two of which
*have* been seen, but which I seriously doubt
can explain Arthur's Banyan Trees, which, by
the way, are far more like giant mushrooms
of the "Hen of the Woods" variety).

Glass spires would be irrelevant to my point
here, but jets of flame which do not show
any significant expansion "out of the hole"

would have to be leaving their former high
pressure domains through their small surface
orifices and encountering an atmosphere with
a significant pressure.

That is unequivocal.

Otherwise, just like rocket motor plumes in
the vacuum of space (or an atmosphere of
0.01 Tor as NASA claims), these jets would
immediately diffuse (i.e., "spread out").

This is not happening.

The probability that the flame or plasma is
somehow "self cohesive" is essentially zero.

So...another nail in the coffin of the old
"0.01 Tor atmosphere" story....

Come to think of it---the pictures made of
the "polar jets" show that they also do not

Yet another nail in the coffin of the old
"0.01 Tor atmosphere" story....

Everybody breathe easy...both here AND on Mars....


Hathor - Earth, Wind and Fire in female form


P.S.: "Polar jets" supposedly are nothing but
CO2 breaking out from under the polar ice
sheet at points, presumably due to subsurface
sublimation across the entire ice sheet---
something of an oddity in itself. One would
expect massive fractures of the sheet, not
"point failures." There are several other
issues, but that's another thread.


Starborne said...

hmm... polar plasma jets you say?

It's funny you should mention that, I just got Joe Farrell's The Cosmic War yesterday. I'm on chapter 5 right now, but he has some amazing things to say about plasma and it's behavior in Chapter 2. I always thought those "squatter man" petroglyphs looked strange, but I had no idea how strange or deep the meanings would be. (BTW: if anyone here is curious about Joe Farrell, I highly recomend picking up one of his books!)

Mike, I can see why you and Hoagland are so interested in what he has to say. All of these different theories are comming together in ways I never could have fathomed. I skipped through quickly and saw something about Iapetus... I'm salivating as I type! :p...

marsandro, do you have a link to the picture and/or info you mentioned concerning the "spires of light"? Is there any particular shape or design to these spires? Are they right over the magnetic poles or along it's axis? Does Hathor have anything to do with this? Wait a minute... it must be a search light for her, almost like batman's "bat signal". Hathor's cat call!! ;p

marsandro said...

Hi starborne,

The "polar jets" are not the plasma jets; the
plasma jets are the ones in the area where
the bat-like things were seen flying.

The polar jets are supposedly just CO2 coming
from below the Martian arctic ice sheet at
weak points in the ice (which, as I said in a
previous entry, is an oddity in itself, for
several reasons).

If the "spires of light" are jets of flame
as a number of observers first thought,
I find it interesting that the bat-like things
would choose to fly over them....

Riding the warm air currents---the updrafts---
just like any hang-glider would do?

If these are the great flying dragons I now
suspect they may be, then they are exhibiting
some interesting behaviors already.

They like the "fire fountains of Mars"....

Gives them a lift....

(And *another* nail in the coffin for NASA's
0.01 Tor atmosphere...I mean, *usable*
thermal updrafts in 0.01 Tor? Spare me....)

Now---as to links---

I'll run some Google searches and see if I
can pull up the images for you.

I'll post it all here when I have it.


Hathor - My Secretary/Typist/Office Administrator

...and a hot one, at that...


P.S.: Just a little FYI---the polar jets look
like simply a spray of air and dirt, while the
plasma jets look as bright as the sun on a
Martian day.

You can't miss them....

Also, the polar jets were shot from orbit,
while the plasma jets were seen by one of
the rovers (Pathfiner, I think, but it might
have been Spirit).

It was the orbital shots over the north pole
that caught the "stampeding dunes."


Daniel Perez said...

For those who are interested, the tidal model is clearly illustrated here;

Full Circle

Sci-Fi-Si said...


I found reading your blog very interesting, but coming from a background in Astrophysics and valuing the scientific method of repeatable experiment, substantiated evidence and peer review, I have found myself pondering this idea...

I would like to make a proposal that could help expediate the discovery of the truth behind space exploration and whether we are alone or not in the Universe.

What if...

All the conspiracy theorists, Alien abductees and scandalmongers of the world got together; along with members of the public from all over the world who are either curious, intrigued or simply delusional and form an International financial power house.

This global company could fund it's own space research program.

As a non-profit organisation it could also apply for charity status and thus reclaim TAX on donations made by its TAX payer members.

The organisation would be truly global and not subject to the limitations and controlling influence one country alone, it could shift it's power base to whichever country allowed it to operate the most effectively.

It's members would be dedicated to the truth. It would explore our Solar System visiting sites on other planets that every conspiracy theorist in the world would love to know the truth about.

What if Phoenix had landed on the 'face' on Mars or by the side of the crater said to be the site of an ancient Martian/Iranian city?

How about a lunar mission to go and collect all those hi-tech alien gadgets left there to monitor us - They'd be worth an absolute fortune and easily cover the cost the lunar mission.

What about the first proper Alien interview on TV around the world? The broadcast rights alone would be enough to fund the development of 'warp' drive)

The organisations findings would be subject to rigorous scientific scrutiny and operate on a basis that is entirely open to the general public and inspection.

There are plenty of 'crackpots' in the world with a lot of cash, so I suggest that all of you unite; form your own space program; stop blaming NAy SAy for everything and get on with it yourselves.

I've been a video games programmer for over 16 years and would happily write the software for the computers for you.

At the moment we have either covert government space operations, or privately funded (conspiracy theorists please read Illuminate) programs, but nothing that has been funded by the people of the world and publicly accountable. Oops, sorry I don't know why I mentioned the Illume
inate I think it must be the influence of microwaves being beamed into my brain from outerspace...

There, I've said it. The gauntlet has been laid.

P.S. My personal opinion is I find it highly, highly, unlikely that we are alone; given the billions of galaxies in our currently observable Universe, however without FLT (faster than light) travel they may as well not exist.

The Daedalus project is all very interesting but pointless.

Mike Bara said...

Maybe you could talk Richard Branson, Paul Allen and Bill gates into it.

Sci-Fi-Si said...

A very quick point.

Gravity - or to keep everything on a level of totally far out - Expansion (see Mark McCuteheon's The Final Theory)

The 'gravity' on Mars is only 1/3 that of Earth, so why oh why would life on Mars look exactly the same as it does on Earth. The same buildings, the same humans, the same animal life and all the same size.

Common sense tells us it wouldn't.

P.S. I can see my last comment still hasn't been published.

Its a conspiracy! Hiding the truth and not allowing intellectual scientific debate - its a cover-up for sure.

Mike Bara said...

Soemtimes you have to hit F5 on your browser to see updated comments.

Sci-Fi-Si said...

Thanks Mike,

This is slightly off topic, but it's very important to get as much support for this man as possible:

The video interview can be seen at:

A BBC news article can be seen at:

Gary McKinnon also has a facebook support group.

For the sake of justice and for the benefit of the whole human race please do what you can to support him.

The video contains good evidence of FREE energy and anti-gravity technology gained from Alien lifeforms.

This man is to be extradited to the USA to spend 60 years behind bars as a terrorist.

Please support him.

All the best with your website Mike.